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Rain over the Summerlands: A Mythic Britain Campaign

Rain over the Summerlands: A Mythic Britain Campaign

Postby mark.s » Wed Sep 02, 2015 5:09 am

Dear all,

We are now several sessions into our Mythic Britain campaign, and I thought you might be interested to hear our experiences. Overall, I (as GM) have found the setting highly enjoyable and the feedback from the players is positive too. As a group we have played a lot of RQ6, so there will be less to do with rules and so forth in this thread.

An alternate title for this campaign was "All Over Mendip" (for all you Wurzels fans), although "Wurple Diddle Di Do" might be more appropriate given my players...

First, some introductions...

Our intrepid adventurers are all residents of Ynys Gwedmawr [the Isle of Wedmore] in Gwlas an Hav ["the Summerlands", i.e. the Somerset Levels], about five miles northwest of Ynys Wydryn. Gwedmawr belongs to Cwlhedric, whose father Irven is chieftain over a small tribe with its hillfort at Caer Penrhyn [Worlebury Hill near Weston-super-Mare]. Irven is the sworn man of Custennin Fychan, brother to Uther. Irven runs the tribe with the help of his younger brother Teyrnon and his brother-in-law Owain. Although Cwlhedric is Irven's eldest son, he is untried in battle, and the tribe currently favour Teyrnon to eventually replace the aging Irven.

Cast of Player Characters
Cwlhedric ap Irven: son of the local chieftain. He needs to get the support of the tribe on his side, else they will elect his uncle Teyrnon as the next chief rather than him. Cwlhedric is young and idealistic, but untried in battle.

Drem ap Ferris: a druid haunted by the traumas of his past. He is the stepson of Owain, who is Cwlhedric's mother's brother. His left arm is withered, marking him for the spirits at birth. When he was young he was lost at sea with a friend; he hasn't spoken of what happened, but only he returned. He has searched ever since for his friend's remains to give them rest.

Newlyn ap Innis: a physician trained by Cerwen. He and Cwlhedric are childhood friends; Newlyn was born further east but his whole family were slaughtered by Saxons save for him and his siblings, who were scattered and Newlyn searches for them still. He is married to Cwlhedric's sister.

Brian mac Driscoll: Irish hunter and guide. He and his sister Dierdre came to live with Lord Irven as part of a fosterage with the Irish settlers in Deheubarth [Siluria], but did not return home when the peace between the kingdoms failed. He, Newlyn, and Cwlhedric became friends, with Cwlhedric later marrying Dierdre.

Abandinus ("Ban"): A Cornovian sailor and warrior. Named (aptly) after the god of slaughter, he is a wolf-hearted wanderer who has been befriended by Drem. The two have sailed Sabrinna's Sea [Severn Estuary] in Drem's endless quest.

Some NPCs
Owain ap Rand: Lord Irven's brother-in-law and former leader of the warband. Owain has seen much action in battle, but since losing his right hand in a fight has been relegated to the role of steward.

Nolan: an old hand in Irven's warband. Insists on wearing a leather hood which stinks whenever it gets wet. A keen gambler.

Boyd: an untested youngster in Lord Irven's warband; his inexperience does not prevent him boasting of his prowess. His nickname of "Goatshagger" is due to an almost-certainly untrue anecdote told following a night of heavy drinking.

Morgan ap Morfyn: Morgan "The Black" was Owain's equivalent in Teyrnon's warband before he and Teyrnon had a falling out and he went rogue.

House Rules
  • Events of a variable duration lasting 1–x turns/rounds are rolled on a 1dx at the beginning of the affected character's turn, if a 1 is rolled then the event ends after the character's turn. Otherwise, the size of the die is reduced by 1 and rerolled on the character's next turn
  • Personal Luck Points refresh at the beginning of each session (once the current scene, if any, is concluded). Group Luck Points refresh at the beginning of a story.
  • Druids may recruit a spirit as an ally or companion by spending 5 Experience Rolls. An ally needs to be summoned before use, a companion doesn't. Companions require a geas to govern the pact. Each geas can cover 1d3 points of Intensity: one geas might be sufficient for a few weak spirits; but powerful spirits may need more than one.
  • Spirit Combat uses the Tenacity option (RQ:213). Tenacity will also be used to model mental resilience against fear.

