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Stormbringer Arkwright Classic Fantasy Star Wars RQ Campaign

Re: Stormbringer Arkwright Classic Fantasy Star Wars RQ Camp

Postby Pentallion » Thu Jun 16, 2016 3:07 pm

Ironically, thought Strahd, it had been the paladin who had saved me from my own weakness. I should have left this plane immediately, not dallied over the tomb of my old friend Sergei. Weak. I'd have never been this weak before. That body had changed me. Made me a slave to its urges. There had been no escape from that cursed existence until the paladin arrived. The mans aura was so strong it drove me away from him. But in the end, that had been my salvation. Cornered, unable to keep the paladin at bay, he had advanced upon me to deliver the killing blow and in doing so, somehow managed to break the bond that had kept me trapped in Strahds - in my - body for so long.

The creature stopped to ponder that last thought. It was my body. It was Strahd's body. The line between who had been Strahd and who had been the creature was still blurred. We are one and the same now. Neither what we were before. something new. But without that body, would we still hunger for blood? We don't feel it yet, But that other hunger, the one it had never known before Strahd, still gnawed at it.


The creature, more shadow than substance, slipped through the night until it came to the tiny village of Barovia. It flit from shadow to shadow, whilst dogs barked and cats hissed and arched at its passing. It came at last to the mansion. It peered inside and could not drag itself away until it became aware that the night was lessening. Dawn approached.

"I will have you back my love." No! This is weakness! One voice inside it screamed. But that voice could not deny the hunger. She's a different kind of prey, the other voice whispered. The creature slipped away into the woods.

Madam Eva was the first to wake. Something troubled her deeply. She got out her deck of Tarokka cards. Her hands shook as she dealt them out. Then she gasped as a shadow rose in front of her. She never had time to scream. Never had time to see that the card that lay before her was the Dark Lord.

The creature took Madam Eva. It devoured her mind, her memories, her being. Her body is now ours! It exalted. The hunger did not return. The curse for blood was broken. That day Strahd did something he had not done in centuries. He watched the sun rise.

"Time to go home."

A portal opened. Had anyone been watching, they'd have seen Madam Eva step through and vanish.
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Re: Stormbringer Arkwright Classic Fantasy Star Wars RQ Camp

Postby Pentallion » Fri Jun 17, 2016 1:41 pm

Background music for this scene:


"Heheheh, good! Goooood!" the Dark Lord rubbed his hands together gleefully. "All is as I have foreseen it."

"Why are you holding us here?" shouted Zed from his cell where he stood, manacled to the wall. "My friends will find us. They will rescue us and when they do - "

"You're friends are my pawns. Servants who will deliver to me what I need to make The Device complete! They follow my knight and he will lead them here, where I will be waiting for them." The Dark Lord sneered, "I assure you, your friends are quite doomed!" The Dark Lord strode away, cackling.

"Branth!" Zed called, "We have to get out of here. Have to warn the others."

"I don't know."Branth replied uneasily, "I think it would be better if we waited for them to arrive. Then struck with the element of surprise."

Zed was having none of it. For all he knew, that could be Strahd talking. He didn't know if his old friend could still be trusted. Zed was a fighter mage of incredible strength of intellect and might. His first thought was that an enlarge spell would free him of these chains, but his magic was useless here. He had lost his spell components and could not make the gestures necessary in any event. This was a time for brawns, not brains.

He strained with all his might to break free.....
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Re: Stormbringer Arkwright Classic Fantasy Star Wars RQ Camp

Postby Pentallion » Wed Jun 22, 2016 1:24 am

Tonight things got really Stormbringerish. As well is should, seeing as they'd finally entered the Young Kingdoms. Still, nobody foresaw the ending, wow.

They arrived in Melnibone, minus Torvald and Maura, whose player couldn't make it. The demon of knowledge informed them that their friends had phased out because the Dharzi had laid a curse upon anyone that sought him out that some of them would phase in and out of existence until they gave up the chase.

