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My first RQ6 adventure

Re: My first RQ6 adventure

Postby loz » Thu Nov 24, 2016 10:11 am

buy the PDF for Monster Island, but, a little question, can i print it? can i move it to other hard disks? i don't know how much use can i get from it if i have to keep it confined in the case of my home PC

You can't print the whole book unless you print it out on a home printer for personal use. Most online printers and copy stores won't print a book for you without permission from the publisher, and because we already sell Monster Island as a print book, we won't extend that permission. But, you can copy the PDF to other devices, such as an iPad, so you can take it with you when gaming.
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Re: My first RQ6 adventure

Postby CabaioMonte » Tue Nov 29, 2016 4:54 am

loz wrote: you can copy the PDF to other devices, such as an iPad, so you can take it with you when gaming.

Thank you very much for the info, and thank you for the good work on the game. i'm enjoying it quite a lot. definitely a good buy by my part

So. about the new charachters for the new campaign

Players have yet to give me their names and i was kinda forced to modify their Background in a way they didn't really liked. but i had no other way to make the characters meet because:
There is a bloody barbarian king (bloody because it made everything way harder for me)
there is a freeman civ scout (a part of a prophecy known by the king and thus abducted)
there is a slave civ shaman with a Foliot in his piercing (bought by the king when he was still young because he is part of the prophecy)
and also (and this is where it gets controversial) a Leonitaur (Neridiur)

I gave the last charachter a leonitaur even if the other player were against it because i knew the others had a way to become stronger and i was at short of ideas for the last one.

I guess now begins the spoilers
there is this Leonitaur (Roskos) who destroyed his old clan and in six years was able to gain control of a lot of small barbarian reigns. now he is going toward the big one of the king player
the king has a prophecy involving frogs, a demonic frog who keep captured the goddes of fate, matrons of his reign. he need two key of people that were in contact with the evil frog (the slave and the scout) when they are together the scout gain the vampiric trait while the slave the slimy (soap, i'm a jojo fan if it wasn't clear by the avatar). the frog also exists as long as they are together but his whereabout are unknown. it has the traits chameleon (because of the fact that when he was young attacked the scout and then disappeared) and sticky (opposition to slimy).
Neridiur is gonna avenge his clan and so he made a pact with the king
The King wanna expand and destroy his enemy

the first encounter is at the first reunion wih all the characters. Roskos sent a dimished sized shaman (mounting a mouse) with his imp to create a portal and directly send his soldier to attack

To find the whereabout of the frog they have to go awaken the fetch of the shaman in the sacred wood. in roskos territory.
here there is a spirit fight and a normal fight to protect the body of the shaman. if the shaman wins they find the whereabout to the frog and the slave gain slimy, an ability called heavy weather who make frogs rain (with contact poison: hallucination or invisibility or agony) the slave can protect himself with slimy by any contact poisonbut he has to be aware of the others. also he can talk with frogs, now.
if they defeat the demonic frog they free the goddess who tell the king that he can only hope to defeat roskos in a fair duel, otherwise doom. i think that maybe here neridiur will soak with anger because of pride and because he wants to be the one to cut down roskos' neck.
in the duel between roskos and the king the king will get the lucky gift (maybe i will let him keep it).

The biggest problem is convince the scout to remain in the party. but the king can't let him get away so i guess it will be fun

How is it? i'm really sorry i had to control my player this much but otherwise how can you make a king encounter other characters?
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Re: My first RQ6 adventure

Postby CabaioMonte » Sat Dec 03, 2016 7:51 am

1.I bought monster island and i'm liking it so far.will use it for inspiration in new monsters/situations.

2.i made a Little prologue in the second adventure. I preparated it in 10 minutes and improved a lot (so it easn't all that good.)
Baraicht (the King player) losr his father and gained access to the prophecy not too long ago. His personal high shaman (barakiji) has axxess to an ancestor spirit (an old wiae King) who suggests that awakening the slave/key fetch might give him access to the other.
The 3 goes to the sacred woods to initiate the fetch quest but they gets attacked by returning giant baboons. After a Little akirmish it bevomes obvious that tge baboon are spirits heralds and kidnapping barakiji they say to comebacj when they will be two
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Re: My first RQ6 adventure

Postby soltakss » Sat Dec 03, 2016 4:12 pm

I find that forcing PCs to be something they players don't want them to be doesn't work in the long run.

Instead, I would come up with rationales as to how the PCs are connected. Even better, ask the players how the PCs are connected.

The barbarian King could be ruler of a kingdom or an exile fighting to regain his rightful throne. He owns a slave, so there is a connection there immediately. The abducted scout, seems odd, did you force the king to have abducted him in the backstory? If so, then he would leave as soon as he could, unless given a good reason to stay. If there is a prophecy, then he could be promised wealth and power if he stays. I am not sure what a Leonitaur is (man with a lion;s head?).

The first scenario gives them a reason to stay together. If Roskos sends a shaman against the king then the others could become involved in defending and could find truths about their relationship with the king and the prophecy. fighting the shaman makes them enemies of Roskos and the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
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