Campaign notes
(This will probably expand over time)
  • Roman buildings and structures are usually devoid of spirits and magic in general. The Romans liked to contain and control, and their religious practices confined their gods to official shrines. They conducted ceremonies to the manes and lares every year which rounded up stray spirits and cast them out. Roman architecture is hostile to spirits. As a result, Christianity's biggest successes have been in the towns left behind by the Romans, rather than in the traditional hillforts.
In the following play reports, [OOC] indicates an out-of-character reference explaining the event.

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Re: Rain over the Summerlands: A Mythic Britain Campaign

Postby mark.s » Wed Sep 02, 2015 5:36 am

Session One (18 June 2015): The Horned Man

(Huge thanks to 'Fragpuss' and his play report at here, on which this first story is heavily based.)

Owain is making a trip to some outlying villages to collect tribute owed to Irven, some of which is collected on behalf of Custennin. Cwlhedric has been sent along to learn from his uncle Owain. He is accompanied by Drem (who is Owain's step-son), Newlyn, Brian, and Ban [i.e. the player characters]; along with two from Irven's warband, the grim veteran Nolan and the untested but boastful Boyd. They lead an ox cart and a donkey; Cwlhedric rode his fine horse. Brian managed to supplement trail rations with eels and a roe hind, and they arrive in Lindinis in fine spirits.

The mood was soon broken when Owain discovered that two villages (Hurcot and Knole) had not deposited their tribute in the tax house. The characters were left to their own devices for the night. They decide to get involved in a gwyddbwyll tournament, and soon all the characters have beaten the locals. Newlyn in particular proves himself to be a demon player [OOC: one or more critical roll in every game he played]. Sore after the thrashing received at the boards, the locals challenge the characters to a drinking game, and Brian takes up the challenge against an apprentice bard called Gwawl. Both participants must drink a cup of mead, then recite a verse of a popular poem. The first to make a mistake is the loser. Brian quickly gets drunk, but the eagle-eyed Cwlhedric notices that his cup is being refilled from a different jug to Gwawl's. Needless to say, Gwawl's mead is watered, leading to his victory. Cwlhedric challenges him to try that again but this time drinking the stronger mead, and the trainee bard is defeated. He takes this in good stead, and submits to questions about the two villages.

The next morning the characters are kicked awake by Owain. He has decided that the characters will take the empty oxcart west to Knole and collect their wool tribute, then return here to Lindinis and collect the rest of the tax. Meanwhile, he'll take Nolan and Boyd (and the donkey) north to Hurcot, since he has a bit of business to do in that part of the country. He'll meet the characters there in a week's time.

Upon reaching the road to Knole, the characters spy up ahead a shapeless mass of shimmering black by the side of the road on the other side of a narrow bridge. This looks wholly unnatural, and Drem steps into the stream to speak with Ifel's Daughter. The stream spirit is not particularly helpful, having only just become aware of whatever it is, but she says that it is death.

Brian and Ban cautiously approach. They disturb the flock of ravens feeding on a man's body, which ascends into the trees and sets up a tremendous cawing. This attracts two mangy wolves, who attack Ban, desperate for food. Brian assists with sling bullets; while Cwlhedric kills one with his horse's hooves, Ban dispatches the other and then eats its heart to gain its strength.
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Re: Rain over the Summerlands: A Mythic Britain Campaign

Postby mark.s » Wed Sep 02, 2015 5:37 am

Session Two (1 July 2015): The Horned Man

Turning over the body, it is immediately apparent that the man was eviscerated. Unfortunately, the ravens and the fight have muddied any tracks that his attackers may have left behind. The characters load the body into the ox cart and continue along the road towards Knole.

Knole appears deserted and the characters are immediately suspicious. However, the villagers are in the midst of a meeting in the central round hut. Drem makes a dramatic entrance and sees that while some villagers make a pagan sign of protection (to Cernunnos), others avert their eyes and cross themselves. The two dominant voices in the village are Halwn the elder and Barra the Christian priest. Between them they explain that a horrible horned giant has been spied locally, and it killed a shepherd two nights ago. Barra thinks it is the devil, other villagers think that Mother Berth (a local witch) is to blame, avenging herself on the village that drove her out when the priest arrived. The body found by the river turns out to be Rhodri, Halwn's son who had gone to fetch help.

