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M-Space: Event Horizon

Re: M-Space: Event Horizon

Postby Pentallion » Fri Jan 13, 2017 8:12 am

Thank you for M-Space. So much fun traipsing around the galaxy :)

So I can't sleep cuz I'm excited for OrcaCon today. Decided to continue updating our little story.

Before they bring Lt. Sari out of cryo sleep, they decide to test out the Halo artifact they'd been carrying around. They took it out of its shielded container and put it on Theros' head. He was the strongest psionic amongst them. Splitting headache that blocked his ability. So they woke up Lt. Sari and placed the Halo on her head. But first, they put Slinger in a distant sniper position with orders to take her out if it looked like she was mind controlling the party.

"How will I know if she's mind controlled you guys?"
"I don't know," says Kaydas, "Maybe if you see the Admiral kissing her arse!"
"Stay silent, but listen in on comms. If things don't sound right, take the shot." Danthus told Slinger. "You'll have to make a judgement call."

So they wake her up. About this time, Slinger starts to feel the first waves of withdrawals from the combat stims (see the new character Dr. Mishra for background on the combat stims Slinger was exposed to in "Cake Run"). His eyesight gets blurry. His hands get unsteady. He starts to sweat.

Lt. Sari doesn't resist them. Once she learns where they are, she realizes her part in the big game is over. She expects that they're going to kill her. With the Halo on, she can't use her powers so she's helpless.

Slinger is having trouble keeping his aim. He decides she must be trying to mind control him. He takes the shot. He misses badly.

By the time the players sort things out, Lt. Sari is heavily sedated, the Dr. is giving Slinger a good exam. Several party members want to just whack their prisoner and be done with her.

"He's having withdrawals." Dr. Mishra pronounces.

"Withdrawals from what?" Theros wants to know. "Slinger hasn't done a drug in his life."

Kaydas grabs the Dr. by his collar and lifts him off the ground. "He did one drug! The one he got exposed to in your blasted lab! You knew this might happen!"

"No, no I didn't!" Mishra protested. But the rest of the crew gathered around closely with their best angry faces and the Dr. broke down. "It's possible. It was an untested version Reebs let loose into the ventilation. It wasn't an intended side effect of the drug." The crew closed in tighter. "I can get him through this if you just let me. I promise you I didn't know. But I can help him."

Kaydas dropped the Doctor. Danthus walked up nose to nose with Mishra and stared directly into his eyes. "You'd better be able to fix this. Cuz if you don't, soon as we get off this planet, I'll space you myself."

Later, when they'd revived Lt. Sari, they questioned her and Danthus got her to realize her only hope for survival was to come clean. He had a pretty clear idea that she was somehow behind the entire operation to destroy his career. He didn't know how she was connected to the Chief of ANI, but he knew somehow it was all tied together. She could fill in the blanks. For her part, she realized this gave her a bargaining chip to stay alive. So she told them everything.

"I was raised in the School of the Gifted in the Old Earth Union. We don't kill gifted people in our society, we put them in charge of our fleets. I was raised to be a spy. They sent me to Reaver space to infiltrate your intelligence service and take it over. I've been in control of your intelligence service for several years now. You've been a pain in my side the entire time Admiral. Your Corsair Fleet was too successful. It was pulling Dingir forces away from our borders and they were reinforcing their border with you."

"Why would you not want that? It would give you the advantage." Danthus asked.

"Because we've developed Jump-3 technology and have been secretly building a fleet to jump into Reaver space, then attack the Dingir from the rear, taking their home worlds before they know what hit them. And you were drawing the Dingir right to the point of our attack. We needed you out of the way so the Dingir would return their fleet to our border. And I'll tell your people that if you get me back there alive and in one piece." she saw the doubt in Danthus eyes. "By the time we find a way back to Reaver space, my mission will have been complete anyways. Earth is coming back and it begins with the death of the Dingir. When you get home, the war will already be over. I hold nothing against you personally, Admiral. I was just being a good soldier. With the war over, I have no problem clearing your name."

There was some discussion but it was clear to the Admiral that he needed her and they couldn't keep her tied up with the Halo on her forever, so they'd just have to trust her. They were in this together.

But their problems on this planet weren't over. Slinger recovered under Mishra's care, but one day the tribal elders came with disturbing news. There had been a slaughter and it was most assuredly someone from the Event Horizon who had done it. The evidence pointed at Slinger, who protested his innocence. But Archer did some investigating and uncovered that it was Dr. Mishra who was the murderer. Turned out he was having withdrawals too. But rather than go cold turkey, he had cooked up a batch of the combat stims and tried to wean himself. Well, that failed because as the drug built up in his system, he'd had an episode where he blacked out, went homicidal and with his augments, even though he wasn't a fighter, he'd slaughtered the natives in a berserk fury.

They locked him in the brig, told the natives he had been sent to hell and continued with their repairs. The doctor went cold turkey. But now they had a new worry. The doctor had no combat skills and he'd been able to slaughter several young warriors. Slinger was the most dangerous man in the galaxy. What if he went "werewolf" on them? Like it or not, they were going to need the doctor to keep an eye on him. But Kaydas was put on guard duty and personally escorted the doctor everywhere. This was fine with Mishra as he figured he was safest around Kaydas than anywhere else.

