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Q: Iqari in Shores of Korantia

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Q: Iqari in Shores of Korantia

Postby umbraldragon » Wed Feb 01, 2017 9:51 am

This might be a turn down a fruitless path, but here goes.

I use Shores of Korantia when I'm running Mythras, with a modification that elves, and savage halflings exist. No half elves or dwarves. Everything else is the same.

I was wondering how to introduce Iqari into the campaign world if at all. This interest came from a discussion of Kenku, Tengu, Ravenfolk. Initially I was going to convert the DnD 2.0 Kenku into a Mythras equivalent, then I thought about the Iqari and how much more warrior like and powerful they are.

Note: I was thinking more of what region and some scenarios that might include them. I don't see using them as player characters unless everyone is an Iqari.

So if you have any thoughts or ideas I welcome them. As always, happy gaming! :ugeek:
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