Drem doesn't believe the villagers when they say that no-one has seen Berth since she was exiled. He invites himself to stay with Iola (one of the pagan women) and her husband. His suspicious are right -- the women of the village still visit Mother Berth for 'women's issues', and he gets instructions on where to find her. Cwlhedric interviews Glyn the shepherd, who saw the monster and whose brother was killed by it.

In the morning, Newlyn invites villagers with hurts to come and see him to receive healing while the others break their fast and prepare for a trip into the marsh to find Berth. However, a boy comes running into the village screaming about a monster attacking his parents. Cwlhedric leads the charge to the charcoal burner's hut, but they are too late -- the boy's parents are both eviscerated. There is no damage to the hut itself and Cwlhedric finds severed rope, leading the characters to suspect that the attack was not by some dumb beast. Ban also finds evidence that attempts have been made to clear away tracks, but Brian manages to find them further out from the village, heading north and west. They are the tracks of four men, one of whom is barefoot and has huge feet. Drem asks Squall (his wind spirit) to create a breeze blowing into their faces, preventing sound and smells from being carried to their prey, and this probably saves them from a surprise encounter with an angry boar.

Having dispatched the beast they continue following the trail, but find the Roman road first that leads to the fort that once garrisoned soldiers protecting the silver mines in the hills. Brian is convinced that the men they are pursuing went south, but he is overruled when Drem communes with an ancient alder tree (to whom he promises a sacrifice) and is told they headed west. Brian redeems himself by reconnoitring the fort without being seen. Drem calls upon Alwyn (his fog spirit), who is happy to blanket the fort in a moderate fog.

Cwlhedric and Ban are able to climb the walls of the dilapidated fort (most of the first storey remains), and Ban sees evidence that there are some people here. The other three creep around to the entrance of the fort and form a shield wall in preparation for an assault.
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Re: Rain over the Summerlands: A Mythic Britain Campaign

Postby mark.s » Wed Sep 02, 2015 5:38 am

Session Three (8 July 2015): The Horned Man

The characters can hear two people talking in the mist within the fort. One is complaining to the other about being in this Roman structure. The other opines that they would never have found their way back to the gorge in this mist. They are startled by a knocking sound, which some of the characters also hear. Ban is able to pinpoint which of the buildings within the fort walls that the two are in, and runs straight at it. Brian, Newlyn, and Drem form up at the fort's entrance to prevent anyone escaping. The two emerge and do battle. Cwlhedric, still standing on the wall, commands them to surrender, but his voice breaks and he sounds less than impressive. He instead hurls a spear into melee, but misses.

Meanwhile, Newlyn has taken out the older man with a blow to the head (knocking him unconscious). The younger man is fighting like a cornered weasel, but Drem tells him that if he dies in this Roman place, his soul will be trapped here forever and never reach the Afterlife. This causes him to surrender.

Now out of the tumult of melee, Drem senses the presence of a spirit. While the others bind the two prisoners, he enters a trance. Rather than seeing the spirit, he hears it -- it is the spirit of a noise, an echo. It names itself Pold, and used to live in the nearby mine, warning the miners of any dangers in return for crusts and milk. When the Romans came it moved out of the mines, and when they left the fort it came here. It still gets milk occasionally, brought by an elderly woman, although she hasn't come for a moon or more. [OOC: Pold is an unusual earth elemental spirit based on the knockers of Cornish myth].

Drem returns to question his prisoner. Einion is pretty terrified, and willing to answer any questions. He starts to tell them that they work for a man called Morgan, when a spear flies out of the mist and strikes him in the arm, inflicting a grievous wound. Brian hurls a spear at the man standing on the wall, but he deflects it with his shield. Ban and Cwlhedric leave the fort to chase after the man who has jumped down from the wall, closely followed by Brian. Cwlhedric is steadily gaining on the man when he trips and stumbles, and suddenly Ban and Cwlhedric are on him. He is without a weapon, but is still able to inflict a serious wound to Ban's arm with his shield before Brian impales him, Ban hammers home the spear with his own shield, killing him. They drag the body back to the fort.

