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Heavy RP Sandbox using Mythras on Roll20

Heavy RP Sandbox using Mythras on Roll20

Postby Erzrig » Wed Feb 22, 2017 5:19 pm

So I have been working on a custom setting for the Mythras system or Runequest 6 as it was called before and I would love to run a game in the world.
I have several ideas for a campaign but I prefer to talk to the players and see what kind of group and characters they are interested in playing.
The game would be a sandbox game with plot hooks for the players so they never feel "Well what do we do now then?". It's a fairly high fantasy compared to what I normally do but I would say not as high as D&D.

The grass sea is what Midlands called by the inhabitants. From the north to the south it spans almost three hundred kilometers and from east to south another two hundred and fifty kilometers. Spread over the hills on the plain and along the rivers there are plenty of smaller towns and villages that live of the land. Most of the buildings in such places are made from stone since wood is a scarce resource and common folk are encouraged and even sponsored by the council to plant trees. There are no forests on the massive plains due to the strong winds that can build over miles so the few trees that do exist are small and commonly grows in smaller clusters where they can withstands the strong wind. There have been several attempts over the years to grow larger trees or even a forest and with varying degrees of success. At one point a small group of magi attempted to use magic, their intention was to raise a massive forest but it resulted in a catastrophic event that created the great lake in the west of the plains.
There are two large cities in the Midlands, the capitol, the mighty city that rose from the ground to protect the people of the Midlands from the invaders of the Nations of Four Seasons and the Floating city that is now firmly anchored on the great lake.

I am available to play Wednesday - Thursday between 19:00-23:00 GMT and Saturdays after 14:00 GMT
If you have any questions post them here.
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