So they set sail from Immryr and sailed for Jharkor. They come across a Pan Tang pirate ship. The Pan Tangians have more air and water elementals and pull up close, whereupon the fire catapults containing demons that have the heads of flys and a womans body, their bite drains souls. They give off a buzzing noise that paralyzes people. Terhali flew off the deck on her Nightmare and attacked a Pan Tangian priest on their ship. The priest had demon armor that roared at her so loud that she was stunned for 3 rounds and fell of her horse onto the deck. The nightmare wasn't stunned, however, and stomped upon the priest then bit his leg and flung him overboard, demon mace and all. Meanwhile, only Vale, Irivar, Iskandar and the knight summoned from the deck of many things last week who I named Mook, First to Die, were not paralyzed. They fought a bloody battle and defeated the demons. Iskandar and Nervar phased out briedly during this fight and things got sketchy for a while there.

The nightmare was having it's way with the Pan Tangian pirates and once freed of the paralyzation, Ganog killed the other Pan Tangian priest. This gave the party a demon weapon and a little demon of desire named Columbia.

Seven more Pan Tangian ships appeared in the distance, closing with supernatural speed. Ahead was a reef and some sharp rocks jutting out of the water like fangs. The captain ordered full sail. Terhali tried to call upon Lassa, lady of the air, to summon a storm so they could escape, but the Melnibonean failed to convince the storm goddesss to aid them. The captain had the ship list to it's starboard side so that it ran shallow in the water and skimmed over the sandbar. But a giant octopus rose up alongside the ship and quickly closed upon them. Iskandar fireballed it and Terhali put a demon arrow into it and the thing died.

Having escaped the Pan Tangians, they then made it to Jharkor.


Travelling north, they came to a hill and upon it stood a man in womens under garments, holding a sitar. Two demonls stood beside him. His sitar had a tube running out of it and into two giant boxes. He began to play the instrument while the demons began singing. The amount of noise was incredible. Out of the boxes streamed 20 one-foot tall demons that looked like fanged heads running on chicken legs. They bablbled chaotically.

the music went like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkplPbd2f60

It's Astounding. Time is fleeting. MADNESS TAKES IT'S TOLL!

Each player made a Tenacity loss check at Disturbing. The heads attacked. Terhali flew towards Frankenfurter (the guitarist) on her nightmare, but right before she hit him, she and the horse froze in space. the guitarist remarked she must be "dying in antici............................................................................pation!"

Let's Do the time warp again! It's just a jump to the left, and then a step to the right, you put your hands on your hips....

all skills were formidable due to the everyone was forced to dance the Time Warp. The little demons died easily, but hit REALLY REALLY HARD. It was terrifying.

Then everyone began tap dancing, even the little demons on chicken legs. The demon of desire Columbia was really good at tap dancing. She even started singing part of the song herself.

Ganog got free and managed to move in close enough to shoot at Balo, er, Frankenfurter. He hit Balo's head, which gave off a ding and spun 360 degrees, then Frankenfurter/Balo rose up in an elevator and disappeared. The last of the demons went down and the party performed a lot of first aids and Healings. But nothing could heal Mook, First to Die. He was dead. Patched up but worse for the wear and tear, they continued on till they came to the Vale. Here they entered a tunnel, found the plant they sought and then encountered a Blood Demon.

It was here that Irivar met his wierd. The Blood Demon poured into the cleric until he exploded into hundreds of little pieces. Iskandar then finished the Demon off with his lightsaber.

They left the tunnel, Vale understandably distraught at the loss of his brother. Outside, blocking their path, was Balo's Hall of Risk.

The chess game saw Iskandar's Kite +1 destroyed fighting the King. They made their way through each room, managing to come out fairly well, until they came to a certain wheel of fortune. Nerevar decided to bet 4 of each colored disk on a single number. Vail failed to persuade him not to do it. He didn't know it, but he was betting 4 of Int, Power and Charisma. He put them all on number 6 and rolled the d8.


Nerevar gained 4d8 INT, POW and CHA. He basically became a demigod with all three stats in the 30's. It instantly bumped him to Rank 4 cleric.

