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M-Space: Event Horizon

Re: M-Space: Event Horizon

Postby Clarence Redd » Fri Dec 09, 2016 3:58 am

Yes, that's a great idea. I have so far ignored the problems following from large numbers of vessels in space combat. Clumping the ships together and assigning a Combat Style (in many ways similar to an objective?) is a good solution. Suggestions for suitable Combat Styles are very welcome.

It seems like a lovely campaign you've got going there. Brings up fond memories of a Space Master campaign I played many years ago : )
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Clarence Redd
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Re: M-Space: Event Horizon

Postby Pentallion » Fri Dec 09, 2016 5:02 am

It is definitely a change of pace from what we're used to the past ten years I've had this group together. I'm having a lot of fun with it. The players seem to be enjoying themselves too.
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Re: M-Space: Event Horizon

Postby Pentallion » Tue Dec 13, 2016 3:39 am

Two more episodes tonight. I think we can pretty much stay on that schedule each week.

S: 1 E: 4 "Courier Down"


People are rioting in the streets. A scared man in a grey suit is pushing his way through the throngs of people. Everyone is packed so tightly it is claustrophobic. The authorities are desperately trying to reestablish control.
The mans terror mounts as every time he looks behind him he sees a man in a black hood watching him.
Suddenly, the crowd parts in front of the scared man. People groan as they crush and trample one another to get out of the mans way. But the man in the grey suit stops cold for ahead of him is the man dressed in black robes, his face lost in shadow.
It was he who parted the crowd.
The grey suit turns in terror and flees back into the protestors.
A police hover craft appears overhead and fires into the crowd. Even the man in black robes is carried away in the stampeding mass of human flesh.
The man in the grey suit lays amongst the dead and dying. Blood streaming from the bullet wound in his back.

So the Event Horizon loads up on cargo at Halo, taking on some Illegal drugs, they intend to smuggle both the drugs and Slinger into Basse. At Basse, they get inspected. The security team finds a hidden cargo hold, but they fail to actually find the drugs hidden in there or Slinger. Things got pretty tense for a bit there. Once past that, they found it difficult to discretely find a buyer for their illicit cargo. Meanwhile, a representative from a mega corporation approached them with a lucrative offer. One of their couriers was in an accident on Kidashi. He was in a coma. He carried sensitive data in a bio pouch. If he died, the contents would self-destruct. If they could deliver him to the planet Bajavanang alive with the data intact, the corporation would pay them 5 Mcr. Considering that they didn't seem to be making much profit this time around on Basse, it was a good deal. They sold what they could and jumped to the clone planet Kidashi.

Kidashi. 3 trillion souls on a planet one third the size of Earth.

When they got to the hospital, Doc noticed that the patients life support was malfunctioning. It soon became apparent that the device had been sabotaged. Archer tracked down the med technician and got him to confess that he'd tried to murder the courier. The man claimed a member of the courier's family hired him to collect on a 2 million credit inheritance. But the tech couldn't remember any details of the family member and when they investigated further, they found the courier had no family members that the corporation knew of. The tech did tell them where he'd met the alleged family member, however - at a cafe across the street. Archer bribed the owner to let him peek at security footage. They saw a man in black robes sit down at the table, speak a few words and wave his hands. The tech got up, left his meal and wandered back to the hospital as if in a daze.

They decided to transport the courier back to the Event Horizon immediately. On the way, a large truck with three men inside pulled alongside them and suddenly swerved, driving them off the road and down an embankment. Doc was slightly injured, but everyone else was alright. The men jumped out and wielding knives, attacked Danthus, Kaydas and Archer. Hidden - and highly illegal - guns won out over daggers. Two of the assailants escaped in their truck, but the third was captured. He confessed that they'd been tipped there was a pouch with a million credits. He couldn't remember who or where he learned this.

Meanwhile, back at the ship, a security detail arrived. They'd been tipped off there were drugs on board the ship and did a complete sweep. They missed everything and left, apologizing. Secretly, they left a bomb in the jump drives. Had they been asked, they couldn't have explained why.

The others return to the ship. Issari still hasn't found buyers. They are about to leave when someone from Admiral Danthus past approaches.....

S: 1 E: 5 "Life is cheap, clones are cheaper"


A young boy is sleeping on the floor as dozens of people walk by. The place is crowded and noisy but the boy doesn't seem to notice. Nearby, other people are sleeping, backs against the cement wall, as people nearly trod upon them and no one pays any notice.

It's just another day on Kidashi, a planet of three trillion people, one third the size of Old Earth.

A door opens and a group of men armed with water cannons start dispersing the crowd. The boy awakens instantly and hides behind some crates. Once the vast room is emptied and all the doors sealed, one of the men speaks into his comms. "All secured."

Moments later, a well dressed gentleman, obviously someone of wealth and power, comes into the room, surrounded by burly guards. His entourage not far behind.

Another door slides open and workers roll in a clone vat. Inside is a fully grown clone of the aristocrat. He motions and a doctor comes forth from his entourage and inspects the clone.

"Highest grade my lord. These organs are in perfect order. We can proceed with the transplants at your - "

The young boy activates a device in his hands and power cuts off to the room. There are shouts of panic and the sound of blasters filling the air. The boy crouches down behind the crates in obvious fear. Then a voice speaks softly. "Power back on boy."

The boy activates the device again and the power returns to the room. Slowly, warily, the boy peeks out from behind the crates.

