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M-Space: Event Horizon

Re: M-Space: Event Horizon

Postby Clarence Redd » Mon Oct 17, 2016 7:09 am

Good read. Adding assassin and soldier to the list of careers to include in M-SPACE.
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Clarence Redd
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Re: M-Space: Event Horizon

Postby Belgath » Mon Oct 17, 2016 1:54 pm

Wow that was a good read I really like the background events thanks for sharing.
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Re: M-Space: Event Horizon

Postby Chris » Tue Oct 18, 2016 2:23 pm

Clarence Redd wrote:Good read. Adding assassin and soldier to the list of careers to include in M-SPACE.

Hi Clarence but some of us have already bought hard copies, so that might be a bit late.
Still working through my copy before doing a review.
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Re: M-Space: Event Horizon

Postby Matt_E » Tue Oct 18, 2016 10:20 pm

On what kind of planet is the party going to get screwed...? ;-)

As George Takei would say, "Oh, my..."
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Re: M-Space: Event Horizon

Postby Clarence Redd » Wed Oct 19, 2016 3:13 am

@Chris: Yes, I wish books could have point upgrades, just like software. That's one of the reasons we offer the PDF for free to those buying a physical copy. Future add-ons may also come as downloadable snippets from our webpage. I'm not sure yet how we will set it up.

In the case of Soldier and Assassin, I would suggest using Mercenary and Bounty Hunter, as they are quite similar.
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Clarence Redd
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Re: M-Space: Event Horizon

Postby Pentallion » Wed Oct 19, 2016 1:02 pm

Clarence Redd wrote:@Chris: Yes, I wish books could have point upgrades, just like software. That's one of the reasons we offer the PDF for free to those buying a physical copy. Future add-ons may also come as downloadable snippets from our webpage. I'm not sure yet how we will set it up.

In the case of Soldier and Assassin, I would suggest using Mercenary and Bounty Hunter, as they are quite similar.

That was the simplest way to go, just changing a skill here or there. I think that seems most within the flavor of the game. So much is left open for the GM to make the game his own. I think the list of career choices shouldn't have to encompass every conceivable possibility, but that instead, the players should think of the list of careers given as only a small sample and let them be whatever they want to be. In the case of assassin, the bounty hunter only needed one tweak. In the case of soldier, the mercenary substituted just fine with a couple of tweaks I made for my own campaign.

To me, that's what I call a feature of the game system, not a bug.
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Re: M-Space: Event Horizon

Postby Pentallion » Wed Nov 16, 2016 12:50 am

"Pilot" Episode Season 1:



It's the year 12084 AD. 10,000 years ago, humanity was swept up in an intergalactic war that saw the destruction of all life on Earth and finally ended when a terrible weapon called the Halo Device destroyed a being the humans called God and unleashed Gods Fire upon the galaxy. Every civilization on every planet was cast back into the stone age.
Eventually, the survivors rebuilt their worlds, unlocked the secrets of their ancient technologies and began rebuilding interstellar civilization. Humans account for three major civilizations. The Old Earth Alliance, which is trying to terraform Earth back into a habitable planet. The Easter Concord, who believe that God will rise again. Finally, there is the Reaver Alliance, a loose knit alliance of five great pirate clans that raid shipping and treat their own people as slaves.
Two alien species have also arisen from the ashes. The Dingir and the Vegans. The ancient enemies whose war ignited the Gods Fire to begin with. The Dingir, the Vegans and the Old Earthers maintain an uneasy balance of power. The Easter Concordians do nothing, waiting for the return of their savior and the Reavers are too weak and disorganized to tip the balance of power.

Or so it was believed.....

Eneldun. Reaver capital planet. HQ of the Alliance Fleet and Alliance Naval Intelligence (ANI).

A man is on a rooftop. He pulls what looks like a lens out of his vest and flicks it open. It turns into a scope. He then reaches to his waist and pulls out a foot long, inch wide metal sheath from his belt. Pressing a button, it unfolds into the stock of a gun. He grimaces as he wrenches the ring off his finger. Then he extends it and it becomes the barrel. He begins assembling his sniper rifle.