Nerevar lost a couple points DEX to Baleer's dice game and they got out.

Terhali told them she needed the plants to summon a demon portal and they would have to next go to the Forest of Troos.

That's where we left it for the night.
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Re: Stormbringer Arkwright Classic Fantasy Star Wars RQ Camp

Postby Pentallion » Thu Jun 23, 2016 11:33 pm

We actually got a second gaming session in this week.

Still no sign of Torvald or Maura. Vale is starting to suspect that Terhali didn't bring them on purpose and is lying about it. He doesn't trust her at all. He could tell she was lying about their reason to go to the forest of troos. In fact, she just wants some plants useful for summoning so she can replenish her magic, but she didn't tell them that.

In Jharkor, they ran into a dwarf that used magic to suck them to another Plane. Here we began the Rogue Mistress campaign. I won't give anything away on that either other than to say we made it past the adventure that Loz wrote. I changed the Kia into Mattanit, the same creature that Strahd is, but these were simpler, weaker versions. The Engineers I made into Disruptor Rooks who know that they are Disruptors. They didn't know what the Mattanit were though. Along the way, Vale as gained a Flash Powder pistol, Iskandar a Disintegrator gun, Nerevar some Disruptor Rook armor and a healing apple.

Some things I've noticed about Classic Fantasy that's been different from D&D. Backstabbing sucks now. Before, Ganog would do triple damage. That's six times damage on a crit. He killed a Storm Giant in one blow once. No way he can do that anymore. The backstab is really, really nerfed and he's not too happy for that. We've started calling him double tap, however, since he's become far more deadly with the crossbow of speed since the conversion.

The other thing I've noticed is that thieves don't get to go up in Stealth much and it's their most important skill. Ganog is constantly sneaking, but he never lies, yet his deceit has to go up. In retrospect, I wish I'd changed that with a house rule so that he needed stealth to go up ranks.

Multiverse travelling is really tough on CF characters. Losing one's clerical abilities hurts the whole party. I shall have to endeavor to throw them in some planes that have their gods in them.

Oh, and last week I named this campaign. It is now officially known as Dark 'Verses.
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Re: Stormbringer Arkwright Classic Fantasy Star Wars RQ Camp

Postby Pentallion » Thu Jun 30, 2016 1:01 am

So the characters were literally at each others throats tonight. The friction between the Lawful Good characters and Terhali was bad enough, but when Lawful Good Vale was possessed by the evilest of demon weapons outside of Stormbringer, things went from bad to worse, starting with Vale's failed attempt to kill Torvald and culminating in Terhali attacking Vale, taking the demon weapon from him, and becoming possessed herself, only to have Vale wrestle her down and retake the demon - and become possessed again.

Meanwhile, they are trapped on a plane belonging to Pyaray, who wants Maura dead. Despite all his best efforts, she's not only managed to survive, but has destroyed one of his temples and is about to lead the party to destroy another and bring Straasha back to this plane.

So now we know who hates Maura due to the deck of many things and why. She's the prophesied one who will drive Pyaray from this watery realm.

Iskandar, meanwhile, is going insane. He is becoming more and more obsessed with possessing the demon that Terhali and Vale have been fighting over. They took Goldenskull from him. Now they take the Planar Knife. Well, he's going to have it, one way or the other. He believes his brother Nerevar, rife with power from Balo's Hall of Risk, has always been jealous of Iskandar. That's why his brother convinced - nay, tricked - him into giving up Goldenskull and that's why Nerevar doesn't want him to have the demon weapon. Funny how Iskandar, who wields a lightsaber, is slowly turning to the dark side of the force. There's going to be a showdown between the Chaotic Good Nerevar and his soon to be Neutral Evil brother if things keep going the way they are. Iskandar may just end up being the Dark Lords Sith apprentice when the big finale comes. Then it will be brother vs brother. This is looking very interesting.

Torvald wants this thing destroyed, but it is the only thing that can save Iskandar, Nerevar and Vale. Assuming they aren't consumed by Chaos first.
Things are definitely looking very grim for the party right now.