Newlyn, assisted by Drem, has managed to save Einion's life, but at the expense of his arm. Meanwhile, Keane (the other captive) has recovered from unconsciousness and is being subjected to questioning. He's willing to tell them everything. Morgan ap Morfyn first appeared on the scene a few months ago and recruited a band of 10 outlaws. They make their lair in an easily-defendable gorge about two hours from here. Morgan has control over some sort of monster, who they avoid like the plague and have never seen properly. Morgan keeps it in a cave in the gorge away from everyone else. The group have been stealing from Knole and outlying farmers by chasing them away. The monster has done all the killing, but the men have helped. Keane admits to being one of the men who tied up the charcoal-burner and his wife; they then left the hut and Morgan brought in his monster to finish them off. Keane details the other men. Most are outlaws and gangrels; only one other (Bowyn) was a seasoned warrior and he was the one who tried to kill Einion and is now dead by Ban's hand.
Morgan ap Morfyn (a.k.a. Morgan the Black) is not unknown to some of the characters. Newlyn blanches at the name, but doesn't say why. Cwlhedric knows him as one of Uncle Terynon's men. Morgan and Terynon had a falling out some months ago, and Cwlhedric had thought about trying to recruit Morgan against his uncle.

The characters plan on how to take the gorge. They eventually decide upon the cover of darkness, to avoid the sentries placed at the gorge's mouth. They have been told that Morgan keeps the gorge lit by torches overnight. Drem has a plan involving Ifel's Daughter who runs through the gorge. Cwlhedric takes Bowyn's head with him.

Newlyn was uncomfortable about the details of the plan, particularly a night assault against superior numbers. Drem cast the omens and told him that the spirits were in their favour [OOC: the druid wanted to play on Newlyn's Superstition, but in order to give him courage rather than to cow him with dread. I ruled that spending 1 MP would allow Newlyn's Passion to assist rolls for as long as the plan was working. Newlyn's player elected not to resist this imposition of Superstition].
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Re: Rain over the Summerlands: A Mythic Britain Campaign

Postby mark.s » Wed Sep 02, 2015 5:40 am

Session Four (23 July 2015): The Horned Man

Drem stands in the stream and contacts Ifel's Daughter. He asks her if she will send a bore upstream to flood the caves of the gorge. She is happy to do so, since the men who live there pollute her waters. Drem also asks if she will carry Brian upstream with her and deposit him in the gorge before she goes underground. She agrees, as long as she gets to taste him first (a drop of blood). The arrangement is that when Brian next enters the stream she will set off. Before this happens, Drem also contacts Alwyn and asks again for her fog to shroud their approach, and his Ancestor to cast Breath on Brian.

With all the magic cast, Brian clasps his shield to his stomach and lies down in the stream. He feels the many cool hands of Ifel's Daughter grasp him and carry him upstream. He is also unnerved by the fact he is not struggling for breath despite being submerged [OOC: Superstition increases by 5% for being the target of these two supernatural effects]. The ride is rough, but Ifel's Daughter remembers to release him before diving underground, and he is deposited halfway up the gorge, soaking wet. He can see the two cave entrances by the light of four torches set outside.

Meanwhile, the other four characters have made their way up the gorge undetected by any sentries at its mouth. They form a wedge just as three bandits stumble out of the cave, cursing and swearing because the stream has flooded. They don't notice Brian lurking behind them. Only one of the thieves has a spear to hand, but they find themselves on the sharp edge of Newlyn, Cwlhedric, and Drem's weapons. Unable to form up with the others, Ban manoeuvres past the battle line to the cave mouth, where he encounters a fourth thief who has had the presence of mind to jam on a helmet and grab a weapon before emerging. Cwlhedric's team are making short work of the bandits, but they are facing half-naked and (mostly) weaponless opponents, so this is perhaps no great surprise, although Newlyn's prowess is – he dispatches his own opponent and also Cwlhedric's after the latter is tripped and recovering from being prone; with Drem accounting for the third. Ban finishes off his own opponent with a belly wound.

Brian is in a position to hear a commotion in the rear of the two caves. It sounds like roaring, the clanking of chains, and a man's voice goading. Suddenly a creature bursts forth: he's seven feet tall but appears larger because of the rack of antlers on his head, which are actually connected to the helmet that has been cruelly attached to his head with wire. He wears manacles and shackles and not much else, and carries a heavy tree limb as a weapon. He crashes into the line of characters, flailing with his club. However, the warrior training comes into play and the line holds. As Cwlhedric and Newlyn inflict wounds on the 'monster' (who in his berserk rage shrugs off the injuries), Brian uses his sling to assault from behind. The creature doesn't stand much of a chance, and is soon downed by a thrust to the arm from Newlyn's spear.

