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New logo image is uncompressed

New logo image is uncompressed

Postby eggdropsoap » Wed May 13, 2015 2:28 pm

I noticed today that the lovely new dragon-and-gears logo was loading very slowly every page load. I saved a copy to inspect it, and noticed that it's a PNG that's only lightly compressed. The lovely thing about PNG though is that you can change the compression and it stays pixel-perfect, so out of curiosity I loaded it up in GIMP and resaved it with all the non-destructive compression options, and to my delight it crushed it down from about 380KB to about 62KB, a nearly 85% bandwidth savings.

Being an image that loads on every page, I humbly suggest you consider recompressing it. (The only disadvantage is that it takes slightly more processor time to decompress it on the reader's side, but the difference is invisible on even old computers, so it's an excellent tradeoff here.) If not for your bandwidth savings, then for the selfish reason that it would improve my page load speed. :D
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Re: New logo image is uncompressed

Postby jux » Fri May 22, 2015 6:23 am

I notice the slow logo loading on my not-so-snappy linux/firefox is now fixed. I see the image size has not been reduced, but now at least it gets cached. Before it got downloaded after each request, but now not anymore. I did update my FF to the latest version, but perhaps it was fixed on the server side.

At least to me it is not a problem anymore.
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