Finally, after many months - and many native women - they blasted off from the planet. The Event Horizon wasn't repaired so much as held together by wire and bubble gum, but it flew. The cargo bay couldn't maintain an atmosphere. The thrusters cut out intermittently. The power plant flickered on and off at times and Admiral Danthus got testy everytime he looked at the makeshift repair in the middle of his view screen where the shrapnel had punctured his bridge. But she flew and they were finally going home. If they could somehow find a way.
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Re: M-Space: Event Horizon

Postby Pentallion » Fri Jan 13, 2017 9:19 am

S: 1 E: 9 "Goodbye Hell"

"What do you think it is?"
"I've never seen anything like it."
"So let me get this straight. The tiny moon circling this gas giant has a fuel refinery and landing port in orbit. There's an artificial atmosphere - ideal for humans, by the way - down on the surface that is held there by a force field of some kind. We can't penetrate the force field to read what's down there, but there is an elevator on the landing dock that can take us to the surface. And on visual, the surface looks like that?"
"Well....it's....got pretty colors."
"Gives me a headache just looking at it."
"We'll dock. While we're refueling I want a team to go down, see what you can find out about this place. Are there any inhabitants? Who made this? Try to come back with some tech while you're at it."

This episode is a blatant theft of a Cowboy Bebop episode, "Pierrot le Fou". This one will be quick to sum up because it's just gratuitous violence and me beating the PCs silly. So they go down to the planet and on Roll 20 I've built a map with carnival rides. The players are all going wtf? But my friend Bob, who turned me on to Cowboy Bebop, just says "Oh no." And I start laughing. That GM laugh no player likes to hear.

So they explore this carnival and all the rides have dead bodies on them. Skeletons. Some so old that the doctor surmises they've been there for 10,000 years. Since the time of God. And someone has been repairing this place and keeping it in running order. They find him rather quickly. He was very friendly. But the high tech armor and the fact is left arm was a rocket launcher and his right arm was a laser rifle and he had an even bigger weapon mounted on his shoulder was kind of a put off for the players. The conversation was polite, but short. Then the killing began.

"Welcome to Heaven. So few earn a place here anymore."

"Who are you?"

"I'm Chardin."

"Why is this place full of dead bodies?"

"They have eternal peace now" he says of the dead.

"What are you doing here?"

"I was an angel once. I lost my wings" (He begins weeping.) Archer quietly slips away to hide.

"How'd you lose your wings?"

"I broke Heaven. So they took my wings because I was bad. But now I understand. This isn't Heaven anymore. THIS IS HELL! You don't have wings. You're not angels. You've been sent to Hell. You must be bad. You must be very bad!"

And despite their being ready for this, Chardin won the initiative and shot Kaydas, who, thanks to being in combat armor, survived the laser rifle, though it drew blood. Everyone fired into Chardin, but they barely nicked him. the second round they all dived for cover and he fired his rocker launcher at them. But amazingly, he didn't hit them. None of them got him either. A shootout insued and Chardin was able to withstand even Kaydas new toy while inflicting serious damage to the PCs.

The roller coaster came rumbling down the track and Slinger used his laser rifle to cut the support beams and send it tumbling into Chardin, but was wounded badly by the madman in the process.

Chardin managed to dodge a headon blow, but even a glancing blow by the roller coaster left him stunned, though uninjured. As he lay there dazed, the crew jumped upon him and opened fire at point blank range.

His last words were "Goodbye Hell". Then the deadman switch on his shoulder mounted plasma gun activated and shot a plasma burst into the sky. Everyone ran like hell, as the plasma burst came hurtling back down and devastated the entire carnival in a horrific explosion.

Slinger was down and dying. Archer was down and dying. Issari was down and dying. Doctor Mishra had stayed at the elevator. He rushed forward to find Kaydas standing there, barely scratched, surveying the carnage, a cigar in his mouth. Mishra wondered where he kept his cigars in that combat suit. " - sorry, guys, this is a family website Loz and Pete have here so I won't tell you what Kaydas said right then."

Several people spent a great deal of time in the med bay after they returned from that little debacle. fortunately, Dr. Mishra was able to save everyone.

S: 1 E: 10 "Junkyard Blues"


It's a vast junkyard in space. In a small portion of it, there are specks floating about. The specks are people in vacc suits. They are armed with laser guns. Some of them are working at opening the hatch on a derelict ship. They get the door to open. Inside is Kaydas Vago in full combat armor.
"Get the hell off our ship!" He roars as he opens fire.....

5 weeks earlier....

The Event Horizon leaps into a new system. Instantly the power plant goes dead and the ships systems shut down. "Dammit! Issari, get that power back on!" Danthus roars. He's very unhappy about the state of his shiip. Turns out Issari can't do anything. Something in this system is draining their power. He restores just enough for Danthus to land the ship on the side of a large star ship of unknown purpose. The system is full of space wrecks. All gathered around in a giant clump like a sargasso sea of space debris.

Issari reports that the ship is still being drained and that they won't be able to jump out of the system. In fact, he can't maintain thrusters and life support at the same time and as it stands right now, they'll be out of power in five weeks.

"We have five weeks to live." Issari says grimly.

The engineers put their heads together and analyze the situation. If they can find enough Thoromite, (I had toyed with calling it Guffinite) they could build a shield around the engines and stop the power drain. Once power was restored, they could get out of there. So they spent what time they had left on a desperate search for Thoromite. Gunni went on a critastic spree in this episode. Finding vast quantities of salvagable material they could use to repair the ship. He even managed to drain two wrecked starships simultaneously of their remaining fuel. In fact, every single roll Gunni made the entire episode was a crit.

Archer, meanwhile found the good stuff. One week, he came across a badly damaged warbot. There was the constant threat of debris in this junkyard and you never knew when a piece of it would set in motion a domino effect of debris flying around smashing things to bits. This is what Archer came across one day. In the process, the damaged warbot was exposed. He realized if he wanted to salvage it, he'd have to do so before it was smashed to bits. So he took a huge risk and managed to salvage it, but he was hit by debris and his vacc suit compromised in the process. Archer barely managed to seal the leak. It was a nail biter.