Highlight of the night: They are trying to outrun Pyarays Ghost ship. They've allied with some Shazaarian pirates to escape Pyaray's plane. Seeing they can't outrun the 600 foot ship that carries 200 undead sailors, even with Terhali's air and water elementals, the Melnibonean sends her elementals to the pirate ship instead to drive it towards the Ghost ship. they are rammed and go down, all men on board, but it buys just enough time for her ship to reach the nearest island.

Torvald was furious. Maura was furious. Vale just kept looking at everyone like he'd like to slit their throats. Nerevar defused the situation by pointing out that Torvald detected the pirates were evil and was against the alliance from the beginning. "Evil always turns against evil" Nerevar reminded him. "Everything since we left Greyhawk has been evil" Torvald replied. "I just want to get us out of this place."

It's getting a bit testy for the PCs, but the players are loving the hell out of it.
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Re: Stormbringer Arkwright Classic Fantasy Star Wars RQ Camp

Postby Pentallion » Thu Jul 07, 2016 11:15 am

So we got more gaming in and finished up the Rogue Mistress adventures. Kind of felt like I railroaded that onto them, but didn't really see any other way to get any Stormbringer adventures worked into this campaign. They went into the Forest of Troos, got the plants the Melnibonean needed, she went off to do her summonings in private while the rest of the party rested up, trained and got ready.

I've decided that no matter what, the Dark Lord will succeed in bringing about the Conjunction of the Million Spheres and it won't be what the players are expecting. As realities overlap and become one, I want them to find themselves in Pavis, Elric at their side, under seige from Panzer tanks with Messerschmidts flying overhead, but the Zola Fel is gone, replaced by an ocean where sits an aircxraft carrier battlegroup doing battle with Tie fighters as a death star orbits in space above. It'll be the end of time and the heroes will have to save the multiverse.

For now, however, as the PCs prepare to enter the Arkwright Universe, let me introduce their newest PC:


Ireena Kolyana.

Born in the Soviet Union, Ireena was a nurse when World War II broke out in 1979. However, when the Kaisers forces quickly over ran Soviet lines, her nurses station was evacuated using the aircraft at hand, which happened to be an Ilyushin Sturmovik, known as the IL-2. The pilot was killed by a German Messerschmidt and Ireena took the controls.

Her actions so impressed Soviet leadership that she was transferred to the air wing, which was experiencing a shortage of trained fighter pilots and joined the Night Witches, who, on this parallel, flew IL-2's on night time bombing raids.

After a year flying missions on the eastern front, Ireena was shot down behind enemy lines near Stalingrad. She joined the resistance fighters and it was during this time that she was recruited as a Valhalla Agent. They had noticed her power to cause calamity with just a look. They told her this was her Evil Eye, a psionic ability and they trained her in her psionic abilities and how to use their advanced technologies. During this time, she continued to fight with the Resistance. A year passed before she was finally captured. Disruptor agents in the Kaiser's SS realized they had a **** Novus in their custody and transferred her to the Fatherland.

Thus it was that she was a prisoner on a train travelling through Transylvania when by an ironic twist of fate a Night Witch flying an IL-2 destroyed the engine car. Surviving the subsequent train wreck, she found herself in the little village of Barovia, her captors dead.

That's when she started hearing The Voice. It kept calling to her. A man. Seeking her out from beyond this parallel. She came to put a name to the voice: Strahd. The Voice was incessant, driving her mad. She found that she needed complete solitude and meditation to drive the voice out of her mind. She also found it weakened the further she got from Barovia. Eventually the Soviets, who were pushing back the Kaisers forces, captured Transylvania and she rejoined the Soviet Army, leaving Barovia and the voice behind forever.

Or so she thought.

Since the events of our campaign, Strahd has returned home and gathered technology from his native planet. Now he's travelled to Ireena's plane to seek her out. The Voice has grown stronger and become harder to shut out.

