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Mythras Errata - Official Thread

Re: Mythras Errata - Official Thread

Postby TheophilusCarter » Mon Jan 30, 2017 10:42 pm

I didn't see this posted yet:

Pg 58, Armour Table, the full suit ENC for Mail should be 35 (not 30).
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Re: Mythras Errata - Official Thread

Postby Matt_E » Fri Feb 03, 2017 8:34 am

Pete just clarified this in the thread post21057.html#p21057:

Weapons that are scaled up or down (for halflings or trolls, say) should have their damage stepped up or down--but there is no explicit mention of this in RAW. Natural weapon damage does explicitly increase with SIZ, but manufactured weapons are not mentioned, though they should be treated similarly.

My conclusion is that the writers simply omitted a line of text describing the scale-up of weapon size. We do find "whilst a human-scaled shortsword may be the equivalent of a mere dagger to a troll, conversely the troll’s two handed maul would be too massive to wield for a normal man", under "Wielding Disproportionately Sized Weapons", but that's not a clear formula.

Matt_E wrote:The table "Weapon Size and Reach Bonus" on page 223 shows an increase of one step per notch of SIZ, for both Size and Reach. Likewise, natural weapon damage increases by one step per same notch of SIZ. Therefore, I think we can safely conclude that proportionally sized weapons for larger or smaller creatures are adjusted in the same manner, one die step per SIZ notch. Thus our halfling-scale rapier would do 1d6, and great axe 2d4+2.

Pete wrote:Yes damage should be stepped down too.
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