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Attention Canadians!

Attention Canadians!

Postby loz » Sun Oct 09, 2016 4:00 pm

The Design Mechanism is a company that is proudly registered in Canada. We greatly value the support of all our Canuck friends and customers, and it's pained us for a long time that our warehousing and shipping arrangements, based in the US, have been a real burden on Canadians wanting to buy our books.

I'm therefore delighted to report that, from today, all our warehousing and shipping for Canadian customers happens from within Canada. We use Canada Post's regular parcel service, and will be shipping from our warehouse in Cobourg, ON at rates that reflect the weight and dimensions of the parcel containing the goods you order. A small handling charge is also included to cover the necessary administration costs.

You should though, find that buying from us directly is much cheaper now in terms of shipping. Our store still has to be priced in $US, but all shipping charges have been adjusted for the exchange rate.

We are also looking to extend our reach across Canada's many FLGSs. We are talking with both Alliance North and Lion Rampant and hope to achieve distribution across Canada, making it even easier to order our books through local gaming retailers.

As Canadians are celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend, we do hope this this news brings extra cheer.

The Design Mechanism.
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Re: Attention Canadians!

Postby Rubrum » Sun Oct 09, 2016 4:08 pm

I must be the first one to take advantage of this new shipping! Ordered a couple of books immediately when I received the email. Had to refrain from ordering more because... well... I already bought M-Space this month, I gotta be reasonable, it's not like I can play all of this at the same time! I guess I'll order another batch of books when the next release comes...

There are many good FLGS in Montréal, one of them in particular had a rather large selection of all sorts of RPG books, although part of those shelves have been replaced by boardgames this year as this industry is REALLY booming. Made me a little sad, I mean I like boardgames but... Anywho, I hope you can get your books in some Montréal stores.

Anyway, thanks for making this more affordable for us, it really makes a rather large difference.
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Re: Attention Canadians!

Postby ThornPlutonius » Sun Oct 09, 2016 6:56 pm

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