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Stormbringer Arkwright Classic Fantasy Star Wars RQ Campaign

Re: Stormbringer Arkwright Classic Fantasy Star Wars RQ Camp

Postby Icefield » Sun Aug 21, 2016 2:54 am

This is the craziest damn thing I have ever heard of in a campaign. Bravo! I love the way this thing just keeps rolling along and getting weirder by the episode :)
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Re: Stormbringer Arkwright Classic Fantasy Star Wars RQ Camp

Postby Pentallion » Sun Aug 21, 2016 4:20 am

Just wait till they get to Glorantha. In classic Luther Arkwright style, it will be an alternate Glorantha. On this parallel, Delecti interrupted the birth of the Red Goddess. There is no Red Moon. There are no Lunars. The Beast Men rule Dragon Pass in the name of Arachne Solara and the Provincial Overlord is a Manticore of extreme power. I can't wait to hear their heads explode when they figure out where and when they are but there's no red moon.
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Re: Stormbringer Arkwright Classic Fantasy Star Wars RQ Camp

Postby Jefferiot » Sun Aug 21, 2016 4:03 pm

Gloranthophiles are already used to dodging head shrapnel. Even before TDM told us about the Disruptors, we saw their handiwork in the Gregisms.
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Re: Stormbringer Arkwright Classic Fantasy Star Wars RQ Camp

Postby Pentallion » Fri Aug 26, 2016 12:27 am

The Dark 'Verses campaign just got a lot darker.

A little character background. Iskandar, for quite some time now, has been getting more and more obssessed with his brother Nerevar and ever since Nerevar became almost a demigod when he bet his stats in Balo's Hall of Risk, Iskandar has been insane with jealousy.

Meanwhile, Torvald, the paladin, has been getting affected by Ganogs wish that he not be concerned over a Melnibonean joining the party. This has had the effect of turning the paladin away from lawful good.

Ireena has gone mad. She fears travelling the parallels. She can't shut out the Voice. They've left her at Zero Zero to get professional help. It's been nearly a year and she's not back yet.

All that came to a head tonight when Zero-Zero sent the agents to a galactic parallel because one of their agents had reported finding a star map leading to Disruptor technology before being betrayed by Boba Fett and captured.

Yes, Boba Fett. Yes, THAT galactic parallel.

So we had a space battle that was a lot of fun. Then they boarded a ship and shot up a lot of stormtroopers. Then they rescued a Jedi Knight and his apprentice. Turns out the Jedi Knight was our agent they needed to rescue. They tracked Boba Fett to a planet where they barely managed to defeat him and get the star map back. From there they made their way to the lost Jedi Temple.

What nobody knew was that the Jedi Knight was actually a Disruptor Knight, aka a Sith who worked for the Dark Lord. This whole adventure was in fact a trap to lure Iskandar to the Dark Side. The Temple was an ancient Sith temple where there was an artifact that would allow the Sith to drain Nerevar of all his psionics and stats and transfer them to the Sith, who hoped to then be able to defeat the Dark Lord and take his place.

what happened instead was that Iskandar got hold of the artifact, used it upon his brother and stole his force powers. This killed Nerevar. Iskandar developed a form of insanity that makes him amnesiac to the fact he killed his brother. In fact, he alternates between wanting to find his brother to thinking his brother is stalking him. Iskandar left with the Sith who, pissed that he was that the artifact was one use, nevertheless realized he would need to train Iskandar in the ways of the Force so that he could use him as a pawn to defeat his Master.

At one point, during the climactic battle, the Sith killed Maura. Torvald finally turned evil himself and now Vale, Ireena and Ganog are the only good characters left. Iskandar, Terhali and Torvald are all evil. But the Sith's apprentice Solas Mar, is a good aligned Jedi who has not turned to the dark side and fought against his master at the climactic battle. So we have four good characters and three evil. Soon, a Basmoli from Glorantha will be joining us, I have no idea which side he'll align with.

The party is fractured. Each player has one evil and one good character. This is what the players wanted. Myself, I'm thinking this unduly complicates things, but I like the story. So i guess I'll have to come up with two sets of adventures and tie them in at the end.

Strahd frowned. His thought implant into the Valhalla Agent had only partially worked. The man had sent Iskandar and Nerevar with the others to come rescue the jedi - though ever since he'd possessed the man, well, one less Jedi in the multiverse. The agent hadn't sent Ireena however. Strahd had learned from Nerevar of all people that she was sick. He realized it was his mind reaching out with the Force to find hers that was causing her this trauma and decided to cut it off. He'd only use it at the end, when it mattered most.