A couple of weeks later, he found something even more interesting. A beautiful blonde woman floating in space. She was perfectly preserved and had no vacc suit on. As he gazed at her, she suddenly opened her eyes! It was at that exact moment, as he recoiled in surprise, that a micrometeorite hit him like a bullet and sent him spiraling through space. Again, he barely managed to seal the suit, but this time he was badly injured and Dr. Mishra had to come to his rescue. They brought the woman on board. She was an android. Her purpose in life was to be a ships android. She had powered down for thousands of years, floating there in space with her personal force field to protect her. She was far more advanced than anything they'd ever seen before. Once she'd interfaced with their ships computers she could speak their language. They named her Android and kept her as their new ships computer.

It was Android who warned them of the three ships that had just jumped into the system.

They called themselves The Harvesters. Their leader, Captain Forrester, had escaped the Junkyard, as he called it. He had enlisted two more ships to form a salvage crew, shielded their engines and would return on a regular basis to salvage more technology from the site. He didn't appreciate finding someone else had discovered his motherlode.

I have to get on to OrcaCon soon so I am going to give you all the abridged version. The Event Horizon played dead. Capt. Forrester spotted it soon enough and dispatched crew to board it. The battle that ensued included yet another crit by Gunni, this one to the bridge of The Harvesters flagship that killed Capt. Forrester outright. The PCs captured one ship and renamed it The Bebop. They put Theros Danson in command. They stripped the rest of the shielding they needed from the remains of one of the other Harvester ships. When they studied the Bebops logs they discovered that she'd been to Reaver space. The Harvesters were from the Bootes Cluster and had a secret refueling station that allowed them to reach Reaver space.

Now they had a way back home.

They leaped out of the system and into the next episode.

S: 1 E: 11 "Alpha Omega"


Event Horizon jumps into system. Sensors pick up entropic oscillations and anomalous phase signatures creating a temporal dislocation. Moments later, the Event Horizon lurches forward and begins accelerating. Danthus attempts to reverse engines, but the ship can't pull away. Sensors pick up a quantum singularity and the Event Horizon is being pulled into it. Then the quantum singularity disappears as suddenly and inexplicably as it appeared and instead a vast battle cruiser pops out of nowhere in its stead. Danthus tries to make evasive manuevers but the ship's going too fast and there's no time to avoid the collision. The Event Horizon slams into the battle cruiser and explodes killing everyone.

Event Horizon jumps into system. Sensors pick up entropic oscillations and anomalous phase signatures creating a temporal dislocation....

And so we come at last to the episode I teased way back in the beginning. But I have to get ready. So I'll tell you all about it later when I get the chance.
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Re: M-Space: Event Horizon

Postby Pentallion » Sun Jan 15, 2017 4:49 am

Event Horizon jumps into system. Sensors pick up entropic oscillations and anomalous phase signatures creating a temporal dislocation....

Danthus goes full thrusters, hoping to get past the battlecruiser before it appears. The black hole vanishes, the Battlecruiser appears....

Event Horizon jumps into system. Sensors pick up entropic oscillations and anomalous phase signatures creating a temporal dislocation....

Danthus immediately brings the Event Horizon parallel, but the black hole drags them into its maw and when the batltlecruiser appears, he still can't quite clea ....

Event Horizon jumps into system. Sensors pick up entropic oscillations and anomalous phase signatures creating a temporal dislocation....

Danthus goes into full reverse. The engines scream as the singularity pulls them forward, but when the battlecruiser appears, the Event Horizon breaks free. The Battlecruiser just sits there, dead in space.
"No energy readings sir," Slinger informs the Admiral. "But I don't know if our sensors can actually penetrate that things hull. But I'm getting some strange readings. Issari," Slinger brings up the chief engineer on comms,"What do you make of this?"

"That battlecruiser is disintegrating on a subatomic level."

Danthus, who still had the Event Horizon pulling away from the Battlecruiser at full speed, replied, "What's our status? Are we being affected by whatever this is?"

"Not from - " Issari begins

"Admiral!" Slinger cuts in "Look!"

Another ship was exiting the battlecruiser. It was a Corsair! The corsair jumped to hyperspace just as the Battlecruiser exploded. A temporal shockwave hit the Event Hiorizon and knocked out her power. Danthus felt gravity fail. Comms were down. He realized Slinger was unconcious. "Doctor! You're needed on the bridge!" he bellowed. Mishra came floating out of the Med Bay and pushed himself onto the bridge. Suddenly, Issari got power restored, Mishra fell to the ground, biting his tongue and cursing bitterly. But Slinger was still unconcious. Soon they discovered all the psionics were in comas. There was no sign of the battlecruiser or the other Corsair. Eventually, the Event Horizon refueled off a gas giant. They had just finished making calculations for their next jump when the Battlecruiser reappeared. Still dead in space. This time, sensors indicated it was not disintegrating.

Danthus flew the Event Horizon closer. Sensors could not penetrate the ships armor. There wasn't any other choice, he flew the ship into the Battlecruisers landing bay. Just as they were landing, the Battlecruisers power fired up. Someone hailed them on comms. Danthus put them on the screen.

The Admiral was staring at himself.

The Other Admiral Danthus barked, "You're causing a temporal dislocation. You have to stay away from this ship! Jump out of this system!"

In the background, Slinger was heard shouting "Halo works!"

Issari broke over the comms "The battlecruiser is disintegrating again and we've got to get out of here!"

Danthus went to full thrust and the Event Horizon shot out of the landing bay. Even as he jumped into hyperspace, he caught a glimpse of another Event Horizon nearby. Then the battlecruiser exploded and even in hyperspace, they were hit by the temporal shockwave.....

