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Hyperspace questions

Discussions on the M-Space setting and other publications by FrostByte Books.

Hyperspace questions

Postby Tathas » Sat Oct 15, 2016 11:29 pm

Ok so, I don't feel like I'm quite getting everything I might need to with regards to hyperspace as defined within M-Space. There may have been some assumptions made based on prior experience with Traveller that is assumed knowledge.

A jump of 1 will only give access to close-by star systems.
Placing stars just out of reach of regular hyperspace jumps can make them a bit mysterious.

What prevents you from jumping multiple times to get 2 spaces away when your jump is a 1? I didn't find any mention of fuel anywhere, other than the fuel leak malfunction.

For a regular jump, no skill roll is necessary.
The Astrogation App gives a bonus to Astrogation skill when rolling for Hyperspace jumps.
When is a skill roll necessary then? What constitutes an irregular jump?

How long does it take to prepare to jump?
How long does a jump take? Is it like Star Wars where travel via hyperspace has a duration, or like in Battlestar Galactica where it's instantaneous?
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Re: Hyperspace questions

Postby Clarence Redd » Sun Oct 16, 2016 5:44 am

Good questions, all of them. Hyperspace specifics are intentionally left open or vague, to let the GM shape them according to his own setting. I wanted to provide a simple framework, but not get into too much detail.

Regarding fuel, you are right. There is no resource handling in M-SPACE. The idea of refuelling between jumps is only implicated, as it leads to some interesting restrictions of travel. That's something the rules could be more clear about. You can of course allow multiple jumps in a row, but then I would suggest making travel times substantially longer for those ships.

When it comes to hyperspace skill rolls (and piloting rolls in general), I follow the overall recommendations in Mythras/BRP: only roll when the outcome carries meaning. For a standard jump to get from point A to B, no roll. If the pilot is under pressure (in combat or being chased for example) or in a location difficult to jump from (close to a gravity well perhaps), I would ask for a roll. But in some settings hyperspace jumps will always be dangerous and every single jump will require a roll – and failing will cause interesting complications.
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Clarence Redd
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Re: Hyperspace questions

Postby Tathas » Sun Oct 16, 2016 7:58 pm

Ah ok, got it.
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