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Re: The RQ6 Roll of Honour

PostPosted: Wed Aug 03, 2016 3:41 am
by Pentallion
We had a game a while back where my friend lost his character Sir Derful. With a name like that, we kinda expected him to die.

So Derful has a passion: Find the Family Sword. A greatsword. Everyone in his family has this passion. His grandfather lost it. Derful himself has never seen the thing, only heard it described to him by his father.

They enter a village and speak to the headmaster, an old veteran of many battles and a weapons master. His prized weapon hangs over his mantle.

"Is it...?" asks my friend.

"A greatsword? Why yes, it is." I reply.

"Is it my families greatsword?"

"Roll your Passion to see if you recognize it from your fathers description."


"Uh, I'll use a luck point."

Fumble. Followed by much laughter by everyone else there.

"This is it! This is the sword you've been looking for!"

To his credit, he attempted reason first, but when that failed, he decided violence is always an option. In the fight that ensued, it became immediately clear that Sir Derful was no match for the weapon master. Derful was bleeding and down. "Yield!" cried the enraged weaponmaster. "Never!" screamed Derful.

And then the damndest thing happened. The weapon master fumble and Derful crit. The players roared. Stunning turn of events. This was quickly followed by Derful running away from the village waving the greatsword and giggling insanely. hahahahaha! Hahahahaha! My friend played Derful to the hilt, knowing, of course, that he didn't really have his family's sword.

When he got home he regaled the clan with the tale of the epic battle he'd fought to reclaim his families prized sword. Then he presented it to his father.

"This is not my father's sword." His father said sadly.

"No! It is MY father's sword!" Said a warrior who burst through the crowd. "And I claim the right to avenge his death!" And so Derful found himself in another duel with a seasoned warrior. Round and round they went until the warrior struck and....


"uh, I'll use a luck point."


Shouts of "dude, that's how this whole thing got started!" and "No way! You did it AGAIN?"

And that's how Derful died. Back to back fumbles, twice in one night.

Re: The RQ6 Roll of Honour

PostPosted: Wed Aug 03, 2016 6:59 am
by Rubrum
Icefield wrote:Was Sting's last name Jenkins?

Well played, well played.

Re: The RQ6 Roll of Honour

PostPosted: Mon Mar 13, 2017 7:02 am
by Pete
Two Valhalla agents - Johnny McCavity and Richard Harrow (clone 2) - died when their airship crashed into the English Channel on parallel 02.87.13 and were dragged beneath the waves, unable to fight free of the collapsing helium envelope. Special agent Luther Arkwright was sent to clear up the political mess left behind, once surviving members of the team were finally located.

Initial recommendations are that Richard Harrow (clone 3) be defrosted ready for action. The remainder of the team are slated for psycho-corrective treatment considering the gratuitous fatalities caused during the mission, both from unsanctioned firearm use and improvised explosive events, neither of which were predicted necessary by W.O.T.A.N.

Specific details of the events leading up to this disaster are sealed as part of case file: TDM401, codename 'Parallel Lines'.