There is a man so old his skin looks like leather, sitting in a grav chair for invalids. He is surrounded by several men armed with laser guns. The aristocrat and his people are all dead. The old man moves his grav chair next to the clone vat. One of his men connects a jack from the vat to the back of the mans head.

It seems to the boy that the old man just quietly dies. Moments later, the vat opens and the clone steps forth. He flexes his arms, admires his body and smiles broadly.

"Boy. What do you think?"

The boys fear is obvious. He realizes he's seen too much. "I did what you asked."

The man continues to smile, but it no longer reaches his cold, hard eyes. "Yes, you did." He starts to motion one of his men, one the boy recognizes as Armand, the man who hired him, but the boy quickly speaks up.

"I wouldn't do that." he warns, holding up one hand. He holds a detonator.

The man halts his command. Slowly, he walks over to the boy. He lifts the lid of one of the crates and peers in.

Enough explosives to level the floor.

"My! Aren't you resourceful for one so young?"

"I'm not young." the boy replied. It was true, 10 wasn't considered young - if one lived on Kidashi.

"You know who I am?" the man asked.

The boy shook his head.

"You know who I am now?"

"You're the Marquis of Bonneville now."

"That's right." The man signals to Armand. The boy starts, but Armand brings forth the agreed upon payment. "Keep it. I could use someone with your abilities." He and his men start to withdraw when the man turns back to the boy "And who are you?"

"Ordan Danthus." the boy replies.

The new Marquis de Bonneville eyes him appraisingly. "Play smart kid and there's a future for you. I'll be in touch."

Armand seeks out Admiral Danthus. His employer, the Marquis de Bonneville, died three years ago in a suspicious shuttle explosion. The Marquis suspected someone was trying to kill him and had begun downloading his memories each night. Armand had kept the last Mem Chip. The Marquis had created back up clones,but since they weren't actually clones of his original body, there'd been technical difficulties. The tech the Marquis used was very tricky - uploading into the clone body of another person wasn't supposed to be possible, but he'd somehow done it those 32 years ago. Now Armand had finally been successful. He'd brought back the Marquis. He needed body guards until the Marquis could reclaim his estate. Would Danthus help out his old associate one last time? A substantial sum was promised, not that it mattered in the end.

The Admiral agreed. The next day they met with the Marquis. Later, they met with his lawyer, whom I named Saul Goodman. Saul had brought six body guards, but the Marquis dismissed them, trusting Danthus' men. The day after that, a police detective came to discuss the murder. While they did that, the servants bustled around the suite, and florists came with flowers. Kaydas went to investigate the flowers, but they exploded. The police detective was killed. Kaydas and Armand were injured, but everyone else escaped unscathed. After that, the Marquis took up Saul's offer and hired the six additional bodyguards.

He met his wife, who was not happy to see him. They fought. He went back to his suite and that night the six bodyguards attempted an assassination. The Marquis was expecting this, however, and had yet another clone in his bed while he waited, shotgun loaded. They killed his clone, but Archer threw a stun grenade into the room and aimed poorly. Three assassins went down, but so did the Marquis, stunned.

Not content to botch things up just a little, Kaydas then fumbled and accidentally wounded the Marquis. So stunned and now wounded, the Marquis did not escape as planned before the bomb planted inside the clone went off.

Just as the last assassin surrendered, the bomb exploded, killing all the assassins and the Marquis.

The party had completely failed in their mission. Of course, they weren't getting paid for this botched job.

Archer, however, had other plans. He tracked down Saul. A close inspection of the bottom of the toilet and a few broken fingers and Saul spilled everything. He'd been in love with Julia. He'd killed the Marquis the first time. He'd hired the assassins to finish the job.

Archer, of course, got the entire confession on digital. This was the lawyer for the most powerful man on Kidashi. First off, Saul would acquire a clone of the Admiral for a backup in case they needed it. Second, he would acquire the Mem Chip tech so the Admiral could upload. Finally, he would be their personal attorney. Pro Bono of course. And if he ever lost a case for them, well, he'd be pleading his own case shortly afterwards.

Saul agreed.

The crew still had a courier to deliver to Bajavanang. So they jumped. Causing the bomb to go off. Jump drive was severely damaged. Issari managed to just barely control the jump and land them in Bajavanang system, but it would cost at least $18Mcr to repair the damage to the ship. Far more money than they had even after selling off all their cargo. The $5Mcr reward for the courier was going to be very important, but they were going to need a lot more money and fast.

As they sped off with the courier, Lt. Danson, who was guarding the ship, noticed several men take off in pursuit and three more men staying behind the watch the Event Horizon. These men stayed at a great distance from the ship.

Kaydas managed to ditch their tail long enough for Archer to get out and walk back the the starport. Archer snuck up on the three men just as they split off to encircle the Event Horizon. He crept up on one of them and captured him. After some very confusing negotiations the party learned a great deal: The pouch contained a virus that threatened these people. There was something on the ship which caused headaches to these people. When the captive found out that half the crew had been having headaches too, he said that wasn't possible. Then he said they should meet the Professor. He would buy the pouch for more than they were currently being paid. Archer lied and said they were being paid $7.5 Mcr and wanted $10 Mcr to sell it to them.

