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[Online] Xothique - Mordiggian is a just god ...

[Online] Xothique - Mordiggian is a just god ...

Postby Bilharzia » Wed Aug 10, 2016 3:17 am

... who claims only the dead.


I am looking for new players for a "Xothique" themed online game, using RQ6/Mythras. This will use the world of Xoth (from Xoth.net) for the character backgrounds, and the tone of the setting, with some of the adventure material from The Design Mechanism, most especially Monster Island. I am especially after players who are new to RQ but who are interested in the game using this kind of setting.

Tone - Both these sources draw from Clark Ashton Smith and RE Howard, amongst others, in this case the mood I am going for is more CAS's Zothique setting. You can read some of his short stories here - http://www.eldritchdark.com/writings/short-stories/ I recommend "The Charnel God" for starters.

Another way to get a sense of the tone of the game is to look at the freebie Player's Guide to the World of Xoth, download from here: http://xoth.net/publishing/

Although this guide and setting is written for Pathfinder, the game does not carry with it typical D&D tropes, and I don't want to carry those into the game. I am not using any of the converted material from Legend.

RuneQuest 6 - I'm looking for players who are interested in RQ6 but are new or new-ish. This is not a Gloranthan setting but instead an eldritch, decadent magic, sword & sorcery, primarily wilderness setting. Rules wise you should have either RuneQuest Essentials or Mythras Imperative. I also don't want to carry over any baggage from previous editions of RQ or from Glorantha, ie. no rules, spells or cults from Glorantha, and in general no house ruling. Nothing against Glorantha or RQ2/3 (I'm playing in a RQ6 Glorantha campaign now), but holy cow, without AiG it's a jumble I want to completely sidestep.

This is not really "low magic" or "historically realistic" setting - I would like to use a lot of the magic elements in RQ6 - Folk Magic, Sorcery, Theist Miracles, Spirits and Animism, Mysticism, all will make an appearance and will be usable by the PCs depending on their background and choices they make, but these elements will not be typical 'high fantasy', and magic will be more difficult to use than a typical setting.

Times - I am in the UK and so roughly GMT, I'm planning a weekend time slot to try and make it as flexible as possible for players and myself.

Online Tools - either roll20 and/or Google Hangouts. I've tried roll20 and think it's ok now, especially with the forums and handling resources but I'm not especially attached to using one or the other.

If this interests you and if you have any questions, get it touch. Thanks, Bilharzia.
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