Event Horizon jumps into system. Sensors pick up entropic oscillations and anomalous phase signatures creating a temporal dislocation....

"Expletive Deletive!" (you're probably all too young to remember that).

Rinse, wash, repeat, but this time, as the EVent Horizon refueled the ship, they finished plotting for their next jump and they jumped out of the system before the Battlecruiser reappeared.

And thus ended episode 11.
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Re: M-Space: Event Horizon

Postby Pentallion » Thu Jan 19, 2017 12:58 am

We leaped (literally) through the next two episodes so quickly we got straight to the season finale.

Episode 12 "Easy Pickins" turned out to be too easy as the crew encountered a lone merchant ship and accidentally blew it up with a critical hit. Then they spent several weeks repairing their hull and preparing their empty cargo bay to hold enough fuel to do a double jump. They knew they'd be jumping into a Bootean refuel station, but instead of bluffing their way through, they simply loaded enough fuel for a double jump. Oh, and they repaired and reprogrammed the warbot to guard the ships engines.

Episode 13 "Yenesai" then became superfluous as they jumped into the system and jumped right out. A lot of work I put into that adventure just wasted lol. C'est la vie.

Which brings us to the season finale.

S: 1 E: 14 "And All The Joy Within You Dies."


"We'll be coming out of jump in a few moments." Danthus says.
"I never thought I'd be so happy to be in Langelos system." replies Lt. Danson.
"Me neither," Danthus smiles, " We'll be home soon."

The Event Horizon comes out of jump. Instantly, the sensor suite lights up. Slinger looks in shock. "What the? Admiral, we've got five C-4 Interceptors closing on us. They're hailing us."
"Put it on the screen." the Admiral orders.
The screen shifts from the dark of space to the face of a man.
The Chief of Allied Naval Intelligence.
"Welcome back Mr. Danthus. We've been expecting you."

A random encounter indicated a heavily armed merchant ship was nearby. I intended for Slinger's old ally Jonz, a fellow assassin, to be nearby so I put him on this ship. There wasn't anything he could do against 5 C-4's however except watch for now. They had no choice but to surrender. They stowed the Warbot in a smuggling compartment along with the Android. Archer hid there as well. The ship was completely searched but the Reavers failed to find anything. The rest were taken aboard the fleet flagship and put in the brig. Lt. Sari was released.

The C-4s could only jump 1 so they had to pull the same routine the players had just done and load enough fuel for a double jump. While they jumped out of the system, the Bebop and Event Horizon were commandeered and began their own refueling operations. It was at this time that Archer crept out of hiding, sent Android to reclaim the bridge and activated the Warbot to retake the ship. Archer was wounded, but they quickly overpowered the skeleton crew in charge.

However, the Bebop's skeleton crew realized something was wrong and Archer found himself in a pinch. But Jonz chose that moment to jump in and help his old buddies. He fired upon the Bebop whose crew suddenly found themselves outgunned. They surrendered. Jonz intended to spring his old friend Slinger so he joined with Archer.

The jump-2 ships could jump straight to Edazuun and arrive a full week ahead of the Reaver task force. Then they jumped to Bajavanang. Here, Archer met with "the professor" the head of the psionic Academy. It had been the Council of Bajavanang which had backed Danthus' bid to become Admiral of the Corsair fleet. However, Archer's attempt to meet with the Council only got him a meeting two months later. By then, the task force would have come and gone. So he hacked into the council computers and swapped his meeting with a meeting with the trade representative of Minilgan two days from then. Coming before the Council, Archer had to bend the truth a little but he managed to persuade them that the Chief of Allied Naval Intelligence was the one behind sabotaging Danthus command. By the time the task force arrived, Archer had been to Kidashi and brought back Saul, the attorney, to defend the Admiral. The Council of Bajavanang ordered the task force to hand over the prisoners and Lt. Sari and the Chief of ANI for trial.

So the trial of the century was held on Bajavanang, much to the dismay of the Alliance Fleet.

Saul argued long and hard. The prosecutor put forward his case. The trial lasted several months. The entire Reaver Alliance learned the truth about Old Earth's psionic institute and about the secret Reaver Academy. This sent a ripple through the halls of power amongst the Reaver Clans.

In the end, the jury had their verdict. "For the charges of Treason of the Highest Degree, we the jury find Duke Admiral Ordan Danthus and the crew of the Event Horizon Not Guilty."

A roar went up from the people in the court room. The judge slammed his gavel and demanded silence.

"For the charge of Espionage and Treason, we the jury find Alton Smith, Head of Allied Naval Intelligence Guilty."

More mayhen that had to be silenced.

"For the final charge of Murder, Premeditated, of the Head of Planetary Security of Eneldun, we the Jury find John Slinger Guilty"

John Slinger was sentenced to life on the prison planet Gustav, which was a defacto death sentence.
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Re: M-Space: Event Horizon

Postby Pentallion » Thu Feb 02, 2017 3:19 am

Season 2: Episode 1: "Witness to History"

"We have to rescue Slinger from the prison planet. Perhaps intercept him on his way."

"You would risk your career and the Reaver fleet for this man?" Professor Ang asks. Then suddenly, he starts to tremble and shake; doctors nearby rush up
to make sure he doesn’t swallow his own tongue. They congregate around, fussing over him before he throws them aside with sudden strength and begins speaking in a voice very different from her own.

“Three Basalt Towers rise from the ever desert
Where no volcano has ever spilled its deadly venom.
The towers reach with coal-black tendrils to the sky,
Coal-black tendrils whispering blaspheme to the sky!
Their whispers are the secrets of the survivors. The first, the last..”

