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Mytical Brittain The horned man

Mytical Brittain The horned man

Postby Jon Reinhardt » Sat Apr 01, 2017 7:45 am

After playing a home made stuff we started on the BM Camping. And we have finished OF Promises Broken. And i decided to run the horned man. One of the party is a ******* noble son and the rest of the group plays his hird. He was given the village of Gloangwikto raise men for the Lorges Burning scenario. So i sett the Horned man scenario in Gloangwik. The two reports are great but it would be nice if mark.s and Fragpuss had some stats and stuff like that written down. Anyhow for my game i decided to put Gloangwik in north Dummonia a bit north east from Caer Sulis (Bath).
After looking at some old and new map i tried to put in some roman roads on the MB map for my game. I also made a map for the area around Gloangwik. Im quit new with these map tools so i used a quite a bit of time on it. But as the horned man is a good scenario i thought to upload the maps here if there are anyone who would like to use them in their games.

Im unshure. I hope its ok to upload this map. If not pleas take it down again. It just meant to be helpful to other players.
The other map i have made my self so it should not be a problem :) Hope its helpful.
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Jon Reinhardt
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Re: Mytical Brittain The horned man

Postby loz » Sat Apr 01, 2017 12:39 pm

No problem with the area map.
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