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RuneQuest 2 Reprint

Re: RuneQuest 2 Reprint

Postby deleriad » Sun Dec 06, 2015 5:48 am

hkokko wrote:Oh my - looking seriously at the rewards table of the RQ2 and the recent news. Will likely downgrade - I was pitching in to support the previous line of RQ integration. I have all of the stuff there as rewards and extensions in print form already except for the 3 unpublished things and the only thing that I really wanted was the trollpak pdf for electronic copy anyway... Will wait a few days and see if the collectors urge comes back:-(

Same story here. I've just downgraded my pledge to $1 to save my gaming budget for other things. I have all the RQ2 stuff I need and will never run again so it was all about gaining some nice but optional perks to help Chaosium. I would quite like a print copy of the Swensson cover Cults of Prax and The RQ Companion for collecting purposes but I will wait until next year and buy them retail if they come out. Don't need PDFs.
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Re: RuneQuest 2 Reprint

Postby jholen » Sun Dec 06, 2015 12:00 pm

Likely won't pledge at all now.

I'm still very much invested in Glorantha but admit it was RQ6 that really got me into RPGs. Now, the iteration of RQG is just supposed to go on without Loz/Pete is just unsettling to me. Ugh.
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Re: RuneQuest 2 Reprint

Postby Rubrum » Sun Dec 06, 2015 12:18 pm

Yeah, I was on the fence about pledging, but now... Seems unlikely.
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Re: RuneQuest 2 Reprint

Postby jongjom » Wed Dec 09, 2015 3:54 am

I feel that in the end we should not take umbrage over the changes taking place. A number of good things are likely to drop out of this. Although my main support is for Glorantha the Mythic series by Pete Nash / Loz looks really appetising; I'm glad they've been freed up to go for it (about bloody time!). Both games and lines should get cross support if not to play then to steal cool ideas and themes from what are close cousins of the genre.

With Pete and Loz et al on one side and Sandy Peterson, Ken Rolston, new Chaosium et al on the other side there is much to be had by us lucky supporters in the middle.
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Re: RuneQuest 2 Reprint

Postby Jusmak » Wed Apr 20, 2016 1:28 pm

soltakss wrote:Don't get me wrong, RQ6 is a very good game and has a lot of detailed information. In fact I use a lot of things from RQ6 in my current RQ3ish game. The only reason we haven't moved to RQ6 is that our players are used to the current system and it would be confusing to move now.

I see RQ2 as the basic core of "all" D100 games. A lot of stuff has been added to newer games, to improve the games, to make certain areas flow better, to add functionality that just wasn't there in RQ2 and to make the game better in all ways.

That is great.

It's like taking a spoon and adding a fork on the other end and making the edge of the fork into a blade, so you have a knife/fork/spoon in one thing. That is great and works better than a simple spoon, but do I need it? The spoon works quite well as it is, so does it need these changes?

A better analogy would be taking a Model T Ford and comparing it to a new Mercedes, what do you need all that extra stuff for? The Model T goes along quite happily, has doors that open, a roof, an engine, four wheels and so on, so why add things to it? RQ6 adds all the good things that are missing from RQ2, but RQ2 still works quite well on its own.

It is a bit surprising, but I am going fully back to RQ3 system with my sologames by Alan LaVergne. I have played them with RQ6 rules, RQ3 rules and fusion of them. Fusion is maybe most satisfying, when cinematic simulation and intresting combat is most wanted thing, but nowadays I am more for atmosphere and I play low level characters. Yes, sometimes old cars may be more fun to drive for their style. When things are plain and simple there may be sometimes more room for story.
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Re: RuneQuest 2 Reprint

Postby Matt_E » Thu Apr 21, 2016 12:31 pm

To each his own, but I claim that "more room for story" has nothing to do with which game system is used. If the system is perceived to distract from the story, I take that as a comment on the story, the players, or the GM--but not on the system.

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If there is more to say, maybe this topic would be better as a new thread.
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