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Mythic Rome NPCS

Mythic Rome NPCS

Postby nclarke » Wed Dec 14, 2016 9:24 am

I'm prepping a political Rome game to run next year and starting to put together a plot and some NPC's. Now I don't usually have to do much in Mythras for non-major/mid-level NPC's just a name and a few skills as most of the time they don't get into a fight. Now for Roman NPC's I believe that I'll need, for a political game at least, the individual's Status (p12) and their Politics score (p12) as well as skills - interpersonal ones at least. I think the mid level NPC's should have their Passions defined as well as those basic stats in order to allow for a full range of interesting roleplay opportunities.

Anything more that I should try to include skillwise at this stage to make the game run more easily later?

What skills do you think I should make the most of in such a game, Rhetoric(Oratory) obviously as there is likely to be much declamation of the good points of the PC's candidate for office and much denigration of the opposition, Streetwise to use for contacts, Commerce for bribery and possibly Pugilism for taking things to the extreme, any more?

The PC's are supporting a patron's son for election to Plebian Aedile and although the patron (and his son) can certainly be taken from the senatorial profession (as far as skills go) even as Plebians I'm considering which of the various other professions to limit the players to for suitable professions as I presume that plebians who are running for office really don't tend to mix with lower orders and some of the professions just don't seem to work for that sort of social stratum.
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