In the end, the Professor turned out to be the man in the black robes. He went aboard the Event Horizon and found the device shaped like a Halo and made from Halo material. This is what was causing the headaches. He said that Slinger, Danson, Gunni and Issari were all psionically sensitive. He explained that the explosion of Halo that had killed God had unleashed temporal ripples in nearby space. Some people were affected by this. Their ancestors sometimes showed signs of being sensitive to the temporal disturbances. Throughout most of the past 10,000 years, they'd been killed for being witches or worse. So they'd formed a secret Academy on Bajavanang where they taught people how to use their gifts.

The Professor marveled that the crew of the Event Horizon had four such gifted individuals. He also believed that the Halo finding them was no coincidence. Most Halo material was inert. But some pieces were in shapes like this Halo. When that happened, they caused headaches to any psion who got near it. But they also seemed to be psychically linked. There always seemed to be a reason a psion found one of these things. So he told them they should keep it. He would shield it for them so they weren't having headaches from it anymore. He also offered to repair the damage he'd done to the ship. However, he only agreed to 8Mcr for the pouch. He did, however, offer to train all four crew members at the Academy.

The four members spent four months training while the ship was repaired. Slinger learned three talents, but he is a very weak psion. Gunni and Issari were psionically senstive, but lacked any talent at all. Lt. Danson was the most powerful of the group and he wasn't very strong. He opened up his telepathic powers.

Slinger mentioned Lt. Sari, who he now realized had mind controlled them on Halo. He wanted to know what she had been up to. The Professor informed them that she was not from the Academy. That two years ago, they had sensed the presence of a very powerful psion, more powerful than anyone they had ever known. They suspected she was this psion. If so, and if she'd unlocked her powers, then that meant there had to be another Academy out there somewhere. It couldn't be in Reaver space, so this meant it must be in the Old Earth Union. Which meant Lt. Sari was a spy after all. And a powerful and dangerous one at that.

While those four were training, the others met an old spacehand who told them of a downed ship, the Grand Illusion on the offworld Jarslav, which was inhabited by reptilian people who lived at a bronze age equivalent technology. The ship had been booby trapped and it's robotic defense system commanded it's lone remaining triple beam turret. As far as the old codger knew, no one had ever claimed salvage on the ship on the past 29 years.

Finally ready to leave, they loaded up cargo and prepared to jump to Albrecht. The Admiral expressed three desires. First, to see if they could purchase a War Bot on Minilgan. Second, to find out more about this Lt. Sari and thirdly, to travel to the other side of Reaver space to seek the remains of the Grand Illusion.

And so our session ended.
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Re: M-Space: Event Horizon

Postby Pentallion » Thu Dec 15, 2016 3:00 am

With Psiionics there wasn't anything saying how rare it was. Prerequisites set the bar at POW 16. However, I'm leaning a bit on Traveller as I want that feel to the campaign. I also want psionics to be virtually unknown. So the idea is that it was rare and even having the prerequisite POW wouldn't guarantee you had it. Also, per Traveller - and Star Wars (Too old is he to begin his training) - the older you got, the harder it was to unlock your latent potential and the weaker you would be should you do so.

I needed to find a way to reflect that as I didn't want the campaign to become a psionic dominated setting, however, it is a major component. So I stuck to the prerequisites and each player had one character that MIGHT be psionic. Then, since we used the Mongoose background for the bonus skills, it was easy to track "terms" and deduct from each players POW their available POW for psionics. Deducting 2 pts per term means while the stat may be 16, after completing a career getting rolled up and starting at age 42, the POW Slinger, for example, can use towards his psionics is only 2 pts. Making him exceptionally weak.

The key here is that he's psionic sensitive which is important to the campaign. The Halo gives him headaches.

However, once training began I didn't want all of them to actually have psionics, it's not a Jedi campaign after all. So I imposed a limit. If their first POW x 4 roll failed, they could not be trained. They were simply sensitive, but had no actual talent. Thus only Slinger and Lt. Danson actually have psionics and Slinger's is not very powerful, being as he can only ever apply 2 pts to it. Danson, however, has an 18 power and can apply 6 pts to his psionics as he only served 6 terms. So while not fantastic and certainly no match for Lt. Sari who was trained as a child in the Old Earth Union, it will come in handy.

One thing I keep reading but am still unsure of. Do you have to learn the 1st arc before you can learn the 2nd arc? I ruled no. If you had the prerequisite, you could jump right into the second arc because mind reading will so speed up all their never ending interrogations. They seem to like to beat the truth out of people when all else fails. And sometimes they don't wait for all else. They're really owning the whole space pirates mentality.
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Re: M-Space: Event Horizon

Postby Pentallion » Tue Dec 20, 2016 9:20 am

"So Matt, did you see the new Star Wars yet?"
"No, and don't tell me about it!"

"There's this gun I want Kaydas to have. It's badass."
Bob: "The one the second Asian guy had?"
Me: "yeah, that one. You guys are a handpicked elite crew, you should each have something that an elite pirate would own."
Matt: "Cool, now shut up and don't tell me anymore about Star Wars."

And so tonight began. Que Slinger's Song

Season 1 Episode 6: "Home Alone"


"So let me get this straight," said Lt. Danson, "You want us to break into your own property and kidnap one of your own people?"
"Well, kidnap is a strong word. I'd prefer to say we'd like you to escort the gentleman to our offices."
"Why don't you go get him yourself?"
"He, well, this is embarrassing, but he's rather paranoid and he installed security drones on the premises."
"On your own property?"
" Maybe you shouldn't have allowed him to do that."
"We didn't really have any choice."
"And why is that?"
" Because he owns the company."

