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Your favourite seasoning...

Feel free to discuss any general gaming topics, and any other games.

Your favourite seasoning...

Postby HorusArisen » Fri May 12, 2017 6:05 am

On the back of seeing (bumping) the BRP Witchcraft thread I was wondering what other books/supplements people use for their games and why?

Specifically non Mythras but if you have a good example of using say Rome with Thennla post it.
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Re: Your favourite seasoning...

Postby Bilharzia » Fri May 12, 2017 11:02 am

At the moment Yoon-Suin which is full of ideas if you are generating a roaming campaign with weird eastern touches, most of it doesn't rely on much reference to d&disms. I didn't realise before getting it how much of a generator style book it was, so it's turned out very useful for fleshing out areas of a world.

I think Monster Island is just as useful beyond using as-is for plugging it into a campaign for the extra stuff it has - huge number of interesting monsters (and plants) of course, but also unusual trade goods, and drugs, and poisons, a collection of weird gods, a complete re-flavouring of the sorcery systems as well as expanding it significantly - it's a model of what you can do with sorcery in Mythras to give it a particular spin which brings out the setting. As well as the fully worked out degenerate sorcerous society of Monster Island it also depicts an extended primitive culture and animist structure along with a bone-and-stone approach to weapons and armour to suit the setting at a lower technology base than is represented in the main rulebook.
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