When the fit ends, he shakes off its effects: seemingly coming out of a dream.
"The ever desert. I believe this means Gustav, the prison planet. It is no coincidence the Halo came to you and exposed Lt. Sari. Nor is this vision a coincidence. Something guides us. You must follow Slinger to Gustav and find the three towers.

The Event Horizon travels across Reaver space to Gustav, the prison planet. The planet turns out to have formidable planetary defenses. They request permission to land and explore the southern continent. they get permission, provided they only use their Pinnace. Issari, Theros, Kaydas, Archer and Dr. Mishra set off to the southern continent to explore and look for the three basalt towers.

Meanwhile, the Warden has their ship searched. It's at this time that Gunni runs into Jonrik - a man whose career Gunni once ruined when he reported his crimes to the ships captain. Jonrik is now a prison guard. Jonrik sees his chance for revenge and frames the crew for smuggling in illegal drugs. While the others are away, the rest of the crew is arrested and sent to prison, where they find Slinger.

Meanwhile, the Pinnace travels south and after a few encounters finally reaches the three towers. They land and are ambushed by men hidden in the sand. The attackers are led by LeBay, who has devised a machine that kicks up a sand storm blinding the crew. Meanwhile the others shoot net guns to capture them. This fails and the crew drives the attackers off and capture LeBay. LeBay bargains for his life saying he

1: Knows where the secret entrance into the three towers is.
2: Knows more secrets about this place, but will only divulge them AFTER he's taken to another planet. He's an escaped prisoner, like the others.

So he shows them how to get in, but it requires a psionic to open the door, which inflicts mental damage to Theros, who opens it. When they enter, the building drains Theros and Issari of even more psionic power. They find holograms they can't read, screens full of strange symbols they don't understand. Nothing at all of value, however.

They are ambushed again on the way out, but quickly disperse this group, though Mishra is wounded.

Upon returning to the landing dock, they find themselves under arrest and thrown into prison.

S 2: E: 2 "When the garden flowers Baby, are dead, yes"
"By order of the Warden, you are hereby placed under arrest for attempting to smuggle illegal drugs into a secure facility, the penalty of which is lifetime imprisonment with the chance of parole after ten years."
"Android, prepare to get the ship out of here." Danthus whispers on comms.
A guard strikes Danthus to the ground.
"Take their comms off them."
The Event Horizon suddenly fires up its engines and shoots into space. The planetary defense opens fire, but the ship quickly gets out of range.
"Oh you done it now," the guard says, striking Danthus a second time, "you done pissed off the Warden but good."

So the players learn about life on a prison planet. After surviving hard labor in the radioactive zone for a week, they get sent to hard labor in the regular mines. Mishra is assigned to the infirmary. Danthus, Gunni and Theros work in the Repair building. Issari works with the engineer. Kaydas works with explosives for the mining operation and Slinger and Archer get pick axes. Archer has a run in with a cell block leader, but diffuses the situation. Mishra treats the leader of a group planning an escape and is taken into his confidence. A man who once served under Danthus tells him there are caves below the lowest level of the mines and how to find them. And when the power shuts down, Gunni and Archer are sent to assist the IT tech in starting the computer back up. The computer begins quoting ancient poetry. The IT doesn't realize what the actual problem is but Archer and Gunni don't spill the beans on him.

Then, after about four weeks which are leading up to them possibly learning a way to escape, suddenly a random event drops that opportunity right into their laps as an explosion leads to chaos and when the armory blows up, the guards lose track of the PCs trying to prevent everyone else from escaping. Suddenly, the PCs find they can access the comms tower, hack past the prison security, a very difficult task, but they do it, and disable the planetary defenses. Then they contact the Event Horizon and have Android bring the ship in. They commandeer an ATV and bust through the north gate and escape. They bring LeBay with them.

So what I thought would be 3 or 4 sessions of play trying to escape turned into one night and bang, they got away.

Once they jumped out of the system, LeBay told them what he'd seen inside the three towers. A hologram of a massive battleship and some coordinates. After a few days, they were able to decipher the codes and determined that the coordinates were a planet four jumps out of Reaver Space in an unexplored region.

Little do they know what they're about to run into on their next episode.
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Re: M-Space: Event Horizon

Postby Pentallion » Fri Feb 10, 2017 2:47 am

S 2: E: 3 "Goodbye Mr. Pibb"


The Event Horizon leaps into Shaalgar system.
Suddenly, a voice can be heard broadcasting over all frequencies "Attention! This is an emergency announcement. The colony at Shaalgar has declared an immediate evacuation. We don't know how or why it happened so suddenly, but the star in Shaalgar system is going supernova. Carter clan has declared immediate martial law in both systems and all starships as of this moment are conscripted into service. All cargo must be offloaded immediately to make room for evacuees. You will be refueled at no expense and reimbursed the standard freighter fees for your services. This is not a request. That is all."

Slinger sits up in his bed. "Did they say Shaalgar is going nova?"
"Yes" the Android answers, sitting up in bed with him. "you know somebody there?"
"My son is on that planet."

The players were faced with a dilemma. They had to land at the star port and refuel. They also had to get Slinger to a small town hundreds of miles away to pick up his son. They sent Slinger, Kaydas, Theros, Mishra and Issari on the Pinnace. Gunni, Archer, Danthus and Android stayed on the Event Horizon and landed at the starport. As they approached the port, they saw hundreds of thousands of people at the gates, trying to get in. The fences were electrified, however, and the military seemed to have things under control. The rich and powerful, of course, were able to just fly right past these poor souls and ensure they and their families were evacuated.