The Event Horizon had jumped into Albrecht system. After having hidden their ship at the Academy for four months, funds needed replenishment and trade on this planet wasn't replenishing them fast enough. So the crew took a job with Augustine Co. to 'escort' the companies owner back to the company's headquarters. The pay was low and possible expenses for damage to the property could easily get out of hand. Throw in the security bots and the crew was ready to pass on this one, but Issari criticaled his bargaining and got them twice the pay and a waiver on the first $100,000 in damages.

They were given permission to land their Pinnace on the property so they knew they could bring in heavy weaponry. Slinger assembled his sniper rifle. It was decided that Lt. Danson's mechanical and computer skills made him the most valuable in reprogramming security or domestic bots they might encounter. Archer, Slinger and the Admrial accompanied him in the away team, while Kaydas, Gunni and Doc remained on board the Event Horizon and Issari continued trying to find buyers for their cargo.

Archer decided he didn't trust the front door, went around the side of the mansion until he found a living room and using a laser device he carried on his person, he cut through the window. On the other side of the window he noticed a bear trap. There were traps of various kinds beneath every window. They found a branch from the nearby woods and set off the bear trap. Then they all crawled in. The living room was rather large and was divided into a lounge area replete with bar and a billiards room. Archer disabled the alarm system just as a domestic bot, Rosie, floated into the room and began dusting and vacuuming. They restrained Rosie and Danson reprogrammed her to follow their directions, then they told her to continue with her regular routine.

Unbeknownst to them, the Chief security bot was monitoring the premises through each domestic bot and was now enroute to their location. The remaining security bots, however, had other orders for they, too, had been reprogrammed by a third party. Said third party began also monitoring the players movements.

Rosie quickly and efficiently completed her tasks in this room and proceeded upstairs where the domestic bots were stored and parked herself, having completed her entire cleaning cycle. Lt. Danson commanded her to lead them on a tour of the house when the security bot arrived, having boxed them into a dead end.

They had no escape and had to fight.

Remember that gun from the Star Wars movie that the second asian guy carried? This security bot has been modified to carry that advanced weaponry. Slinger fired a blaster at it, but Admiral Danthus stepped into his line of fire just as he shot and he winged the Admiral instead. Seriously wounding him. Everybody else's attacks simply bounced off the security bots duranium armor. The bot then sprayed the room on autofire. Lt. Danson was hurt. Slinger got grazed. The Admiral thought, "oh god, we're all going to die." but Slinger dropped the blaster and whipped out "Baby", his sniper rifle. Danson put some slugs into the bot, the Admiral and Archer were still unable to damage the machine, the bot put a burst into Danson and the Lt. dropped "My legs!" he shouted before collapsing, possibly dead. Slinger fired into the bot for heavy damage, but the thing just kept on going. That shot would have killed most human beings. Archer and the Admiral did some damage to it but it was just too tough. The bot now put a burst into Slinger, but the assassin got lucky and the bots shots went wide, ripping up the wall behind him. Slinger's shot was on target, however, and the bot went down.

Everyone turned to Lt. Danson. He was laying in a pool of his own blood. He looked pretty bad. "Took a good one." he said, coughing up blood. "Looks like you guys are gonna be splittin' up my shares."
Slinger shouted to Rosie "Do you have a Med Bot in this house?"
"Yes, we have - "
"Summon it now Rosie!"

The Med bot arrived and Lt. Danson was still clinging to life. The med bot did what it could, but Danson needed to get back to the Doc's sick bay immediately. So the team aborted their mission in order to evac Lt. Danson. He very nearly bled out from internal injuries before they got him back to the ship. The Doc saved him but it was literally at the last moment. One more failed roll and he'd have bled out. He was going to be down for a while. Slinger and the Admiral, however, the Doc patched back up. Kaydas looked at the high tech weapon they'd taken from the bot. "This what almost did you guys in?" He hefted it and liked its weight. "Well, Happy Fracking birthday to me!" Slipping his cigar from one side of his mouth to the other, General Kaydas took the gun, said "Come on! We're going to pay this fella a little visit. Issari, you're coming with us. Admiral, you should stay here, sir. That place is too dangerous." The Admiral agreed and Kaydas, with his new toy led Issari, Archer and Slinger back to the mansion to retrieve the owner.

They came back in through the same window. They found Rosie where they'd left her, up in the droid station. They ordered her to lead them through the house and good thing they did, because by this time, the third party had a good idea where they'd be coming from if they returned and had set up a trap for them. Rosie opened the door into the Main Hall and this tripped a rope trap that caused the lights to come on, electrifying the iron that then swung down and hit Rosie, frying her components.

As luck would have it, they wandered directly to the Master bedroom, disabling a laser trap along the way. But Kaydas failed in an attempt to disarm the next trap and got hit with a blow torch. He came wearing full combat armor, however, so while it still hurt, the General was only put into a foul mood. Once in the Master bedroom they found the owner on his bed. He'd been dead for several weeks. No sign of foul play. They hacked into his computer console at his bedside and disabled the house security.

Issari noted "If he's been dead for a month, who is to say the place wasn't looted before we got here? Lots of fancy paintings on these walls would probably bring a good price on Bajavanang. Besides, this guy could have made a back up clone so we better make sure he's not still around here somewhere."

The others agreed and they set off to explore the rest of the mansion. Again, as luck would have it, they bee lined straight to the right place, a guest bedroom.

