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Stormbringer Arkwright Classic Fantasy Star Wars RQ Campaign

Re: Stormbringer Arkwright Classic Fantasy Star Wars RQ Camp

Postby Pentallion » Sat Nov 12, 2016 6:42 pm

And so the campaign finally wrapped up. The Messerschmidt dived on Ireena, who gave it the Evil Eye, causing the pilot to miss. She hit her target and Zed fireballed the target and the Device was destroyed.

On the Death Star, the Dark Lord used up almost all his tricks, but couldn't kill any of the PCs so he teleported away, grabbed a thermal detonator and teleported it back to the PC's. This was, Iskandar, Terhali and Torvald all found magical ways to follow the Dark Lord so only Ganog and Solus had to survive the blast, which Ganog did easily, but Solus was injured. The battle then continued elsewhere in the Death Star. By the time Ganog and Solus got there, Torvald was dead, but the Dark Lord was nearly depleted. The final round came and on the last attack of the round, Solus impaled the Dark Lord through the chest finishing him.

Terhali used a Nanorian to bring back Torvald. Solus informed them that the Death Star was still going to obliterate the planet. Way back in the beginning when we were in Ravenloft, Torvald had drawn The Vizier, which allowed him to solve one problem. He finally used that power to know exaclty what to do to disable the Death Star.

And the multiverse lived happily ever after. The End.
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