600,000 people lived on Shaalgar. Only 4000 could be evacuated. The Event Horizon could carry roughly 500. The sooner they refueled and took off, the better.

Meanwhile, the Pinnace put down in the middle of the street right in front of the home where Slinger's 8 year old son, Jericho and the boys mom, Sherry, lived. They quickly found out that no one was home. They searched the place for some clue as to where they might be but all they turned up was that her vehicle was still there, they hadn't packed. Wherever they were, it must be nearby. In the street, people started gathering. The men were armed, but when Kaydas came out in combat armor, they didn't put up a fight. In fact, they offered to help in the search and to guard the Pinnace in exchange for getting off world with their families. The Pinnace could hold 90 so Kaydas agreed to those terms.

They began scouring the neighborhood, but to no avail. As more desperate neighbors began arriving, Theros decided best to hover in the air out of reach of the angry mob. Meanwhile, Slinger found someone who told him of a friend of Sherry who lived a few blocks down. Slinger investigated but the house was empty. He ordered everyone to start conducted house to house sweep of the area.

Then a minor earthquake hit. No one was injured, but back at the star port, the consequences were far more deadly. The electrified fence went down from the quake and panicked citizens surged forward. The military was forced to fire upon it's own citizens and began a fighting withdrawal towards the port.

Meanwhile, the search teams kept coming up empty handed. They found homes where the people had all committed suicide. They found homes where they weren't welcomed. Most of the homes were empty. No one had a clue where to find Slinger's son.

Back at the starport, the crew of the Event Horizon repelled an assault. Then a second wave attacked. This time, they attempted to seize the refueling facility and force the military to allow them on the evacuation ships. This assault was also repelled, but a great deal of time to refuel was lost.

The search seemed to have reached a dead end when a huge sand storm and lighting moved into the small town. At the star port, the defenses finally were overwhelmed, just as the Event Horizon finished refueling. She shot out of the star port and headed to pick up the Pinnace. Gunni tried to use his Sensors to detect how much time they had till the sun went supernova, but he fumbled and inadvertently blinded the sensor array by turning it into the magnetic storm caused by the solar flares. So they had no idea how much longer they had to escape this system.

Slinger had time to try one more home. He rolled 01. Finally, he found someone who knew where Jericho and Sherry had gone. They had decided to go to the Mr. Pibb factory and wait the end of the world drinking Mr. Pibb.

You see, someone had somehow recovered an ancient artifact, a 10,000 year old bottle of Mr. Pibb. Only the bottle remained, of course, but they'd been able to scan it and get a rough idea of what it had once contained. This was the only thing anyone in the Reaver Alliance had that could date back to Earth. They began producing Mr. Pibb and even though nobody knew if it was at all the same as what people drank on Earth, it became a favorite drink amongst the Reavers.

The only Mr. Pibb plant was on Shaalgar, hence the title, Goodbye Mr. Pibb

They flew the Pinnace there immediately and found hundreds of people who had had the same idea. Drink all the Mr. Pibb. It was expensive, afterall, and only the rich could ever afford it. Now it was free. Slinger found his son and the boys mother, but everyone wanted on the Pinnace to escape and there wasn't enough room. So a gun fight ensued and Sherry was killed. The Event Horizon arrived and Gunni blasted the civilians from the turret until they all fled. The Pinnace docked outside the hull to the airlock and the Event Horizon flew away. They jumped out of the system with 10 minutes to spare.

S: 2 E: 4 "Big Dam Shame"


The Event Horizon lands at Beal star port. After a week in hyperspace with 500 people crammed into the ship, the crew cannot wait to get outside. Their passengers are grateful, though their sense of entitlement irks most of the crew. They are the rich, the powerful, of course they survived. But Slinger and Kaydas can only remember all those who had been left behind. The 90 plant workers who had escaped on the Pinnace are the most grateful and it was these that the crew wished well and were thankful to have saved. As the last evacuee disappears, Kaydas turns to the others.

"Alright, let's hose the ship off and get that stench out of her." 500 hundred passengers had overwhelmed the toilet facilities. The Pinnace is nearly unapproachable.

For a few moments everything becomes unnaturally still and silent, then a deep rumbling and shuddering begins. The din builds to a crescendo and continues for long terrifying seconds. The ground sways and shakes, cracks appear in walls, masonry falls from above, and all around is a bewildering din of heavy crashes and crunches and stifled cries. A cloud of blinding, choking dust engulfs everything.

And then the quake fades away.

The dust settles to reveal a disaster zone. Ruined buildings jut skyward, smoke hangs in the air, collapsed walls block streets, and rubble and debris covers destroyed vehicles. The injured and dead lie where they fell. Ragged and dust-caked individuals shamble around while others crouch and stare and cry.

Mishra was pinned under the rubble. Everyone else was okay. But the situation was dire. Someone had decided that the best place for the starport was in a valley below a large dam. The dam burst following the earthquake and a gigantic flash flood was rumbling towards them. The PCs just had time to dig out Mishra, fire up the engines and lift off before the wave hit. The Event Horizon actually flew directly into the wave and managed to fly through it with minimal damage to the hull.

The starport and everyone in it was destroyed. All the people they'd just saved, gone.

A very short and grim episode. The crew conducted rescue operations and eventually flew off to refuel off a gas giant. Then they left Beal and headed into uncharted space to find the massive battlecruiser they gotten the coordinates for.

All in all, a very dark evening of adventure.
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Re: M-Space: Event Horizon

Postby Pentallion » Sat Feb 11, 2017 3:33 pm

One thing I want to remind you all of, is the random nature of these episodes. I don't know what order they will play out in. The players could have went to Beal first, survived the quake, then went to Shaalgar and rescued the survivors. Or they could have taken the evacuees to a different planet, not Beal. When I originally placed the earthquake scenario on Beal, I called it something else. It never even occured to me that they might bring all those evacuees to a doomed star port. I had so many scenarios and was setting them all over the place that I didn't realize I'd created that possibility.