Ban rushes to the rear cave followed by Cwlhedric, keen to catch Morgan who they believe still lurks in the cave. They find that it extends deep into the hillside and has many possible routes. No trace of passage can be found. The front of the cave has two bales of wool and an assortment of coin, booty stolen from the peasants of Knole.

Meanwhile, Newlyn has been working on saving their injured opponents. He works on the giant first and manages to stabilise his major wound and start the healing (OOC: with a crit Healing roll). Of the other three, he manages to save one of the ones he defeated himself, and the one defeated by Drem (Ossian and Powell), but the other two die before he can tend to their injuries. He notices that the giant shows bruises and weals indicative of numerous beatings over a period of time. The man seems to be a halfwit, and the only word he utters now he is calm is "muma". Newlyn realises this might be the "idiot son" of Mother Berth.

Brian and Drem have found the steep slope that leads to the sentry posts. While they climb it, they hear a curse from above, and Brian speeds off to investigate. By the time he gets up top there is nothing to see in the moonlight except a scrape of skin and blood where a man must have fallen on some rocks [OOC: a fumbled Stealth roll], but it looks like the sentries have fled.
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Re: Rain over the Summerlands: A Mythic Britain Campaign

Postby mark.s » Wed Sep 02, 2015 5:47 am

Session Five (30 July 2015): The Horned Man

Before settling down for the night the two bodies are taken to the end of the ravine and thrown in the bushes. The characters then set up in the larger (and now damper) cave while setting a one-man watch (Cwlhedric, Brian, Ban, Newlyn; Drem of course is not asked to take a turn!).

In the morning they have a proper look around. While Ban stands guard, Brian and Cwlhedric go back up to the top of the gorge to pick up the trails of the sentries. Those on the east side head across rocky terrain and can't be followed. The path on the west side hugs the cliff walls, and Brian easily finds the trail of a single man heading away from the gorge down the slope of the hills, which by his reckoning takes him in the direction of the fort. They decide not to pursue.

When the characters returned they explored the caves in the light. There was no sign of the bag of silver that the captured bandits said Morgan had, but Cwlhedric found two gold coins of Roman manufacture that he recognised. As a child he had found a hoard of such coins with two of his friends, and they had agreed to rebury it and return to claim it ten years later. When they did, however, the chest was gone. All claimed innocence of the theft, and they parted acrimoniously. Cwlhedric kept one of the coins himself and gave the other to Drem as reward (or payment?) for coming up with an effective plan.
With prisoners in tow, the characters head out of the gorge and follow Ifel's Daughter to the ford across the Roman Road, which looks like it has been deliberately destroyed. They head up the road to the old fort to retrieve Einion and Keane. The two are terrified, having spent a night subjected to the merciless humour of Pold, who scared them witless.

When passing Old Man Alder Drem makes his promised sacrifice by burying the gold coin amongst the tree's roots. The characters then cut through the forest to get back to Knole. When the villagers see the giant in the company of the characters, they head for their huts in fear. Drem announces: "Good people of Knole, your troubles are over! We have defeated the perils that haunted your village; it was no monster but a gang of ruffians!" This elicits a half-hearted cheer, but it is not enough to overcome their fear of the giant. Eventually Elder Halwn is coaxed from his hut and given the full story. He can identify the giant as Hoel, the son of Berth, whose violent rages and unpredictable behaviour contributed to her exile. Cwlhedric tells them that in recognition of their travails, he is excusing them part of their tax: if they can fetch the two bales of wool from the gorge and shear enough sheep in the next two days for another two bales, then they can defer the remainder until the next taxable period. It is clear that the other characters consider this a foolish promise.

While Cwlhedric travels with a group of villagers to the gorge to retrieve the wool Drem, Newlyn, and Brian take Hoel out of the village heading for his mother's hut. Ban remains behind to guard the four prisoners and recover from his wound. The marsh is the haunt of mournful wading birds and furtive creatures, but following the instructions he was given Drem can easily find Mother Berth's hut. It stands on stilts above the marsh; topped by a mound of reeds and branches it resembles a beaver's lodge. As they approach, Hoel becomes agitated, moaning and striking his head with his fist. Newlyn remains back with him while the others advance. Drem notes the phallic statue of Sucellos outside the threshold and the erotic statue of Nantosvelta inside. The hut has been ransacked; the table overturned, pots smashed and furniture broken. The hearth is cold (a family of mice have set up home), and easily mistaken for a pile of rags, the corpse of Mother Berth is propped up against the wall. Outside, Hoel starts to roar with rage although he has no way of knowing what has been found within. As Drem detects the immediate presence of a spirit, Brian witnesses a root-knife rising from the floor and hurling itself at him. He yelps and ducks behind his shield as Drem slips into the Spirit Realm to confront the haunt of Mother Berth. She is clearly insane, and he is forced to defeat her in spirit combat before the glint of madness fades from her eyes.