A man in his late 40's with the insignia of an admiral is pacing the bridge of his starship. He stops behind a crewman who is typing away at a computer console. The crewman looks up, "Got it. All their surveillance bots are jammed." The Admiral speaks into his comm, "It's a go."

A man standing at a window listens to the comm link in his ear. "Acknowledged." He bends down to a camera and zooms the lens out so that he has a clear picture of the sniper on the rooftop. He begins recording.

The sniper has assembled his rifle and is taking aim.

At a desk with a plaque that reads Head of Planetary Security sits a man speaking on his comms link.. "I've got good news, sir. They got sloppy and made a mistake. We've identified one of their men. John Slinger, he's an assassin. (pause) Then he chose the wrong planet sir. I've got the full resources of Fleet HQ and Alliance Naval Intelligence as well as the security forces of the entire planet. He won't be -" the Head of Planetary Security suddenly lurches as his brains splatter all over the wall behind him.

The sniper begins disassembling his sniper rifle.

The man at the window takes the flash drive from his camera and places it into his comm link. "uploading now." he says into his comms.

The man at the computer console turns to the admiral. "Done. One of the security bots we jammed now has a recording of the whole thing. By the time we blast off, ANI will just be identifying the assassin."

"Good work Issari," says the Admiral. "Let them think they got a lucky break and caught the assassin in action. If Archer's right, then the spy we've been after will have to come out and show himself. He can't risk the authorities getting a hold of the assassin before he does."

"Permission to board." comes a voice over the comms. Moments later two men walk onto the bridge. One is the man with the camera, the other is the assassin.

"Archer. Slinger." the Admiral acknowledges them.

"Sure hope this works sir." drawls Slinger. "I kinda liked this last face. Hate to have to change it so soon."

"Let's find out." says the Admiral, sitting down in the pilot seat.

A starship with the name Event Horizon emblazoned on its hull blasts off from the starport.

And so our campaign begins. Three Police Cutters stop the Event Horizon on what is a standard inspection. I explain to the players that this happens on every Reaver planet as they leave or enter the system. This is what makes smuggling illegal goods so dangerous. They have nothing to fear, however, since all they are carrying are precious metals, gems, crystals, advanced vehicles and some uncommon raw materials, plus mail. A lot of mail. The ships destination is Basse, a rich world and they took aboard two passengers.

10 marines armed with stun batons board the ship for the inspection. All is going normally when suddenly, one of the marines arrests Slinger! Even the Captain of the boarding party seems confused. "What are you doing corporal?" The corporal shows him his datapad and says he has orders to apprehend a man fitting this description and bring him in for questioning. More confusion ensues as even the Lt. aboard the Police Cutter hasn't gotten this information. The police demand that the Admiral identify this man, but Slinger interjects that he's just a passenger and not part of the crew. They order him to be taken prisoner and there's a tense moment when suddenly McGyver (Mac) comes out of the bridge and informs the Admiral that Starport Authority is contacting him on the emergency frequency.

"Yes, what is it?" The Admiral demands.

"Admiral," comes the voice from SA, "My apologies sir, but we have to divert your vessel for an emergency rescue operation. There's a ship on the outer rim of the system and it's on a collision course with one of our mining factories. 500 miners live on that factory. The ship is not answering our hails. We need you to go investigate. Calculated collision time in 90 hours and 12 minutes. Your ship is the only one fast enough to intercept."

And with that, it was decided that the marines would stay on board, Slinger would remain locked in his quarters under guard and the Event Horizon would plot an intercept.

Basically, what I've done is take the initial situation I had planned and thrown into the mix Pete's new adventure, A Gift From Shamash. I've made some alterations, of course, to fit it into my campaign. Now it's about a secret military science experiment gone wrong.

So they plan and prep on the way there. They board the Fukunusubi, stabilize it and ignite the power plant. I don't want to give away the details, but they're paranoid as all get out. Nothing but false alarms and creepy discoveries so far. The ship is warming up and with it so will the action. We called it a night when they had 4 hours and 30 minutes remaining. They were returning to the bridge to fire up the computer and see if they can get the ship underway again.