A lot of things have happened that if we played this again, could happen completely differently. As it stands now, this campaign is going to end much sooner than I anticipated. We won't make it through season 2.

Oh well, that's a lot more episodes than Firefly got.
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Re: M-Space: Event Horizon

Postby Clarence Redd » Sat Feb 11, 2017 3:46 pm

I think many campaigns would benefit from such a concept. But in my experience that usually takes longer to play, not shorter. Your players skipped some scenarios and combined others, right?
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Re: M-Space: Event Horizon

Postby Pentallion » Sat Feb 11, 2017 8:59 pm

Clarence Redd wrote:I think many campaigns would benefit from such a concept. But in my experience that usually takes longer to play, not shorter. Your players skipped some scenarios and combined others, right?

There were 46 scenarios altogether. They didn't combine any, but they did play several each night. The scenarios are mostly short things. But some are longer. I think when we finish they will have encountered 25 scenarios. The other 21 they simply didn't run into. Each planet had multiple scenarios. They ran into every scenario Bajavanang and Kadishi had to offer, having travelled there multiple times. they never went to some planets at all and so never had those adventures. For example, the intergalactic war was never sparked because they never went to Ishkur and found the Old Earth Union invading with their new Jump-3 ships. Next week they should be about to reach the dreadnaught. Then the week after I have a huge surprise for them. Then they will finish up this campaign probably that same night or the week after.

Then I have a special surprise in store for them. Our next campaign, they'll be playing Norse Men who worship Odin in the horror adventure King for a Day (which I've renamed The Winter King) and I've found a way to tie it into this campaign. Consider it a sequel. 11,000 years before Event Horizon.
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Re: M-Space: Event Horizon

Postby Pentallion » Thu Mar 23, 2017 12:33 pm

Been a while since my last update and I apologize. Life has taken me away from gaming and even working on projects I've been wanting to do. But at last we finished our campaign, Event Horizon, or as I like to call it, The Raptured Pt 2.

So what happened since we left off? The Event Horizon, having escaped the destruction at Beal, leaped into the Jarslav system. I made it a point to mention that Slinger's son, bored on a star ship and dealing with the loss of his mother, the only family he's ever known, has withdrawn into playing virtual reality games, namely Mythras. Why, you might ask? Well, that has to do with The Raptured Pt. 3: the Winter King, which we will begin playing soon. Anyways, they reach the Jarslav system for our next episode.

S: 2 E: 5 "Welcome to the Grand Illusion."


A human is running through a jungle. Creatures that look like a cross between an ostrich and a velociraptor move swiftly to converge upon him. The man clearly is panicked when one of the creatures levels a primitive rifle at him and the shot narrowly misses his head, blowing a large, melon like plant to bits. The man stumbles and falls headlong down a hill he hadn't seen through the thick growth. One of the creatures fires a crossbow and the man screams, a bolt through his calf, as he tumbles down the hill.
The human crawls desperately through the thick overgrowth as he hears the hisses of the alien creatures behind him. Then, to his surprise, he sees a crashed starship. Vines and moss have claimed it in the many years it has sat here, but the name Grand Illusion can still be seen on its hull. The human drags himself inside.
Outside, the creatures track their prey to the ship. They hiss in obvious frustration and then leave, fearful of the area. Inside, the human sighs in relief. He gasps in pain, looking at the bolt sticking out of his calf then glances about, trying to decide where the medical bay might be. He drags himself along the floor of the ship when a floorboard shifts. He hears an odd noise and too late realizes he's set off a trap.
There's an explosion and flames and the screaming lasts a long, long time.

This adventure is a pretty straight forward dungeon crawl. The Grand Illusion is full of traps and the players have to find and disarm them. They did so at great peril and some terrifying moments, and managed to get most of the treasure to be found here. They dispatched the alien natives as well.

Then they jumped to uncharted space in their quest to reach the star ship they'd discovered. The next system they jumped into had a nebula and the crew had the misfortune of jumping into the shadow of an eclipse while the nebula disrupted their sensors. In short, they were flying blind and there were asteroids about!

S2: E: 6 "Dark Light"

Jumping into the system, the Event Horizon is swallowed into a dark nebula.

"Admiral, I don't know what this nebula is made of, but we're flying almost blind. Sensors are worthless. Visual is limited to 500km. We're going to have to slow down or we'll fly right into something before we see it coming." Lt. Danson tried another scan. "I can't find the gas giant sir. It's supposed to be out there somewhere, but you're guess is as good as mine."

Danthus looks out of his view screen. "Where's the sun?"

The ship abruptly shakes and rumbling can be heard from the engine room.

"Issari," Danthus uplinks to the Chief Engineers comms. "What's going on back there?"

"We have a problem sir" comez Issari's reply. "We need to get out of this nebula. Our thrusters just ignited a gas pocket. The longer we stay here, the more explosions you can expect. Our thrusters won't be able to take many more like that."

This was a very quick episode. The crew managed to pilot their ship to the gas giant, but the Event Horizon was moderately damaged in the process. They loaded up enough fuel for a double jump which got them to the Samaty system. Once there, the ships compression coil blows out, leaving them with no life support. A new catalyzer has to be manufactured, using extended task rules, while air runs out. People were near death by the time they got the life support back on. Then they made their final jump.

S 2: E: 7 "Somebody to Love"


"Wow! I've never seen a star ship this big!" Slinger's son looks at the massive ship they're approaching in awe. "We're going in that thing?"