Archer noticed the trap, a near invisible trip wire set at foot level at the entrance into the room.

Everyone backed off while Kaydas chucked a chair through the trap. A gout of acid, at groin level, shot out from behind the wall. "Nasty bugger!" Kaydas grunted.

They then carefully made their way into the room. There didn't appear to be anything worth such a vicious trap to be found here. Slinger noticed a door leading onto the terrace and stepped outside.

He was immediately under a hail of laser fire from four security bots. These armed with single laser blast guns, fortunately, or the assassin would have died right then and there. In the distance, Slinger saw a young boy dashing into the woods. This was our "third party".

"Dammit! I knew he had a clone!" Issari cursed as the group returned fire on the security bots. Archer and Issari both wore cloaks that blocked all infra red transmissions and knowing the security bots targeting systems generally depended upon IR for tracking, they rushed forward and jumped from the second floor terrace. The bots failed to notice them. Issari landed running but Archer landed awkwardly, fell and bruised his shoulder. The bots noticed that and began firing blindly into the yard. None of the shots hit Archer, who sprinted behind Issari into the woods.

Meanwhile, Kaydas and Slinger were laying into the bots, taking one of them down before the other three took off in pursuit of a fleeing Archer, who they were slowly keying in on despite not being able to pick him up on their IR. Kaydas and Slinger jumped off the terrace and gave chase.

Once in the woods, it was easy enough for Slinger to throw the bots off his tail. In the distance, he saw the boy running away, Issari in hot pursuit. He critted his roll and noticed that the boy jumped over a piece of land. He shouted to Issari "Watch out, there's a trap!" Issari slowed and avoiding the trap, lost distance on the boy. The bots, however, responded to Archers voice and opened fire. Slinger saw them first and took another one down. Kaydas couldn't get a clear line of sight in the heavily forested area. He moved to out flank the bots.

Archer began fleeing through the woods, but it seemed the bots had him this time. One blast wounded him and that was it for his IR camouflage. Kaydas finally got to use his new toy, putting a burst into one bot that took it out. Just as the final bot was about to finish Archer, however, Issari caught the boy, who had failed two straight endurance checks and was exhausted. "Tell your bot to stand down!" Issari ordered and the boy complied.

At this point, they started questioning the boy. There was some confusion as the boy absorbed the idea that everyone thought he was the owner of the company in a clone body. The boy was just beginning to warm up to the idea of impersonating the owners clone when Archer saw through the act. "So you're Leroy Jenkins?"

"Uh, I'm owner of the company that sent you guys."

"Well alright Leroy. You gonna come peacefully back to the company headquarters?"

"yeah, sure, why not?"

"Because they don't know anybody named Leroy Jenkins at Augustine. There is no Leroy Jenkins. So who are you kid?"

Caught out, the kid quickly explained that he was an orphan who'd snuck into the mansion in search of food, found the owner dead. Reprogrammed the security bots - kid knew his computers - and trapped out the place to keep the company suits away.

The party huddled together to discuss. "Kids DNA is all over the place. Give him one of the paintings and Slinger, you know that smuggler buddy of yours? Send the kid to him to sell it as his share of the loot. Augustine will pick up the sale, find the DNA match and figure the thief musta looted the place before we ever got there."

"Alright kid, you're good. In fact, we're going to even share the loot with you. We like you kid."

Somehow, the kid didn't think Kaydas eyes matched that sentiment.

Having plundered the mansion for all its valuable paintings, turned in the corpse of the owner and gotten their reward, the crew of the Event Horizon then jumped to Minilgan. Minilgan was a neutral world outside Reaver space. It was the planet where the Dingir would trade with the Reavers. Neither side was allowed to fight in Minilgan space. If you behaved yourselves, you were termed Swizz and allowed to trade. Cause trouble and you were no longer Swizz and banished from ever doing business on Minilgan again.

Season 1 Episode 7 "Cake Run"

Que theme song above


"It's a cake run." Issari tells the Admiral.
"It's a week round trip. A week we could use more profitably." the Admiral replies.
"Not if we want to get in good with the Minillgans." Issari reminds him. "Minilgan is a gateway to - "
"I know what Minilgan is." Ordan cuts him off. "Minilgan is Swizz. Not Reaver space, not Dingir space. This is where the two races can meet and trade."
"Swizz." Issari nodded. "And if we want to be Swizz too, we have to do them this favor. It's just one week. Deliver some medical equipment to their research station on Tosser. It'll be a cake run."
"I hate cake."

So the Event Horizon arrives in Minilgan. The Trade Council is unhappy to see a Corsair ship commanded by the former Admiral of the Corsair Fleet, a group of pirates infamous for raiding Dingir space, arrive at their star port. They demand proofs the Admiral is actually Swizz and that this isn't some pirate ruse. So to prove himself, the Admiral must deliver scientific supplies to a research station three days sublight away. He agrees.

The trip there goes without hitch and as they unload the cargo and take the elevator down to the research lab the mission does indeed seem like a cake run. But as the elevator carries them to the research lab, an alarm goes off. The doors to the elevator open, the crew steps out with the equipment and Slinger suddenly grabs the Admiral and drags him back into the elevator. The others also fall back. Gas is streaming out of the ventilation system! One of the crew notices two lab technicians fighting each other. They ride the elevator back up the the landing bay. Once safely back aboard the Event Horizon the crew is faced with a dilemma. The Lab Station is not responding. No one will open the Bay doors. If the crew blast their way out of the landing bay, they'll probably never be Swizz. That's a lot of very expensive damage they'd be doing to the Research Station.

