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Robots, Androids, and Cybernetics

Discussions on the M-Space setting and other publications by FrostByte Books.

Re: Robots, Androids, and Cybernetics

Postby Clarence Redd » Fri Nov 11, 2016 5:12 pm

It's a deep rabbit hole indeed. Especially when nanotech gets involved. Leaving the nano scale aside for a minute and having palm-sized parts as the smallest (approximately the size of one uModule), I suppose energy demands would be easier to solve (some kind of recharging when returning to the main body seems likely). I would still think of "semi-autonomous detachable body parts" as Tech Level 14 though; M-SPACE defaults to TL13.

Each part will need individual movement/propulsion (probably anti-gravity flight?), power, highspeed short range transmitter and the actual function it's used for. Sounds like some heavy miniaturization is needed, thus up one Tech Level.

For some reason it's much more difficult to see the same idea applied to cybernetics. Perhaps it's only because I keep imagining a human arm hovering away to get a clean shot : )
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Clarence Redd
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Re: Robots, Androids, and Cybernetics

Postby Jon Reinhardt » Tue Jan 17, 2017 3:29 am

Clarence Redd wrote:Yes, that's the idea so far. And then just fill the µModules in the different body parts with various functions - or leave some of them empty if you want to. The head will have less µModules though. BTW, wouldn't it be nice if you could decide where to put the "brain"? That way it could have a bit more protection from damage.

I guess but. The reason we have the brain at the top is for cooling. And I guess that with a small super computers you will have some heat problem. Just like if you just your phone or tablet for a long time, and run a demanding program or app on it. Its the future so I don't know what cooling technology there is. I guess that it will depend on the environment the Robot is going to be used in. If you have the sensors and the brain close there is less time sending the signals. And that might be a argument for a bran head on a combat android.
I guess there is a lot of argument against putting the brain at the head. But its nice with those head shoots.

And if its a robot that is going to interact with humans, it makes sense for it to have a head. A lot of people would have problem relation to it if not. I think.

With sci-fi comes use of computers and hacking. Have you any plans of including this in more than a general way?
And what about bio tech. That all sow an interesting part of sci-fi .

Im planning to run a cyberpunk ish, net running adventure with mythras soon. So looking for ideas.
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Jon Reinhardt
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Re: Robots, Androids, and Cybernetics

Postby Clarence Redd » Tue Jan 17, 2017 3:59 am

Yes, all of the reasons you list are valid for keeping the "brain" in the head. But I also think robots will be designed much more freely than we tend to think - and more optimized for the task they will perform. (Autonomous vehicles could for example have been built by putting a C3PO behind the wheel, but including the intelligence and sensors directly within the car makes more sense. At least at the moment).

Regarding hacking and computers, I have a system in the works based on the rules for Extended Conflicts. The biggest challenge is figuring out how detailed the rules need to be. For biotech, the rules on droids will be quite "tech neutral", so hopefully they will include enough wetware solutions to get you going.

And keep us posted on your work on the cyberpunk campaign!
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Clarence Redd
Posts: 164
Joined: Sat Jul 09, 2016 3:06 am


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