Strahd gazed at his new apprentice. Pushing the already teetering Iskandar to the dark side had been easy and ridding the party of their near demi-god cleric Nerevar turned the balance of power to his side. But Iskandar had gotten to the artifact before Strahd could. Now Iskandar was even more powerful than Nerevar. He'd become Strahd's apprentice, however. What Iskandar had in power, Strahd had in guile and deception. He would throw Iskandar and the others at the Dark Lord and when his Master was striking down Iskandar, then Strahd would strike.
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Re: Stormbringer Arkwright Classic Fantasy Star Wars RQ Camp

Postby Pentallion » Wed Sep 07, 2016 12:46 am

Strahd sent Iskandar back to the group with the story that he'd compelled Iskandar to kill his brother. The group was at a base station back in the sector where they'd fought Boba Fett. A woman came up to them and called out. Suddenly, two men pulled blasters and one shot her. They were quickly finished off. All she had to say is that a droid sent her with the message that he knew where Zed and Branth were.

Unknown to the players, this was the Dark Lords assassin droid. As Zed, Branth and the droid had travelled across the galaxy they'd seen the news that Boba Fett was dead. The newsfeed clearly showed Ganog, Iskandar and the others. "that's our friends!" Zed had exclaimed. Oh really? thought the droid. He stunned them both. He froze Branth in Carbonite so that Strahd couldn't contact him. He'd then imprisoned Zed on the planet Felucia. Then he sped to the base where the others were at and sent a woman to go fetch them. He also had a bounty placed on his own head as well as theirs. He sent two men to wound his messenger when she found the PCs.

The players found the droid. Bounty hunters attacked. They learned there was a bounty on their heads for the infamous slaying of Boba Fett, but also a bounty was out on the droid. The droid, feigning to be a protocal droid, told them Branth was in the main hangar and their friend Zed was held on Felucia in a prison complex. So they rescued Branth, then the flew to Felucia. There, after some doing, they managed to rescue Zed. And as they brought him into the main room the blast doors opened, revealing a legion of stormtroopers and a walker.

The droid was holding a thermal detonator. "Don't try anything foolish." he said. "Now hand over the necklace."

"What necklace?" said Ganog who tried to wrap the droid in his Big Chain. The droid hit a button that activated a magnetic field which caused the Big Chain to wrap up the dwarf instead. The droid took the Necklace of Adaptation from him and as he walked away, he said. "kill them."

"Terhali!" Shouted Torvald, "Get us out of here!"

Terhali had already been reaching out with her mind to summon a portal demon. A void suddenly opened up beneath the party and they fell into another dimension.

And fell, and fell and fell.

"Where did you send us?" Vale shouted.

"Away from there!" Terhali replied.

Suddenly, they found themselves in a room with a table, a flagon, a roll of bread and a very small door. The flagon said Drink Me, the bread said Eat Me.
"Oh God!" said Ireena, "I've read this book before!"

I started playing this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWWsfrfq69A

....the stormtrooper steamed in silent frustration. Ireena had escaped! And the droid had the necklace! Strahd could not possess the droid. None of his powers worked on the droid. He had not forseen this. And the others sudden escape. To where had the void swallowed them? The melnibonean was truly a powerful sorcerer. The creature followed the droid onto his starship. The Dark Lord would want that necklace. Somehow, Strahd had to find Ireena and have her by his side when the Conjunction of the Million Spheres began. His mind was racing....
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Re: Stormbringer Arkwright Classic Fantasy Star Wars RQ Camp

Postby Pentallion » Fri Sep 30, 2016 12:40 am

Been a while since my last update and much has happened. They made their way out of wonderland. Unfortunately, along the way they found another Deck of Many Things and Terhali got Donjon and was lost. They found a gate that opened onto the world of Greyhawk and for most of them they'd found home. Having retrieved Zed and Branth, they were content to settle down with their vast accumulated wealth and forget all about Dharzi, Valhalla Agents and such. The jedi and Ireena were not too thrilled to be trapped on a changeling parallel where magic and faeries and elves existed, but they had no way off so they sought knowledge of a way to leave. Torvald had vowed to avenge Maura and he wasn't pleased either. But without the Melnibonean to open the way to other parallels, there was nothing they could do.

Then the giants began raiding and they went on the classic Giant adventures. That proved very challenging, but they fell in love with the Enlarge spell and found they could do quite well vs giants when they enlarged themselves.

After that, Zero-Zero finally contacted Ireena and the PCs found out that the New Omega had activated the device that would bring about the Conjunction of the Million Spheres. WOTAN calculated that the effect would center on a city named Pavis on a changeling world known as Glorantha. They were sent immediately. Unfortunately, they didn't arrive at the correct coordinates and found themselves in Dorastor.

I think for me the most memorable moment was when the brontosaur toppled over sideways, having lost both right legs. The building on his back splintering as it smashed into the earth. For the players, however, the most memorable moment was having the Melnibonean suddenly phase back to rejoin the party, the Dharzi curse working against him in that instance. The party is having a tough time and the Melnibonean whips out her demon bone bow and rolls just great dice. 27 damage.