Which means their only other option is to go back into the station, find their way to the bridge and open the landing bay doors themselves.

They suit up in vacuum suits and prepare to go back in.

And we called it a night.
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Re: M-Space: Event Horizon

Postby Pentallion » Wed Jan 04, 2017 2:24 am

A short hiatus for the holidays and we're back on schedule.

Tonight was a shocker. We decided from the get go, no luck points. If you die, you die. Tonight, someone died.

First, Archer, Kaydas, Slinger and Issari suit up and go to find the bridge. A voice comes on the research stations loudspeakers "So how does it feel to be the lab rats? They're coming for you. They're in the landing bay and they're here to collect their experiments. You know what they'll do to you. You know what will happen. Up there. In the landing bay."

A little background: This research facility is studying combat drugs. Their experiments had failed up until recently. The first obstacle was the stims made the subject berserk, with no care if they lived or died. They then tried to make the test subjects paranoid enough to want to live. That failed as well, the subjects died of heart attacks. Then they brought in Reebs. Reebs was already a paranoid psychotic killer on death row. Reebs was the most notorious serial killer on Minilgan. A 149 IQ. He'd gotten away with his crimes for years. The researchers thought with the proper drugs and security procedures, they could control him. They were wrong. As the Event Horizon is landing, it is Reebs who has released an aerosol version of the combat stim into the labs ventilators, driving all the inhabitants into a berserker rage. Now Reebs is playing on their mounting paranoia to cause the them to attack the crew of the Event Horizon. In the ensuing chaos, Reebs intends to get on board and take over the ship.

Within minutes, the landing bay is overrun with whacked out researchers armed with whatever they could find. The combat stims make them extremely difficult to bring down. In the midst of this battle, Slinger's vacc suit gets compromised and he doesn't seal it up in time. He goes back inside the ship and then the drug takes a hold of him. He forces Doc MacGyver into the Sick Bay and then holds the Admiral at blaster point, demanding that they blow a hole out of the bay doors and leave this station behind. Doc grabs a tranquilizer and tries to sneak up on Slinger to tranq him, but Slinger spins and shoots, killing Mac instantly. The Admiral tackles Slinger, but the assassin breaks free and begins beating the crap out of the Admiral with his very well trained bare hands. Archer finally brings him down with a stun grenade.

While all this was going on, Reebs snuck aboard and slipped into a Turret where he opened fire upon the bay doors, destroying the landing bay and seriously damaging the research facility before hightailing it to the cargo bay.

Did I mention what was in the cargo bay? They carried a 30 tons container holding a Tauraq. Imagine a killer whale with four strong tentacle legs that can swim and is amphibious, walking along on it's tentacles for short but very fast spurts.

Kaydas, Archer and Issari chase Reebs into the cargo bay. Archer shoots his laser rifle and misses, hitting some of their freight. Issari fumbles, his shot damaging the Tauraq's container. A crack develops and water starts leaking out. The beast becomes agitated. Reebs returns fire, another shot barely missing the container. Kaydas stuns Reebs and captures him. They seal the container breach and secure the Tauraq.

They now have both Slinger and Reebs in their brig, tied up. They use magnetic boots to walk outside the research facility and enter through a worker hatch, making their way directly to the bridge. Meanwhile, the effects of the aerosol wear off and the inhabitants start calling in to the bridge. The Admiral meets with the head of the research facility. She is rather upset. The repairs will not only cost millions, but cost her her job as well. Meanwhile, the Admiral is facing the prospect of losing Swizz, which was the entire reason for going on this mission in the first place.

Gunni, who had taken over the comms in the bridge, decided right then to hit the recording button and record the entire conversation. Sneaky *******, that one. That entirely changed the outcome of this encounter. The two parties tried to work out a deal where both sides won, but there didn't seem to be a way out of this mess until the head of the facility made an offer: Pay her 3 Mcr and deliver her to Minilgan where she could get a ship out of the system and she'd report that Reebs had escaped, killed everyone and destroyed the landing bay, knocking out her comms so she couldn't call for help. She was the sole survivor and thought to die until the Event Horizon arrived.

The Admiral agreed.

When the reached Minilgan, Gunni played back the recording, just so she knew she couldn't betray them, which is exactly what she intended to do all along. So she kept up her end of the bargain and while the government sent out a ship to verify her story, she slipped away on a merchant ship and the Event Horizon jumped out of the system. But first they interrogated Reebs. He wouldn't admit to killing anyone who didn't want to die. How did he know they wanted to die? They let him kill them. If they'd wanted to live, they wouldn't have done that.

yeah, Reebs didn't remain on the ship very long after that.

So they jumped to Halo before anyone found out their story was bogus. They chose Halo because they had to take care of some unfinished business. They set up surveillance on Lt. Sari's home. They had decided to capture her and bring her to the psionic academy on Bajavanang. During this time, they witnessed an agent of Allied Naval Intelligence rendezvous with her. Wondering what ANI had to do with a psionic spy, they followed the agent and abducted him. He had encrypted data on his person, but none of them could break it. The agent wouldn't break either so they had no choice but to dispose of him and make their move on Lt. Sari.

