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Eternal Con 2016 Gloratha freeform

Eternal Con 2016 Gloratha freeform

Postby pittel » Wed Feb 17, 2016 4:30 pm

we still have free beds and space in the game, just drop me a line!


The Wulf Came in from the Cold by Simon Bray and Martin Hawley

A 5-7 Hour Freeform for up to 39 players

Winter isn't coming, its already here, and with a vengeance!

Across the frigid icy wilderness the wolves sing their haunting lament. They sense the world is ending. The great god Orlanth is dead, killed by Lunar Sorcery. His warriors have fallen; his tribes are dying, unable to breathe. The once proud land of Sartar lies humbled and frozen before its crimson foe.

Where once the mighty Creek flowed ther is nothing but hoarfrost. No flowers bloom, and the women that once collected them lie dead in the fields. The ancient tower, once filled with feasting warriors and heroes, is now home to cowering old men, starving children and ghosts, clinging the the last spark of life.

In the east the Wulf is stirring, called to duty by the cries of his enemies. He plans to make a new den, to taste new flesh and destroy the weak. The moon is full and his mistress calls to him. Out of the snow, stranger approach, drive by blizzard, hunger and need. Will they receive what they need to survive? What to they bring with them to aid the tribe?

Faraway a new wind is blowing, it is said that those that hear it, that feel it are awoken and renewed. Is there hope yet in the world? Can deaf ears and dulled minds hear the words? Will old sins, wicked deads and bloody alliances be forgotten for new hope?

The Wulf Came in from the Cold is an epic Gloranthan Freeform, of survival, ambition, cruelty and revenge. Will you play the last remenants of a once great tribe or will you be the conquering armies of the Lunar Empire?

This freeform was first run over 11 years ago, it started romances, bonded friends and inspired writers.

Of course, based on the fact that there are TWO winter based freeforms, this is guaranteed to be the hottest May in history!
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Re: Eternal Con 2016 Gloratha freeform

Postby soltakss » Fri Feb 19, 2016 11:44 am

pittel wrote:Of course, based on the fact that there are TWO winter based freeforms, this is guaranteed to be the hottest May in history!

The other one is fully booked, unfortunately.

Last time I went to Eternalcon, it was glorious for the whole time, in fact it was too hot to have the freeforms outside. Fantastic weather and I hope we have the same this year!
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