She'd just driven the voice out of her head as she lay beneath a layer of snow, bazooka slung over her shoulder, waiting for the perfect shot that would take out the German panzer tank, when there was a flash of light and the strangest looking people she'd ever seen suddenly appeared on the frozen battlefield of Poland.....were these Disruptor Agents or someone sent from Zero-Zero?
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Re: Stormbringer Arkwright Classic Fantasy Star Wars RQ Camp

Postby Pentallion » Mon Jul 11, 2016 12:18 pm

I'm going to be a bit short on details for this next phase of the campaign as we are going to be playtesting unreleased material for Luther Arkwright. But this is the gist of what's happening: Terhali got her magic in order, the classic fantasy mages both learned Enlarge so Rod will be happy to learn that we will continue to playtest that. then they went through the portal to another parallel and found themselves on the eastern front of WWII. There they met Ireena. They were captured by Soviet forces, but she had them delivered to Valhalla Agents and taken to Zero Zero. They were interrogated, mind probed and finally found to not be Disruptor Agents, but just unknowing pawns. Ultimately, however, they wanted the same thing Valhalla did so they were recruited as Agents and trained in martial arts, firearms and vehicles. Their training was rather rudimentary as they were so technologically unadvanced. The half elves were surgically modified to appear human, but the Melnibonean refused any modifications beyond contact lenses to hide her alien looking eyes and a pair of sunglasses, plus a sweat band to hide her ears.
They were sent to NuAtlantis to be fitted for Atlantean steel, but this was a cover story for their true mission.

And that's where I have to stop as the rest is playtesting.

Meanwhile, however, Zed and Branth were still trapped by the Dark Lord. I had some real fun here on Roll20. I found the blueprints for the set used for Starkiller Base in the Force Awakens. Not the actual blueprints of Starkiller Base, but the stage blueprints for the set used to film the movie. I then added a lot of tech devices to fill out the blue prints. Walls, monitors, scanners, doors, the whole nine yards.

So per my last scene, Zed managed to break out of the manacles. He freed Branth. Branth thought their escape was too easy and suspected they were playing into the Dark Lords hands (canny ******* is right but I'm not letting on). The Dark Lord had flown of to do evil Sith stuff, leaving them free reign to explore. They couldn't escape, but I left plenty of things for them to find that might help them McGyver an escape. I also left things that were doomed to fail, such as the vibrosaw which caused the blast doors to shut, sealing them in even further.

Also, I had scattered throughout the base parts of an android. This guy, just called Droid, is actually an assassin droid. But he doesn't tell them that. They think he's a C3PO droid. He's the ringer I planted that the Sith Lord wants them to reassemble. He is to infiltrate them, make them trust him and then help them lead their friends into his trap. To start, he was very helpful in their escape. A trade vessel, the Star Turtle, crashed (that was the evil Sith stuff the Dark Lord was doing) and the PCs used it to escape.

Funny, the players all assumed I was being all deux ex machina, delivering up a starship and a droid who knew how to fly it. Didn't seem to cross their minds how easy that was. I think they've watched too much Austin Powers and just expected Mr. Evil to leave them in their traps unguarded so they could escape. There being no laser beams should have been a dead giveaway. But no, they didn't give the gift horse a dental exam and gladly took the escape offered to them without a second thought.

Two former D&D characters from Greyhawk suddenly finding themselves in the Star Wars universe. As one of the players put it "Mind Blown."
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Re: Stormbringer Arkwright Classic Fantasy Star Wars RQ Camp

Postby markfitz » Tue Jul 12, 2016 6:33 am

This campaign totally has my mind blown as well! It's completely crazy, but it might just be crazy enough to work! I honestly had never thought of playing with the multiverse idea to jump between campaign settings like this but it sounds like you guys are having a blast.
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Re: Stormbringer Arkwright Classic Fantasy Star Wars RQ Camp

Postby Pentallion » Wed Jul 13, 2016 6:17 pm

Roll20 is amazing. I'm not nearly as competent as many I've seen on there. We're about to playtest another scenario from the upcoming Luther Arkwright supplement. This one involves a train journey on the Trans-Siberian Express. All the Roll20 graphics I've put into this scenario are from their website. It isn't part of what you buy from TDM, it's what you get from Roll20. So most of it is me making up train stations and train cars. Here are some pics:

Loading at the train station:


That is just a portion of the entire train. It is too long to capture a screenshot of the entire thing. The diagrams at the top are the interior of each train car, which is only visible to me, not the players. Once the players enter a train car, I move them into the interior of that car and that becomes all they can see. Major NPCs and meaningless peasantry are already in place inside each car.