The plan nearly worked. Slinger was to place a stun grenade on her elevator, timed to go off when she chose a floor. He stepped off the elevator as she got on. The others already knew what floor she'd be going to and were waiting for her. Issari had disabled the security cameras. But the moment Slinger stepped off the elevator, she sensed something was wrong, saw the trap and used her psionics to fling open the door to the lift. Slinger tried to hit her with his stun baton, but missed. She tried to blast his brain to jelly, but failed her Psionics roll. Given two tries at stunning her, Slinger didn't fail the second time. He disarmed his trap and brought her down on the elevator. However, the plan still backfired when someone noticed them carrying out an incapacitated woman and there was a shoot out with security and a base wide alert sounded.

Lt. Danson brought in the Pinnace and picked them up, but Scout ships and base guns were all firing up as the base went on full alert. All the bases guns were coming to bear. There was no escape. Danthus ordered the unthinkable:


"But we haven't plotted a course! We'd be jumping blind!"

"Do it! NOW!"

The Event Horizon jumps.

Beam lasers lance into the space where a moment before the Event Horizon had been.

S: 1 E: 8 "Frack Us"


"We're hurtling on a runaway hyperjump." Issari informs the crew. "Unless we can bring it out of hyperspace, we'll be trapped here forever."

"Do we have a plan?" Danthus asks.

Issari calls up the view screen. Outside, the undulating waves of hyperspace streak past. "See that dark spot up there?" He points. The others nod. It's but a smudge on the viewscreen. "That's a large gravity well. I can try to use it to pull us out of hyperspace, but there's no guarantee it will work and if it fails, there won't be a second chance."

"Get on it." Danthus orders.

A few hours later, Issari is ready. "Everyone fasten down, this could be a bumpy ride." He engages jump drive.

Several things happen at once.

The are ripped out of hyperspace, the ship shuttering and the engines screaming in protest. They find themselves streaking towards an unknown planet. The cargo bay materializes in the same space as a merchant ship. The explosion devastates both ships. The entire cargo bays contents are either vaporized instantly or ejected into space. The ships engines can't stand the strain. An explosion rocks the power plant. As the Event Horizon plummets to the planet surface below, the Admiral sees the Pinnace as it slides out of the cargo bay, amazingly intact. It's emergency autopilot engages and it shoots away as Danthus shouts "We're going down! Prepare for impact!"

Que the theme song.
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Re: M-Space: Event Horizon

Postby Pentallion » Mon Jan 09, 2017 11:30 pm

Dr. Mishra


Before the Event Horizon left the Research Facility on Minilgan, they took aboard one of the research scientists as their new medical officer. He brought aboard some scientific equipment and a clone vat that contained his personal clone. He claims the clone vat is a family heirloom. What no one knows is that Mishra is an agent of the Dingir. He was born into poverty and the Dingir recognized his intellect at an early age. They secretly funded his education and gave him a fake identity - and a clone vat. Once Mishra got the top secret assignment at the Minilgan research station, he began repaying the investment. In addition, the Dingir rewarded him with advanced cybernetic implants that increased his physical abilities, gave him eyes that could see into the infrared spectrum as well as night vision, and computer implants that made him even more valuable in the medical field. He is more machine than man.

He is, in short, a Dingir super agent.

However, things went south on the research station when he took a shortcut with the combat stims they were working on which resulted in Reebs escaping and wreaking havoc upon the station. Knowing he would be found ultimately responsible for the disaster, he took the opportunity to escape both prison time and leaving his life as a Dingir spy behind him.

What the doctor doesn't know is that the short cut he took on those combat stims had the side effect of making the subject addicted to them. One subject who survived has already managed to gather all the remaining drug that exists, escape the station and is desperately seeking Dr. Mishra to force him to make more. Meanwhile, Mishra is feeling the first pangs of withdrawals.
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Re: M-Space: Event Horizon

Postby Pentallion » Thu Jan 12, 2017 2:55 am

This was our longest nonstop session in a long time. We completed four episodes!

Where we left off: having abducted the psionic Lt. Sari and finding themselves surrounded by Scout ships and an angry scout base, the Event Horizon had performed an emergency unplotted jump.

S: 1 E: 8 "F Us"

"But we haven't plotted a course! We'd be jumping blind!"

"Do it! NOW!"

The Event Horizon jumps.

Beam lasers lance into the space where a moment before the Event Horizon had been.

3 days later.

"We're hurtling on a runaway hyperjump." Issari informs the crew. "Unless we can bring it out of hyperspace, we'll be trapped here forever."

"Do we have a plan?" Danthus asks.

Issari calls up the view screen. Outside, the undulating waves of hyperspace streak past. "See that dark spot up there?" He points. The others nod. It's but a smudge on the viewscreen. "That's a large gravity well. I can try to use it to pull us out of hyperspace, but there's no guarantee it will work and if it fails, there won't be a second chance."

"Get on it." Danthus orders.

A few hours later, Issari is ready. "Everyone fasten down, this could be a bumpy ride." He engages jump drive.

Several things happen at once.

They are ripped out of hyperspace, the ship shuttering and the engines screaming in protest. They find themselves streaking towards an unknown planet. The cargo bay materializes in the same space as a merchant ship. The explosion devastates both ships. The entire cargo bays contents are either vaporized instantly or ejected into space. The ships engines can't stand the strain. An explosion rocks the power plant. As the Event Horizon plummets to the planet surface below, the Admiral sees the Pinnace as it slides out of the cargo bay, amazingly intact. It's emergency autopilot engages and it shoots away as Danthus shouts "We're going down! Prepare for impact!"