Outside, Newlyn is doing his best to calm Hoel down. He tries singing to him, but it has little effect. It looks like Hoel is about to enter the murderous rage that they faced back in the gorge. In the Spirit Realm Berth lies in Drem's arms. She whispers to him "only the beast that was can quell the beast that is." She then dissolves into light, leaving behind a carved spirit stone. When Drem returns to the world he can feel this fragment of Mother Berth inside him [OOC: it is an extra 3 MP]. With Hoel howling outside, the druid relates Berth's message to quick-witted Brian, who searches the bed for a child's toy. Sure enough he locates a stuffed hare's skin made into a crude facsimile of the animal. This is taken out to Newlyn, who gingerly hands it to Hoel. The giant man immediately calms down and starts crooning over his toy. In the hut, Brian uses a rag to cautiously retrieve the magic knife that hurled itself at him, thinking it will make a useful keepsake.

The characters now have a couple of days of downtime while the villagers shear their sheep. Drem prepares Mother Berth's body for burial, laying her out in her hut and inviting the women of the village to come and leave an offering in the bowl placed on her chest. He cuts the death rod to measure her body, and inters her in the ground here in the marsh. He had determined she had been stabbed, but it was not a fatal wound — she'd been left to die an agonising death. The marsh is a Sacred Site, and after making the appropriate sacrifice of a beaver he caught himself, starts to regenerate his spent power. Ban recovers physically in the village.

The characters discuss what to do with the prisoners. Cwlhedric plans to sell them as slaves in Lindinis and use the profit to supplement the missing wool clip, but suspects they won't get much for Einion (who now has one arm). Newlyn discusses taking him back to Gwedmawr and having him as a house slave. He certainly wants to bring Hoel back home with him. Cwhedric lets it be known that the men of Knole have a duty to report any appearances of Morgan the Black to him at Gwedmawr.
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Re: Rain over the Summerlands: A Mythic Britain Campaign

Postby Matt_E » Wed Sep 02, 2015 1:06 pm

That's a great tale, so far. I'm jealous.
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Re: Rain over the Summerlands: A Mythic Britain Campaign

Postby Fragpuss » Sun Sep 06, 2015 2:20 am

Hi Mark,

Thanks for a terrific write-up. I'm flattered that you enjoyed my story enough to take it on and very interested to see how you wove more magic into it. Unlike your group, we've not played any Runequest prior to this and I hadn't GM'ed anything for about 20 years, so with them I deliberately put less emphasis on the supernatural aspects of the setting to flatten the learning curve (for me and them). I'm starting to drip feed it in and you've given me some great examples of how to do it well.

Really looking forward to seeing how your campaign develops.
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Re: Rain over the Summerlands: A Mythic Britain Campaign

Postby simonh » Mon Sep 07, 2015 4:09 am

Excellent writeup. Please do post more as the game progresses.

Simon Hibbs
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Re: Rain over the Summerlands: A Mythic Britain Campaign

Postby mark.s » Mon Sep 07, 2015 4:46 am

Fragpuss wrote:Thanks for a terrific write-up. I'm flattered that you enjoyed my story enough to take it on and very interested to see how you wove more magic into it. Unlike your group, we've not played any Runequest prior to this and I hadn't GM'ed anything for about 20 years, so with them I deliberately put less emphasis on the supernatural aspects of the setting to flatten the learning curve (for me and them). I'm starting to drip feed it in and you've given me some great examples of how to do it well.

Really looking forward to seeing how your campaign develops.

It was a great story, and just what I needed as a prequel to the Winter Council -- I wanted a couple of adventures for the characters to find out who they are before we start the campaign proper. I thought your story hit the tone of Mythic Britain very well.

With respect to the magic, most of this is down to the druid character; who seems to be profligate with his Magic Points! He may come to regret this!

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