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What I want for RuneQuest in 2016

What I want for RuneQuest in 2016

Postby deleriad » Tue Aug 04, 2015 8:39 am

There's a certain amount of reading the runes going on here with people pouring over every word looking to interpret it through various lenses of fear and hope. For what it's worth, I think it might be useful to say what people actually want given that in 2016 TDM are not having the RQ licence renewed but have been subcontracted to write RQG. (i.e. RuneQuest set in Glorantha). At the same, TDM does have some sort of licence for producing RQ products. So, what I want for RQ in 2016 is.

RQG - core mechanics to be 100% identical to RQ6 (bar the usual errata, clarifications and tweaks). To include the magic systems in the RQ:AiG preview which do differ to a greater or lesser extent to the current RQ6 magic systems. This to be a 1 stop shop for playing RQ in Glorantha hopefully in the core area of the Hero Wars set around the same time as HQ:G and 13th Age Glorantha. I hope it has a real focus on rolling up and playing with an easy entrance into Glorantha.

RuneQuest: Worlds of Wonder (or Gateway). A one stop shop showing how to create worlds and settings in RuneQuest with various example settings (e.g. Korantia, The Realm, Luther Arkwright, Chronicles of Future Earth.) World-building "sliders" and "generic" magic systems and monsters. This would largely be RQ6 redux but possibly with no need to reprint all the chapters on combat and so on. More of an emphasis on world building and GM tools than the current RQ6. Again, I see no reason to alter any core mechanics beyond some sort of RQ6.1.

That way, anyone just interested in Glorantha can pick up RQG and play while those interested in other settings can use RQ6 or RQ:WoW (Gateway) to either play in other settings or create their own. Optionally a cut down RQ6: Essentials could be re-badged as a RuneQuest: Player's Gateway or some such - containing the basic mechanics that players need to create and play characters on a donation basis.

This to me seems like it could make a virtue out of a necessity and actually be pretty exciting so that's what I want. Your Wants May vary.
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Re: What I want for RuneQuest in 2016

Postby Dan True » Tue Aug 04, 2015 8:46 am

I might at some point run a Glorantha campaign, beginning with the old supplements I have acquired (e.g. Apple Lane). This should be facilitated by the new RQG. Though I'm no great Glorantha fan it's no biggie for me - I made do back when MRQII was tied to Glorantha Second Age with no problems at all.

As long as TDM continues to provide great non-glorantha supplements (which Loz has made clear that they will) then I am happy. For me, the "Book of X" and "Mythic Y" is the real draw of RQ (in addition to the general quality of supplements).

Oh, and a continuation of RuneQuest: Essentials would be great!

- Dan
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Dan True
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Re: What I want for RuneQuest in 2016

Postby Vile » Tue Aug 04, 2015 9:50 am

I'd be okay with RuneQuest going over to Glorantha if TDM kept a re-named RQ6 and Essentials on their catalogue. I'd even buy copies of the latter two in spite of having a softcover and deluxe RQ6 already. Multiple copies of the (formerly known as RuneQuest) Essentials. 8-)

I think Essentials has the potential to be what WoW could have been (and what GURPS became, unfortunately).
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Re: What I want for RuneQuest in 2016

Postby nDervish » Wed Aug 05, 2015 11:47 am

My main "want" for the future of what-is-currently-RQ6 is the continuing existence of a complete version of the core rules which is not tied to any particular setting, so that newcomers who want to play RQ6, but don't want to play in Glorantha, aren't forced to buy Glorantha just so they can get the core rules. This setting-free core need not have a "RuneQuest"-related name and it may even work out better if it doesn't, as that would help reduce confusion between RQ (Chaosium's Glorantha-based product) and games in other settings which happen to use the same underlying rules.

An "RQ6 Essentials" equivalent would also be preferable, of course.

If a reasonable way could be found to roll the system-free core into a BGB-style book, which starts from a bare-bones BRP core and then provides a host of optional rules to build your own system variant, that would be my absolute ideal end result, but I don't think that's terribly likely to be feasible.
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Re: What I want for RuneQuest in 2016

Postby hkokko » Wed Aug 05, 2015 12:39 pm

RQ - Adventures in Glorantha - in hardback and really good binding.

Jewel of a scenariobook to rival Monster Island in scope and depth. Set in Prax or even better Esrolia not in Sartar

if previous one was done in Prax then another one in Esrolia...

Scenarios for Glorantha - set of independent or loosely independent scenarios.

it has been awhile since a Rq Glorantha scenariobook has been published - I think we would be due one :-)

Cults of Glorantha part 2 - to have wide selection of cults available. preferably with scenario seeds similar to Cults of Prax and Cults of Terror

All the world's Sorcery - cover the various areas of sorcery well and deep enough...