The ship sustained massive damage to its thrust engines, it's power plant was still operable, but the cargo bay was gone. Lt. Danson's crew room disintegrated, but he was at the bridge when that happened. The bridge saw a piece of space debris shoot through it like shrapnel, depressurizing the cabin and wounding both the Admiral and Gunni. Danthus was able to crash land the ship on an island. She took even more damage, however and there was no getting her flying.

Issari picked up the Pinnace homing beacon. Danthus attempted, but failed to get the Pinnace to fly back to them so they had no other choice but to build a boat and sail the four days journey to the Pinnace. Danthus stayed behind with his ship along with Gunni, who tried to see what could be repaired and what couldn't and Kaydas stayed in case they ran into hostiles. They would, but not right away.

Meanwhile, the others made their way by sea to the island the Pinnace had autopiloted to. They were met by humans. Primitives who came up to them in canoes. With no way to communicate, they were rather wary, but they followed the savages to the shore where they were escorted to the natives shaman who had encamped at the Pinnace. The savages appeared to be worshipping it. The shaman spoke to the crew, but only one word was intelligible to them. A word the shaman said multiple times. "Star Trucker." Every other sentence ended with Star Trucker.

Lt. Danson tried to tell them that yes, he was Star Trucker. It seemed to work as they let him approach the Pinnace. When he signaled for his mates to join him, however, the natives got very upset. Since by now nearly 100 of them had gathered, the party decided not to upset the natives. So Danson entered the Pinnace and fired up the engines.

The natives started smiling and dancing and they become extremely friendly. So much so that they held a feast in the crews honor. No one had any idea what they were eating, but it tasted like chicken. Of course, none of the Reavers had ever heard of a chicken, so there's that.

The natives, having feasted the crew, were perfectly content to let them fly back to the Event Horizon. Being a normal paranoid group of players, they thought this was too easy.

Meanwhile, as the Pinnace was on route back, a whole bunch of natives arrived at the island where "god fell from the sky". They approached Admiral Danthus while Gunni set in the triple beam turret, ready if needed and Kaydas was armed and ready as well. No one could understand these natives either except they weren't very happy at all, far from it and every other sentence seemed to end in one intelligible word "Star Trucker." But whatever that meant, the natives sure weren't happy about it.

Things got out of hand and Gunni was forced to open fire to drive the savages back to their canoes. As they fled, however, the Pinnace arrived and landed. the savages halted and watched as the crew reunited. Seeing that the people in the Pinnace were friends with the people in the Event Horizon, the cheiftain returned to the island. He wasn't suddenly friendly, but he didn't seem like he wanted to put them in a stew pot either. The Admiral tried to communicate. The Chief wanted aboard the Pinnace. once aboard, he beelined straight to the bridge. He said a few things, but no one knew what he meant. Lt. Danson decided to fire up the Pinnace and lift off. The Cheiftain, instead of freaking out, looked more assured. he pointed off to the horizon where there was nothing but ocean as far as they could see and muttered one word:

"Star Trucker."

It's late, I'll have to finish this episode up later, but had a really great time tonight.
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Re: M-Space: Event Horizon

Postby Pentallion » Thu Jan 12, 2017 4:13 pm

Theros Danson piloted the Pinnace until they came to a large land mass, about half the size of Australia. Immediately, they saw the space port on the shore. It was primitive by primitive standards, but it had obviously been built by people of much higher technological skill than the natives possessed. There was a single star ship there. It was an immense freighter, but it was also bristling with weapons. And along its side was emblazoned its name. Star Trucker. It looked as if it had taken significant damage recently. Nothing nearly as severe as the Event Horizon had sustained however.

By the time the Pinnace landed and they got out, there were a dozen heavily armed and armored men waiting for them. In the middle of this welcoming committee was a balding, middle aged man with a big gut and four young native women hanging onto him. He was only armed with a blaster at his hip. He eyed the crew as they stepped off the Pinnace with a wry smile.

"So you're the ones who wrecked my ship!"

The man identified himself as Star Trucker. Whether he took the name of the ship or had christened the ship after himself wasn't clear. The ship was obviously of a higher tech level than anything the players had ever seen before. Star Trucker informed them this was his planet. He was these people's god. He had seen their ship go down. After a bit of talking, he offered them a deal. he could sell them enough parts to repair their ship and he had trained the smarter natives how to do basic repair tasks to assist them. But it would cost them. Every penny they had. They pointed out they didn't have any money. All their money was in banks in Reaver space. No problem, Star Trucker replied. His ship had jump 5 technology, it could jump to Reaver space from here. Give him their account information and he'd clean out their accounts.

They didn't have any choice. It was that or retire on this backwards planet. Besides, they figured they would steal the Star Trucker. They figured wrong. By the time they brought their parts back to the Event Horizon to repair the ship, the Star Trucker had jumped away.

It was well into late summer (it had been winter when they arrived) before they'd finished their own repairs and were ready to jump away. But before that happened they had a problem to deal with. The power plant was running out of energy and that meant the cryo tank they'd kept Lt. Sari in was going to have to be opened and the powerful psionic awakened.

I'm off to OrcaCon this weekend. I'll have to wrap up this episode sometime next week.
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Re: M-Space: Event Horizon

Postby Clarence Redd » Fri Jan 13, 2017 7:11 am

Enjoyable read, as always! Thanks for sharing all this.
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