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My First Korantian Session

My First Korantian Session

Postby guernicus » Thu Sep 15, 2016 8:48 am

Finally, I found players interested in playing in Korantia. They were true beginners and we played a full week-end, including characters creation and some explanation of the rules. The adventure was the Sariniya Curse, starting from Thyrta. The group consists of:
  • Thémiseon - A would-be paladin, initiate of Lanis, whose long-term challenge is to set an Imperial Enclave in Thyrta
  • Vérénys Effendi - An initiate of Veltis, doing all sorts of sensible missions on behalf of the city matrons
  • Althmir - A strange young guy, orphan of an exiled idealist djesmiri sorcerer and a jekkarine runaway priestress (this unlikely couple lived for long as hermits in the Forest of Sard before being assassinated by ... young Jedakiah ! Of course the player doesn't know the true identity of the murderer)
  • Myrrhée Kados - A strong headed merchant female, and a very original person, trading all sort of exotic goods, with a genuine passion for aristocracy and ancient objects.
Players grasped the Mythras rules quite easily and they enjoyed both the adventure and the setting (as I did). At the end of the week-end, they even surprised me with their clever use of special effects ! You can read reports of the character creation https://aristentorus.wordpress.com/2016/09/06/aventures-en-korantie-creation-de-personnages/ and of the adventure https://aristentorus.wordpress.com/2016/09/07/aventures-en-korantie-session-n1-la-malediction-de-sariniya/ (they're in French but Google Translate should help :-).
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