Issarie, Kaydos and Archer went aboard with 8 red shirt, er, I mean marines. Lt. Danson piloting the Pinnace. The rest remained upon the Event Horizon
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Re: M-Space: Event Horizon

Postby Pentallion » Wed Nov 30, 2016 1:22 am

The pilot episode continued. As Issari continued working on the bridge to get the ship underway, having fired up the power plant, Kaydos and Archer took 4 men down to Life Support to shut things down. They didn't know what madness had taken hold of the ship, but they figured if it was alien in nature, best to leave it frozen. This meant Lt. Danson had to dock the Pinnace and come on board as only he knew how to work a Life Support console. While they were doing that, several 'things' attacked the redshirt marines. One burrowed into a marine before Archer stunned the group with a stun grenade. He killed several of the 'things' and they saved the marines life and got the creature out of him. Acid spray damaged several vacc suits, but other than the injured marine, the other suits were all repaired.

Unfortunately, for a brief period, some of them were exposed.

With the injured marines suit damaged, they could no longer turn off Life Support, so they returned to the bridge with samples of the strange creatures and a plant like thing they found. On the way they were attacked by an even larger specimen and another red shirt go injured.

Once in the bridge, Archer began digging through the damaged data files and what he found was terrifying. Issari got the ship underway and Lt. Danson went to pilot it away from the mining colony when one of the infected redshirts went crazy and attacked. He was incapacitated but the last of the things on board ate through the hatch and attacked. It got put down without injury to anyone.

The Admiral then communicated on open comms to Starport Authority, the police cutters and pretty much the entire populace on Eneldun that there were biologicals of unknown origin on that ship. SA ordered them to fly the ship into the sun and undergo quarantine procedures when they got back to their own ship. On encrypted comms, a corporations offered 5Mcr if the Event Horizon could deliver them all the data and any biological samples they might have.

Admiral Danthus ordered the redshirts and Kaydos to go outside the hull and cut out the black box while the others returned to the Pinnace.

Two exploding eyeballs and an emergency blow out the airlocks later, the Pinnace was undocked, one redshirt on board was dead and everyone on the hull of the Fukunusubi had to jump to reach the Pinnace. It came as a shock to the police marines as they floated to the Pinnace when Lt. Danson piloted the ship away from them then came back and picked up Kaydos, leaving the others to float in space.

The Captain of the Police cutters, who were hours away at this point, demanded to know what was going on. The Admiral replied that those men were infected and had attacked his crew. Pick them up at your own risk.

Now they had to deal with the police marine who had identified Slinger as the assassin. The Admiral told the two guards to let him pass, he was going to speak to the prisoner. They let him in, he was the captain afterall and retired Grand Admiral of the Corsair Fleet. Then, the character formerly known as Scotty, but who was now named Gunny, came up to the guards and began chatting. The door opened, the Admiral and Gunny drew swords and cut down one guard while Slinger grappled with the guard who had id'd him and they took him prisoner. Several attempts at torture failed miserably to get any information out of him. Then the Admiral had an idea. They checked the prisoner to see if he had a data link in his eye and he did. He had a cybernetic implanted comm link in his left eye. The good Doctor removed the eye and Gunny hacked into the data uplink. Now they knew who the spy was who had betrayed the Reavers and destroyed the Corsair Fleet.

The Chief of Alliance Naval Intelligence.

drop mic.

I believe the next word said was fuuuhuuhuuuck!

So going back to Eneldun was now off the table. Which meant no way to smuggle the bio data to the corporation for the huge reward. They quarantined their Pinnace. Doc Mcgyver was skilled in genetics and xenology amongst other things and realized the only remaining redshirt was infected, but that the others were just fine. And Archer, who had been showing symptoms? flu. He was fine. they spaced the infected marine along with their prisoner and jumped out of system.

when they reached Basse system, the Doctor had sad news. One of the passengers had not survived cryo. Oddly, the Doctor left the deceased in his cryo tank and did not disengage life support. His report to the Admiral said that the 'things" weren't organic biologicals afterall, but synthetic creatures. They were a bioweapon. He would continue his studies on the subject once they left Basse system.
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Re: M-Space: Event Horizon

Postby Pentallion » Tue Dec 06, 2016 3:33 am

So tonight we played two espisodes.

S1: E: 1 "When the Truth is Found to be Lies."

