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Spider God's Bride

PostPosted: Tue Feb 28, 2017 10:55 pm
by umbraldragon
Looking for beginning to experienced player to join us in this Play By Mail Sword and Sorcery Campaign. We are using the Legend Core rules by Mongoose, you can get it at for a dollar - we're on the Tavern Keeper site. We lost two players and are down to four. One or two more players would help out immensely. We are only 1/3 of the way thru the first adventure of 10.

Re: Spider God's Bride

PostPosted: Wed Mar 01, 2017 5:02 pm
by Matt_E
PM sent

Re: Spider God's Bride

PostPosted: Mon Mar 06, 2017 6:19 pm
by Matt_E
Just FYI, umbraldragon, I found this old thread by someone else who ran SGB in PBP mode!