Here is a spooky train station at night as the PCs get out to stretch their legs:


They can't see very far in the dark and walls block their movement and sight.

Here is a map for a train stop where the PCs will wander far from the train. The map I used isn't from the upcoming release, it's just something I grabbed from Roll20. Of course, I use official maps for everything wherever possible, but I can't post those on here as they're not mine to post. And, of course, I can't really tell you what the adventure is about, but I can tell you I really like it. It took very little tweaking to fit into this campaign.


anyways, I suppose there are a lot better ways to show off what we are able to do with Roll20, but I'm having fun building this for our next gaming session. And since we are taking a week off gaming, I will have plenty of time to sink into this epic train adventure.

Oh, and since I won't be deleting it anytime soon, here's a snippet of Starkiller Base. It's the actual blueprints for the set they constructed while filming. Overlayed with appropriate technical looking thingies.

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Re: Stormbringer Arkwright Classic Fantasy Star Wars RQ Camp

Postby Pentallion » Wed Aug 17, 2016 4:14 am

Okay, we got past the playtesting Luther Arkwright stuff and jumped into a Luther Arkwright scenario of my own making. I'll skip to my favorite part:

The Aston Martin shifted gears seamlessly as it sped around the corner. The driver skillfully weaving through traffic. Behind him four pursuers were more carefully making their turns. Philby smiled grimly. These guys would never catch him. He ran the stop sign, swerving to miss being sideswiped at the intersection. At the end of the street, he took a hard left, skidding, but he quickly regained control and sped down the thouroughfare. Here he was able to gun it down the straightaway and saw his pursuers squeal around the corner just as he was making a right turn.

They still had sight of him. The compulsion inside of him made him think this was good, even as the free portion of his brain screamed no, this is NOT good! Philby cursed. Damn that thing. He had to obey its commands. He continued to speed down the busy street, weaving in and out of traffic, dodging the oncoming cars.

Terhali knew she lacked the driving skill to keep up with her prey. But driving a sports car was an exhilarating experience and she loved it. There were things to be said about these lawful parallels. The dwarf beside her grumbled, "Hurry up, he's getting away." She put the pedal to the metal and left her friends in the other three cars in the dust. Her vehicle training as a Valhalla Agent was paying off.

....The King sat upon his throne, watching the magi as they completed the preparations for a summoning. "Are you ready?" he asked his chief mage.

"Almost My Lord." the thin wizard replied. "We will begin the summons shortly.

Ireena had driven vehicles all her life. Now she slammed her stick into 4th gear and blew past Terhali. "You are not getting away this time" she snarled in her deep Russian accent. Her passenger, Vale, braced himself as she hurtled around the corner. There was no sight of the car they were chasing. "Derr'mo!" she swore. An oncoming truck made her swerve onto the sidewalk. Pedestrians scattered out of the way. She almost lost control, but managed to avoid hitting anyone and got back on the road. "Maybe you should slow down." Vale commented. "Nyet." was her reply.

Maura and Torvald had more problems than losing sight of Philby. Maura had clipped a car going through an intersection and now the engine was making a funny noise. She found herself falling further and further behind the others.

Meanwhile, Nerevar, with iskandar as his passenger, carefully took a right turn and then accelerated. He wasn't keeping up with Terhali or Ireena, but he'd seldom driven a wagon on Greyhawk, he wasn't about to kill himself driving this contraption on a strange alien world. Besides, ever since he'd developed psionics on another parallel, he had learned how to sense people. He knew where Philby was and the man wasn't going anywhere.