Kaydas Vago is in his vacc suit, surrounded by several other men as they glide through space. Ahead, a passenger carrier is their obvious target. The men land upon the hull. Several start placing charges.
Inside, the passengers are comprised of mostly families. One family in particular consists of a man, his beautiful wife and their two small children. The father says "Anyone have to go potty? Both children answer negative. "Alright then, I'll be right back." He kisses his small daughter on the forehead and leaves for the rest room.
Outside the ship, the soldiers have planted their charges. Vago gives the thumbs up and the hull erupts in a series of explosion. Alarms go off in the ship as it decompresses. Passengers are sucked out into space, including the wife and her two children. In the restroom, the father grabs an oxygen mask and makes his way to an emergency vacc suit.

The soldiers quickly take over the ship. In the cargo hold, however, they are met with resistance, which is overcome after a short fight. Having secured the ship, another starship comes alongside. The men unload the cargo from the passenger liner into the other ship, which has no name.

The father, undetected, gets a clear look at Kaydas Vago as he boards the other ship. He is the sole survivor on a dead starship.

The father is sitting at a table in a cantina. "And that is why you can trust me. Nobody wants Kaydas Vago dead more than I do."

The man across the table from him smiles and nods. "Good" he replies as he slides something across the table. "Then we have a deal."

One of the symptoms of being infected with the bioweapon was having headaches. When we left off, Archer had been having headaches and Doc Mac diagnosed him with the flu. He got better, but everyone except Kaydas came down with it. They were all sick when they reached Basse. On Basse, Issari brokered their deals and they made a decent profit. An opportunity presented itself, however, when he managed to get a sweet deal on mining equipment for the Halo asteroid belt. So they decided to jump to Halo and took on several passengers in cryo. Issari also ran into a man selling a strange oddity: a piece of Halo material that had been carved into the actual shape of a Halo. He claimed this was its natural shape, but Issari doubted that. Nonetheless, though the material had no known properties, it would fetch a good price as an oddity amongst collectors of those sort of things, so he bought it.
Unbeknownst to them, one of the passengers in cryo was the sole survivor of the Black Op mission Kaydas had run many years ago. He was operating in coordination with a Corsair Captain who had formerly served under Admiral Danthus. Captain Dassus Tor commanded the last remaining Corsair ship belonging to Clan Caledon. He blamed Danthus for the destruction of the Caledon Corsair fleet. He inserted the passenger on board the Event Horizon with a device which would disable the mans cryo chamber just before it came out of hyperspace. Then he waited for the Event Horizon to jump into Halo System, where he would ambush them.

And so our adventure began. Slinger, Gunni, Lt. Danson and Issari were all in Doc Mac's med bay complaining of headaches. Everyone was concerned that they were over the flu, did they have symptoms of the bioweapon infection? Suddenly, an alarm went off on one of Docs monitors. He paled. The cryo chamber had a breached tank.

The bioweapon!!!

He quarantined the four of them and informed the Admiral, who sent Doc, Kaydas and Archer to go investigate, weapons ready. When they got to the cryo chamber, however, they found to the Docs relief that the infected passenger kept in cryo was still intact and it was a different cryo tank that been smashed and the passenger had somehow awoken and gotten out of it. His trail led to the engine room.

Then there was an explosion from the engine room. Power plant and jump drive were damaged and there was a small hull breach. This happened just as the Event Horizon came out of jump. The Doc stayed behind to make sure that the cryo tank with the infected passenger in it was actually safe. Kaydas and Archer proceeded to the engine room to find the saboteur. Admiral Danthus, alone on the bridge, failed to check his sensors so Captain Tor had complete surprise when he opened fire upon their ship. Two turrets were damaged and a crew room was hit.

The Admiral let the others out of quarantine, the Doc confirming that there was no bio hazard. Everyone manned battle stations. Danthus set about on emergency repairs of one of the turrets while Doc, Gunni and Kaydas manned the guns. Slinger took over Sensors and Issaris the engines which left Archer to deal with the intruder. Archer had a clear shot at the intruder but fumbled and further damaged the Jump drives. There was no escaping, the jump drives were disabled. The intruder managed to seriously wound Danthus before Archer finally brought him down.