It bounced off the Mad Sultan.

She unleashes her water elementals to drown the Mad Sultan. He laughs maniacally and the elementals flee back into their binding enchantments.

Glorantha wasn't going to be easy.

Later, having escaped Dorastor, they came upon the Snakepipe Hollow. Not having anything ready, we stopped there. It may be a couple weeks before we can game again, I work 11 out of the next 12 days, 12 hours each day. So the game will have to wait.
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Re: Stormbringer Arkwright Classic Fantasy Star Wars RQ Camp

Postby ThornPlutonius » Thu Oct 06, 2016 10:28 am

This is delightful madness! Well done!
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Re: Stormbringer Arkwright Classic Fantasy Star Wars RQ Camp

Postby Pentallion » Fri Oct 07, 2016 2:38 am

Nothing new to report as we haven't gamed, but I've decided it's time for Elric to appear. They'll find him in the chaos at the end of the worm tunnel in Snakepipe Hollow. He brings the Horn of Roland to Pavis where he blows it even as the milllion spheres conjoin, causing a harmonic that cuts through to WOTAN who sends every lawful thing they've got, X-wings, Soviet air force of ww2, tanks, aircraft carriers, the works, all to Pavis.

We're near the end now.

After this, we'll start our M-Space campaign: Event Horizon.
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Re: Stormbringer Arkwright Classic Fantasy Star Wars RQ Camp

Postby Pentallion » Thu Oct 13, 2016 1:38 am

Tonight was total hack and slash. WOTAN informed them that they needed to go into the heart of Snakepipe Hollow to find an Agent and bring him to Pavis. This mission was their top priority. So in they went. But this wasn't your grand daddy's Snakepipe. Big Club sported a FULL suit of platemail armor. And he had 6 giant buddies. So of course, in the epic battle that ensued, Terhali got a 01 to Big Clubs head. They also faced a size 30 move 10 Basilisk. That whole save vs death thing got the players attention. Can't kill it quickly made for some stress. Oh, did I mention its other chaos feature was +10 armor? Finally a full on demon with a con of 1302 and size 18 attacked them. I called it The Thing That Will Not Die.

Amazingly, none of the PCs died. Demon weapons and armor got trashed and are irreplaceable at the moment. They're about halfway through the Hollow and we will wrap that up next week.

The star spell once again is Enlarge. The party casts Enlarge more than Lightning Bolt, more than Fire Ball, much more often than Magic Missile. In fact, every battle starts with either Mirror Image or Enlarge. I can see why it got left our of the initial rule book. It's very powerful.
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Re: Stormbringer Arkwright Classic Fantasy Star Wars RQ Camp

Postby Pentallion » Sat Oct 29, 2016 8:03 pm

So in our last play session the PCs cleared out Snakepipe Hollow and found Elric with the Horn of Roland. Terhali tried to seduce Elric and rolled a 03 so the two Melniboneans had a roll in the sack. The next day, lacking a Moonglum to kill, the Black Sword nearly quenched its thirst on Terhali. Fortunately, she was able to survive long enough for Elric to retake control of the sword. They reached Pavis, which Lord Elric referred to as Tanelorn, though a dark, twisted Tanelorn as if the dream had turned into a nightmare. This troubled the albino prince deeply.

Later on, Elric blew the horn, which harmonized the multiverse allowing W.O.T.A.N. to merge and suddenly the Big Rubble was replaced with a Soviet WW2 army base full of IL-2's, tanks, etc. Outside, to the north appeared a large sea and a modern aircraft carrier. Valhalla wasn't the only ones busy, however, and Disrupters also appeared leading a Panzergruppe as well as the German Luftwaffe. Classic Fantasy dragons, unknown to Glorantha, took to the skies as well.

But what brought cries to the people of Pavis was the sight overhead. "A new moon!" they cried, pointing. Till Vale said, "That's no moon." recognizing from the description Zed had given him that it was the Death Star.

It was then the group noticed that Ireena and Branth were missing.

All the alternate Ireena's came crashing into her mind when the Million Spheres conjoined. Strahds voice was relentless, filling her with images of her past life with the Sith *** Vampyr. Overwhelmed, she collapsed. Branth then picked her up and carried her to the Giant wall where Strahd awaited his love. This was the moment he had planned for. The multiverse would be destroyed, but Ireena would be his. The creature, a Mattanit, still thought of itself as Strahd. It had even gone so far as to possess the body of Strahd's alternate self on Glorantha.

"You have returned to me my love." the Strahd thing caressed Ireena lovingly. Her eyes fluttered open. She remembered him. She remembered who she had been. She remembered their love. For a brief moment, the Strahd things heart leapt with joy as it saw her love as she gazed upon him. Then Ireena remembered other things. She remembered the dark alien creature that had crept into her room one night, threatening to devour her mind, her entire being. She remembered her beloved Strahd, a Jedi Knight, drawing his lightsaber and driving back the foul creature. And she remembered how the Mattanit had defeated him, stole his mind, his memories and how he'd been changed into the dark horror that was the first Vampyr.