"I am." Slinger tells his son,"You're staying right here."

"But dad -"

"No buts, until we find out that thing is safe, you're staying here."

The boy gripped his fathers hand tightly. Slinger knelt down to look his son in the eyes. "It's going to be okay. I'll be back." The boy flung his arms around his father. Slinger looked to the rest of the crew helplessly. This fathering thing was awkward for him.

The players sent a probe into the derelict ship and found that most of the vessel was sealed off. They found a med bay and what looked to be a means to connect to the ships computers. However, it had a daunting interface: What looked to be a halo device the user would wear while accessing the ships computers. So they landed in the hangar bay and went inside. Issari was their computer expert so he hooked up to the device. The moment he activated the device, Issari went into convulsions, the ship powered up and its defenses targeted the crew with a massive electrical discharge that stunned everyone. Even those inside the Event Horizon were rendered unconcious.

What happened next is I got to replay my favorite moment in roleplaying from almost ten years ago.

The PCs awoke strapped into the med bay beds. What they thought was a computer uplink was actually a way to upload a persons identity into their new clone body. A character from our original The Raptured campaign had been uploaded into Issari's brain. The identity didn't take, but Issari was struggling to make sense of the thoughts that didn't belong to him.

He(she) was standing over an injured man, desperately trying to save his life. The priest was no help at all, muttering his prayers, but she (Issari got the definite impression he was in a womans body) doubted there was anything he could have done anyways. Behind her, someone entered the room. She heard the door lock. Good idea. Keep those people out of here. Suddenly, the priest gasped and she heard screams and shouts from outside. The roof tore off the building and a UFO hovered over their heads.

She looked up in dismay, "please, not now. I can save this man."

The priest began chanting even more strongly. A light came down from the UFO and the priest began rising into the air. Suddenly, a table slammed into Issari/the nurse and she was pinned to the wall. Dazed, it took her a moment to make sense of what was happening. The priest was rising into the sky, being "raptured" by the UFO, but it wasn't the aliens who had caused the table to pin her to the wall.

It was the injured mans seven year old daughter.

Looking like Linda Blair in The Exorcist, the little girl had flung the table with inhuman strength and was now grinning evilly at the nurse.

"Your boyfriend never told you what happened that day in the woods did he?" The child who only minutes before had been in shock over the injury to her father, now advanced slowly to the table where he lay in critical condition, idly gazing upon his wounds. "He told you he found a deer that day when you were all starving." She rested her small hand upon her fathers chest. The nurse struggled, but couldn't break free. "That wasn't a deer you ate that day. No, it was a woman he found in the devastation. No animal had survived the locusts. She was dying anyways and you needed to eat."

The demon child looked the nurse hard in the eyes as she stared in helpless horror. "Tell me," the child plunged her hand into her fathers chest and ripped out his still beating heart. She lifted it to her mouth and took a bite out of it then, blood running down her chin, she held the heart out to the nurse. "Did it taste like this?"

The nurse screamed.

Issari screamed and snapped to conciousness as if from a terrifying dream. He, like the rest of the crew, found himself strapped into a bed. Above him hovered a strange alien device. Yet, not so alien. As it lowered towards his face, similar devices lowering towards his crew mates, he - she - remembered what this was. They were being "scraped".

Issari screamed, "Nooooo!" and struggled frantically to get free.

The device inserted a long probe deep into his left nasal cavity. On the tip of the probe was what could best be described as a cattle prod. The prod did what cattle prods do, deep inside each crew members head. They arched. They soiled themselves. Then they fell to their beds. The device withdrew.

Then it inserted itself into the right nasal cavity and repeated the process.

Those players who originally played in The Raptured are saying "no way. No freaking way."

Later, when the crew had come to again, a young man who carried a slug pistol on each hip spoke to them. (this was my son, reprising his role as the Man with Two Guns). He told them he was sorry they'd had to do that, but he had to be certain that they hadn't been implanted with chips by the Greys. He spoke in a foreign language, but Android was translating. Then he went on to explain who he was. He was an Ender. One who had survived the end of the Earth. Everything in Revelations had proven to be true and there was a literal war in the heavens, what the PCs called the Dingir, humans had once called The Devil and what they called the Vegans, humans had once called the Greys but were also known as Angels. This ship was a Dingir ship that had landed on Earth and it was called The Beast. Of course, the players already knew all of this, having stolen the Beast in the original campaign.

To make a long story short, the Greys claimed to be commanded by God who the Enders perceived as an alien being who could travel outside the space-time continuum, beyond the event horizon. The Man with Two Guns explained: "Think of this pencil as the entire existence of our universe. The eraser is the end of time, the point is the beginning of time. From outside the pencil we can see all of time. That is where God lives, in the place outside the pencil. We call this place the dimension beyond the event horizon. Now picture the lead in the pencil is our universe. The wood covering the lead is where God lives, just beyond the event horizon. So where are we? We're two event horizons removed. An even higher order beyond God.

That is where the halo device took us when we destroyed God. But our job isn't over. He can foresee his own demise and he will do everything he can to prevent it. So we must destroy him at both points on this pencil - at the beginning and the end. The alpha and the omega. Then none of this will have ever happened and the Earth will have never been destroyed. Man will be free of alien influence.

That's where you come in.

We did our part on the one end. Now you must simultaneously destroy God on the other end. I say simultaneously even though ten thousand years separate us because on that dimension time is meaningless.. This is what you must do: You must returne the halo device to where it came from and activate it using the Beast to jump beyond the event horizon and then again beyond that event horizon. I will show you how."

We completed the campaign, but I have to leave so I will finish my tale tomorrow.
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