Meanwhile, a space battle was underway. The Event Horizon took more damage than the players would have preferred, but Gunni got back to back critical hits, one knocking out an enemy turret, the other knocking out their maneuver drives. Outgunned and unable to use thrusters, Captain Tor bargained with Admiral Danthus to let he and his men leave on their Pinnace and he could salvage their ship. Kaydas wanted to shoot them out of space, but the Admiral knew Tor was a good captain (these are Reavrers afterall, a rather loose military organization of space pirates, and some insubordination is to be expected even at the best of times) and the Admiral fully intended to prove his own innocence, expose the Chief of ANI as a traitor and get back his fleet. So he honored the agreement and let them go.

So it was that the bulk of the crew scavenged beam weapons and parts off the other Corsair to repair the Event Horizon.

S: 1 E: 3
"Even the Best Laid Plans"

"Looks like your ships been in a bit of a scrape." the Scout Base commander observes.
"Nice to see you too Victor. The crew is fine. We won't need medical assistance." Admiral Danthus replies.
"Good to know." Victor says. "Because I might have a job for them if they're interested."
"We just want to drop off our cargo, pick up a new load and get some repairs done. My crew will be staying in the hangar."
"Repairs can be mighty expensive Ordan. And labor being what it is...."
The Admiral scowled.
"Ordan,"Victor continued, "This job is right up your alley. We've got a spy. Deep cover sleeper agent. You guys are perfect for the job. You're outsiders, but most of your people are from around here originally. So you won't seem suspicious. We just need you to keep an eye on things and gather evidence. You'll be down for repairs for a while anyways. You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours."

So stuck on Halo Asteroid belt for a few weeks while repairing their ship, the crew takes on a mission to capture a spy. It turns out a Lt. Sari is a communications officer on the Scout Base. She knows all the encryption codes. Her husband is William Decher and he operates a passenger shuttle that ferries miners from their mining facilities to the Star Port where everyone lives. The scout base's head of counter intelligence is Lt. Commander Gezeki. He has discovered that Decher is a spy and Gezeki believes that Lt. Sari is an innocent victim of a honey pot operation. They want the crew of the Event Horizon to carry out surveillance, find out who Decher's handlers are and bust the spy ring.

Archer begins by investigating Lt. Sari and L.C. Gezeki and finds out that the two of them are most likely lovers or even possibly the true spies. He then puts Slinger on following Sari while Archer investigates the husband, Decher. It is at this time that Archer intercepts encrypted off world communications sent to Decher's Transport Office. Gunni decrypts the message. "Goods ready to move." is all it says and a time: 96 hours. They trace the signal to an asteroid deep in the system.

Archer watches Decher's every move. As the prescribed time approaches, Decher heads to his transport craft, a Pinnace, at the hangar deck. Meanwhile, two men abduct Lt. Sari. They escape Slinger, who fumbles at the worst time! Not knowing if Sari is being taken to the Pinnace or another destination, the Admiral goes ahead with their plan. Scout vessels jam the targets sensors and Admiral Danthus follows them to the asteroid in the Event Horizon's Pinnace. Along the way, Slinger announces with some relief that his headache is finally gone.

Once they arrive at the asteroid, they discover another Corsair. This time, however, the Admiral doesn't recognize anyone. This is impossible as Admiral Danthus knows every member of every Corsair in the Reaver Alliance. Of course, the Corsairs, being shape shifting vessels, are unrecognizable individually, but he should have recognized which ship it was by its crew. Unknown to him, though he could have surmised it, this Corsair was a captured ship, supposedly lost in action, but in the employ of the enemy. Decher's Pinnace began unloading a data crate. These weigh 5 tons and could carry immense amounts of invaluable data. They also had Lt. Sari tied and led by her husband.

Slinger took out the husband with a single sniper shot with his laser rifle. Kaydas and Archer took out another man. The other two fled, but only one escaped, Slinger taking out the other. The Corsair then took off leaving the data crate and the bound Lt. Sari behind.

Admiral Danthus, tried to ram the Pinnace into the escaping Corsair by putting it on autopilot, and then ejecting out of the craft. This failed, however, as not only did the enemy captain easily avoid the Pinnace, his gunners quickly blew it to bits. The Corsair escaped.