She remembered how in it's newfound thirst for blood, it had turned upon her. She remembered how she died.

"You are not my beloved," She whispered, "You are but a shadow of what he truly was."

Ireena suddenly activated the Tesla Arc Generator she'd slipped into his pouch and kicked Strahd off the Giant wall. Strahd reached out to her as he plummted from the walls, "My love!" he cried in the moment before the Arc Generator burst, destroying the Mattanit utterly.

Freed of Strahd's mind control, Brand then told the others what he knew of the Dharzi Lords plans. There was a device, the Entropy Device, which was not far from Pavis, which was causing the Conjunction of the Million Spheres to be permanent. It had to be destroyed to save the multiverse. The Dark Lord intended to unleash the death star upon the world once the Configuration was complete, thus destroying the multiverse entirely and reforming the world into what it had been before.

The party split into two groups. One, to destroy the device, would fly in IL-2 Sturmoviks and bomb it. The other group would load up into Zed's Ded Box and Terhali would teleport them to where she'd been kept in the Death Star and they'd hunt down the Dharzi Lord.

Vale was tailgunner for Ireena who piloted one IL-2. Branth and Zed were tailgunners in two NPC piloted IL-2s. As the others battled in the Death Star above, we played out the attack on the Entropy Device. Vale turned out to be Tailgunner Extraordinaire, downing two Messerschmidts. Zed used Magic Missile, totally ignoring his gun. Branth, however, was less lucky. A red dragon, having taken out an F-16 (nod to a famous Dragon magazine cover), had turned its attention to him and a pass by the monster took out one wing. As Branth plummeted to his doom, his sword, Chiller, levitated him out of the tailguner seat and lowered him slowly to the ground below. The red, turning to snatch a tasty morsel out of the sky, became a tasty morsel itself as a True Dragon, offended by the intrusion of these chaos infested dragons from outside Glorantha showed who was who in the Draconic food chain.

The first pass on the Entropy Device missed.

"You got more bombs?" Vale shouted into his headset.

"Nyet." Ireena replied. "But is okay. Soviets have saying. Bring more than one pig you want truffles." As usual, Vale had no idea what she was talking about.

Meanwhile, Terhali teleported Ganog, Torvald, Iskandar and Solus to the Death Star. The Emperor immediately detected a disturbance in the Force. Iskandar used his psionics to find the Dark Lords whereabouts on the ship. Terhali then summoned Kakatal, Lord of Fire, and bargained with him to destroy the Dark Lord, but the Dharzi was ready and summoned Lassa, Lady of Air to meet this new threat. As the two Elemental Lords battled, the Sith Lord vented them both into space.

Ganog appeared from invisibility, firing his magical crossbow, but a critical hit meant the string snapped and the bolt did not fire. The Sith Lord used telekinesis to fling the dwarf far, far down the hallway, injuring him badly. The other PCs then fell upon him. Air elementals destroyed most of his fire elementals. A demon arrow was parried by his lightsaber. Water elementals were destroyed by his earth elementals as a good old Stormbringer magic duel ensued. As for the others, they fell upon him, but his demon armor proved tougher than they expected and worse, it began draining their CONS. After several rounds, they found they'd inflicted minimal damage upon the armor, had spent a great deal of magical resources and were all near to death.

Back on Glorantha, Ireena was banking and coming around for a second pass.

"IL-2 has rockets, for killing tank." The Soviet pilot explained. "Must make direct hit."

Suddenly, a G-2 Messerschmidt boomed them, riddling her plane with bullets. "Vale!" she called out. "I'm okay" her tail gunner replied. "But I'm out of bullets." Her comment that she'd thought she'd lost R-2 went straight over Vale's head.

A magic missile streaked through the sky and struck the cockpit of the german plane, but the Messerschmidt zoomed up into the sky and prepared for another attack. Zed cursed from his nearby Sturmovik. "Get me in closer!" He told his pilot. "Nyet." came her reply, "Going on my attack run." The Messerschmidt had gotten within spell range on its last pass. Zed could see he'd have no such luck the second time. All he could do was watch helplessly and hope his own pilot made her shot and took out the Entropy Device.

Anti-Aircraft fire opened up all around them as the Sturmoviks made their final run, lining up for a rocket attack. Zed's plane struck first. There was an explosion. "Did you hit it?" Ireena asked on comms. "Negative." replied the NPC. Ireena focused all her attention on her target.

The Messerschmidt reached the apex of its zoom and turned back downward, targeting Ireena's plane for its next boom attack.

"Ich habe sie jetzt." The german pilot said grimly.

Good place to stop for the night.
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