Philby cursed. He wasn't going anywhere. there was a raised drawbridge and he was stuck.

...the magi began lighting candles and chanting. The head of their order breathed deeply from an incense laden censer and began to go into his trance....

"There he is!" Vale exclaimed. Philby was on a lower level street, stuck in traffic. "'suka!" Ireena swore and yanked hard on the wheel, sending her car hurtling down a wide stairway. Her friends all followed.

Philby saw them coming. Now he felt released. He could go. He gunned the Aston Martin onto the sidewalk and sped past the people in line towards the lowering bridge.

"Oh, you gotta be kidding me!" Vale cried. Ireena slid onto the lower avenue and took the same sidewalk Philby had. "If he makes that jump, so will we."
"what if he doesn't make it?" Vale pointed out what seemed to be a perfectly logical observation.
"Then we catch him." Ireena replied.
Vale decided then and there that Soviet women were crazy. Then he had a long moment of weightlessness before the car slammed onto the pavement having made the jump. There was a screeching noise of metal on metal. Ireena cursed again. "What is it?" Vale asked. "the front end. Maybe the A Arm. It's harder to steer now." Vale had no idea what she was talking about but he knew what steering was. Not Good.

Terhali wasn't so fortunate. Her car clipped the side rail of the bridge as it landed, caving in the side of the car. It flipped and landed right side up, but the car was not going anywhere. Inside, both Terhali and Ganog were stunned. Terhali knew her left arm was badly hurt, but how bad she wasn't sure. Ganog was moaning.

Nerevar flawlessly made the jump. He pulled over to Terhali's vehicle and Iskandar helped them get out of their wreck and get in their car. Iskandar began slapping a nano-bandage on the dwarf.

By the time Maura got there, the bridge was down and traffic was jammed up because of the wreck. Police sirens could be heard. She could see the others speeding away in the distance.

..."Nnniajak ennnnnnnn, nineemo karama sendrak karama arats niets arami, ennnnnnnn" the magi began his spell, his acolytes humming in a circle around him...

Tires screamed on hairpin turns. A sign read "Road work ahead". The Aston Martin slammed through the construction barricade. Ireena in hot pursuit, Vale leaning out of the car, firing upon the Aston Martin but the bullets just ricocheted off its armored frame. Ireena lost control, her car spun out and came to a halt facing the opposite direction. "****!" she yelled, this time in English, as Nerevar sped past her. She brought her car around and continued the chase.

...unngia, unngia, errrrrrrrnnnnngggggg nineemo karama sendrak, karama sendrak, KARAMA SENDRAK!!!!.....

"He pulled in there, at those docks." Nerevar pointed to the Aston Martin, which had been abandoned up ahead.

"Where the hell's he going?" said Terhali. "He's run himself into a dead end."

The adventurers clambered out of their vehicle as Ireena and Vale pulled up behind them. they quickly gave chase on foot. They spotted Philby running down an alley. He jumped a fence. They sprinted after him. He led them on a merry chase, over rooftops, up and down stairs, over fences, across busy streets where they nearly got ran over but in the end, he came to the end of a dock and had no where left to run. Iskandar, Ireena and Vale caught up to him. Nerevar, exhausted, had given up the chase. Everyone just stood there, panting for a few long seconds.

..."arats niets arami"...

"He told me to take you on a long merry chase. Get you as far away from headquarters as possible." Philby told them. Iskandar cursed, "You're not Strahd. You're just another pawn. He's trying to get his space ship back." Philby opened his jacket. "He told me to give you this gift." He was wearing a bomb. He detonated it.

....the wizard clapped his hands....

Ireena knocked the others down, attempting to shield them from the blast. Even as the explosion slammed into them the heroes felt themselves being drawn out of this parallel, called upon another plane.

...."Something is wrong." the Magi exclaimed. The King's eyes widened. Then the throne room was rocked with a terrific explosion.....

And that's where we ended our night.
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