So they rescued the damsel in distress and recovered the stolen data. They returned to the Scout Base and as they pass through the hangar bay, they walk past the Event Horizon being repaired. Slinger winces that his head hurts and at that same moment, Lt. Sari winces as well. The Admiral decides that he will have Archer hack into the Data crate to find out what the spies were after. He wants to question Lt. Sari on board his ship.

Suddenly, he changes his mind and decides Sari is innocent and they should let her go. Slinger takes off her restraints. Kaydos and Archer are wondering wtf is going on. Kaydos fumbles in an attempt to convince the Admiral to not release the prisoner. Fortunately, Archer convinces Danthus that she could be useful decrypting what's in the data crate, seeing as she was the encryption specialist. He agrees and, in fact, Sari is very helpful and thanks to her, they manage to bypass a trap that would have deleted everything.

What they discovered was that the spies were very interested in fleet movements, both of the Reaver Alliance and what the Reavers knew about Dingir fleet movements. Danthus now suspects (correctly) that the Old Earth Union is involved. Archer, ever suspicious of Lt. Sari, does some further investigations and discovers that Decher was probably a spy from the start. He ferried far fewer miners than his income would have suggested. His military background turned out to be faked. He wasn't who he said he was. Lt. Sari hardly seemed to miss him, however, as it was clear she loved Gezeki. She checked out, but Archer still didn't buy it. The Admiral, however, was certain she could be trusted.

Meanwhile, the Doc ran some tests of his own and discovered that if the four suffering from headaches went far enough away from the Event Horizon, the headaches abated, only to return the moment they came back. He has no idea what is causing this.

The ships repairs were complete. She now had a triple beam turret as well as more defensive armaments. They had made a huge profit on the mining vehicles which covered their expenses and were loaded up for a jump back to Basse system.
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Re: M-Space: Event Horizon

Postby Pentallion » Thu Dec 08, 2016 4:02 am

One of the things I have planned are some bigger space battles. We had our first gratuitous space combat last session. A one on one duel with equal space ships. There are a couple other one on one duels set on systems after they've been visited a number of times, But there are bigger battles in the works. Whenever the players jump into a certain system a certain number of times, there will be the onset of an interstellar war. That first larger battle will feature about a dozen starships. The invaders will have larger ships than the players will have encountered up to that point, but nothing near the size of the capital ships they'll see later.

One of the things I've added to the game I thought I'd share - maybe it'll give Clarence some ideas for future supplements - is having a combat style built into a group of ships. The way ground forces in Mythras might be trained in Shield Wall, for instance, a squadron of ships could have a combat style too. In this case, I'm introducing what I've named the Venn Formation.

In the battle that's coming there will be six long range freighters. They are all designed by FarCorp to use a defensive tactic that requires them to all run the same computer programs and the design of the ships integrates this defense. Therefore, ONLY the six freighters, together, can utilize the benefits of the Venn Formation. But if a military group wanted, they could do something similar with, say, a squadron of Corsairs.

The Venn Formation
The six freighters start rotating around each other very rapidly in a pregenerated flight pattern. This forms a sphere, the geometrical shape of which is dependent upon the number of ships performing the manuever. There are many advantages to this formation. One, all defensive fire can be combined by all ships in the formation. So incoming missiles targeting one freighter can be fired upon by every freighter in the formation. Also, If your game has antibeam defense, which mine does, these too can target all incoming beam fire. Also, beam weapons cannot target a single ship in a Venn Formation. All beam fire is added together, then all anti-beam weapons reduce that amount. All the damage that gets past is then applied to a single random freighter in the formation. (This is because beam weapons fired willy nilly will all be blocked and thus, the only way to get past this defense is for every beam weapon to be fired simultaneously so as to overwhelm the defenses.) Missiles striking a Venn Formation, however, each hit a different random ship, as each has its own internal targeting system. Initially aimed at the formation, the warhead picks a target once it is at close range. Again, willy nilly doesn't work. All the missiles are fired in one huge volley. But they resolve differently. For simplicity's sake, I just divide them up evenly amongst all the ships. There are gonna be a lot of missiles in that battle.

When one freighter is disabled, the remainder form a different geometric sphere and the disabled ship drops out of the formation.

Ships in a Venn Formation cannot change their heading or speed, they must continue moving in whatever heading and speed they had when they entered the Venn Formation.
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