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Mages and their storries

Mages and their storries

Postby Grupsi » Tue Apr 11, 2017 6:28 am

Hello, I am a GM for a small Group of friends. One of my PCs learned his first spell (Shapechange or however it is called).

I am a bit scared that I make him to powerful erarly on. So how do you deal with your mages?

The setting is a low/medium magic world (1 MP per day rested)

What kind of storries can you tell me about your mage PCs?

I am looking Forward to read about them :)
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Re: Mages and their storries

Postby Dan True » Tue Apr 11, 2017 6:48 am

Grupsi wrote:What kind of storries can you tell me about your mage PCs?

For my current and last campaign, magic is dangerous and not very well regarded. The last campaign was Book of Quests and we had a member of the Order of Truth who knew some common magic. Fight fire with fire and all that. He had to keep the fact from the rest of the party for the whole campaign - and it worked pretty well. Off-game they only caught whif of it towards the end and in-game they never did. I also gave him a dagger which could be used to sacrifice beings to gain MP from their POW - to tempt him towards the dark side ;)

This lead to loads of great situations:
    Being stabbed through his helmet opening, but explaining to the others it had luckily only scratched his chin (he used heal in a separate chamber during the fight).

    Having an eerie ability to always find stuff (Find spell)

    Another character waking up without a scratch after having been unconscious (from bleed), with the mage just telling him he had been lucky (we were telling the other players his folk magic rolls were first aid)

    Him going alone back to a room with various unconscious chaos-mutated guards. When the whole part circled back later they found weird, creepy-looking dagger wounds in their chests below their armour and clothing.

It was great :) Many, many ninja-notes.

- Dan
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Dan True
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Re: Mages and their storries

Postby raleel » Tue Apr 11, 2017 8:14 am

With mine, I didn't give them the spells without constraints on them. Something like shapechange would have been to a specific creature or a class of them, not to anything.

In my group, I actually gave him access to a lot of spells, but groups were in different grimoires and required different invocation skills. This presented the issue that his limited training points had to be spread out to multiple desirable things, or he would have to sacrifice the ability to do one of them reliably.

This ended up being a boon. I put in a dagger that was bound to the spirit of a blood sorcerer who offered to become his teacher. Said teacher accepted payment differently, to course. He demanded blood sacrifices through the dagger. The blood powered his reconstruction of his body so that eventually he would be free. He also constantly pestered PC to go after his traitorous apprentice who murdered him.

Same PC also rescued a slave girl from the temple of ahanuman the ape god. She was to be sacrificed, that Stygian beauty. I totally played the "oh my hero" card. Of course turns out she was a thief and had been caught robbing, and saw opportunity with the party. She led them on a number of adventures (including finding the dagger mentioned above and was possessed by the spirit for a bit) then decided to lead them into a trap for her own gain. They nearly died, and there was much hatred.
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Re: Mages and their storries

Postby hkokko » Tue Apr 11, 2017 11:14 am

Monster Island has nice tables for nasty consequences for spells.
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