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Mythras & Drenai

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Re: Mythras & Drenai

Postby camocoffey » Thu Apr 13, 2017 5:19 am

loz wrote:
HorusArisen wrote:Any pitfalls in running a Mythras game a former D&D DM should know? Combat lethality being an apparent one. I've owned the book and supplements for..ages but this will be our first game.

Mythras combat isn't necessarily lethal, but is dynamically much different to D&D combat. There are a lot of subtleties, and often the Special Effects everyone thinks are game breakers/fight enders, such as Choose Location and Maximise Damage, really aren't. Usually, effects that deny a reciprocal action, or force an action point to be spent on something else are much more effective than getting a sword blow at a head.

<< What Loz said (obviously).

Killing blows are actually quite rare in Mythras; usually a combatant will be bleeding out for several rounds after a scrap, so you should have time to stabilise their wounds before they die from blood loss. And there are quite a lot of ways to disable an opponent without killing them, so it's easier in Mythras to take prisoners than in most D&D-type systems, where it's really all about the damage.

One thing to be careful of, though: heavy weapons (especially in a low armour setting) are pretty lethal compared with D&D. When you're chipping away at a 40-50 hit point monster, it doesn't really matter all that much whether you're doing 1d8 with a longsword, or 1d10 with a 2-hander; in Mythras, that dice difference is much more significant. If you casually dish out longspears to your bad guys, don't expect the PCs to come out of it unscathed. Likewise, be prepared for some fights to end pretty quickly if one of your PCs is swinging a halberd about. Our first game using RQ6 rules was a Warhammer Old World campaign; fights in that were frequently abbreviated by the guy with a greathammer.
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