FonritPak :-)

Headhunters World - ThanatariPak
All the worlds Monsters - the "complete" bestiary for Glorantha - similar to what was discussed way back when

Roughly in this order. Would that keep you busy enough :-)

possibly I could help in some of these...

Just trying to balance the need for non Gloranthan with Gloranthan :-)

Mythic Constantinople?
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Re: What I want for RuneQuest in 2016

Postby guernicus » Wed Aug 05, 2015 1:23 pm

So it is time for the christmas list ? Here is mine :
- Assabian Rites full with Enchantement, Conjuration, Alchemy, Demons, Djinns, powerful sultans and other marvels of the South
- the Taskan/Korazoon campaign
- the Sorantia stuff with comprehensive Artifice Magic and the Simulacrum stats
- the book on the Jekkarene Theocracy
- the Taskan Empire cover (Simulacrum) available on Studio6 - My Koibos XXIV painting feels a bit lonely ;-)
- Mythic Greece and Mythic Constantinople

Oh ... and the full setting-neutral RQ6 rules available after july 2016 under whatever name that is necessary (Essentials is not enough because it has no Sorcery).

Merci au Père Noël !

EDIT : I forgot Classic Fantasy, which looks very promising ! An immediate buy for me.
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Re: What I want for RuneQuest in 2016

Postby jholen » Wed Aug 05, 2015 5:57 pm

Just for something to be released that supports Glorantha to be honest. Missed out on the AiG previews that went up earlier today and bummed that we won't see anything official for the rest of the year. I know, I know, the news with Chaosium is exciting but I'm a bit bummed myself.

Anything will be good news, as it relates to Glorantha.
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Re: What I want for RuneQuest in 2016

Postby ThornPlutonius » Wed Aug 05, 2015 7:31 pm

I agree with most of what's been said so far.

My ultimate fantasy would be an official Runequest: Tekumel. No chance in Hell, but still...I'll have to do it myself. That's cool.

So, I hope for a continuing setting-neutral version of RQ along side the new RQ:Glorantha (under whatever name is chosen). I'll buy the RQ:G book in a heartbeat. I also think the base engine is so good that it would be a shame to force folks to have to strip stuff off of it to use it. Also, seeing that there is a commitment to continue to support the alternative settings (e.g., Luther Arkwright, Korantia, etc.), not having a setting neutral 'core book' seems a bone-headed choice (given that one already exists!).

That said, seeing that the TDM-MD connection remains intact and given that partnership's track record, I'm not terribly worried about That Which Is To Come.

(Want Mythic Greece. Really. I do.)
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Re: What I want for RuneQuest in 2016

Postby shugal » Thu Aug 06, 2015 10:20 am

I want whatever DM (and their business partners) offer for RQ, since I trust them and what they have produced since the start has been 100% quality. :)

But Mythic Greece sounds great - and Tekumel would be a great supplement!

On top of my list, though, if it's not to be published in 2015, is The Chronicles of Future Earth. I'm so tired of just reading Gene Wolfe, I want to play in a world like his! (and do not expect me to play Numenera instead)
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Re: What I want for RuneQuest in 2016

Postby Thalaba » Thu Aug 06, 2015 10:48 am


My wish list would include the following:

1. A book that gives tools for creating one's own worlds with an ancient flair. This might be the core rulebook (which RQ6 was) or it might be a companion to the core rulebook (if RQ7 becomes Glorantha specific). Such a book would provide rule options, including magic systems, combat styles & traits, etc. not appearing in the main rulebook, GM advice, and who knows what else. It would be hard-backed, nicely laid out, and with quality illustrations, but doesn't need to be colour.

2. From a rules perspective, I'd wish for a slight lightening of the rules - removing the most fiddly bits (like how to calculate exactly how far someone can jump). The new rulebook would also be rules-compatible with all RQ6 material already published.

3. I probably won't be running or collecting Glorantha material - not because I don't like it (it is cool!) but because I already have all I need and prefer to create for my own settings. I will, however, buy new supplements that will inspire my own worlds in interesting ways, even if they are for Glorantha. Surprise me. I mean really surprise me like "WOW - I NEVER CONCEIVED OF THIS!" - and I'll probably buy it.

4. I do like ancient history, so any Ancients themed games/settings are on my wish list.

5. I've yet to see a post apocalyptic game that really nails it for me. Rubble and Ruin came closest in many aspects. But really, I'd love to see a RuinQuest: Adventures in the Wastelands type setting. Imagine combat manoevres applied to racing souped up combat machines across the desert.

6. "Powered by the Quest!" should become the byline for games running on the RQ engine!
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