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Hyborian Age game

Hyborian Age game

Postby raleel » Sun Dec 18, 2016 12:56 am

So, back towards the beginning of the year, I ran a six game Hyborian Age game using Mythras (Runequest 6 at the time) and the Legend module "The Spider God's Bride". My group decided to resume that a couple weeks ago and we ran our first game back on Friday. To recap what happened up to this point -

  • Stygian Necromancer (a PC) hired the rest of the group to help him raid a temple of Hanuman, the Ape God
  • fought giant apes and Kushite Warrior PC almost got shot in the head
  • rescued Sabitha, an ongoing NPC
  • Hyperborean Gaunt PC fails to punch a merchant and nearly gets arrested
  • all find a tablet that is suspiciously marked with "quest item" on it (we have a light hearted tone)
  • Sabitha convinces you that there is loot in a crypt.
  • find loot and a magic dagger.
  • Stygian Necromancer has dagger. it's got a ghost friend in it
  • Sabitha tells you about treasure in the desert.
  • Go to bat temple in desert
  • Zingaran Pirate almost loses a leg to a panther
  • find out Sabitha is a liar
  • all steal 20 horses, a king's ransom. GM is surprised horses are so valuable
  • Sell horses for 1/4 their value, but get a ship out of the process. GM masterstroke
  • ship is in another town called Abbaddrah and turns out to be a POS
  • Find merchants in other town
  • they have other half of quest item
  • make agreement to go find promised gold and split, using ship to get there
  • angry party goes back to Eruk to gank Sabitha
  • go into tavern
  • Hyperborean Gaunt pit fights
  • Kushite Warrior plays with ninja girls
  • Stygian Necromancer talks with his special ghost friend
  • all steal a lot of drugs (over 4 horses worth). Gaunt burns down tavern
  • Ride across desert to Abbaddrah back to ship.
  • Gaunt charges a horse and almost dies
  • find a coded note, signed by "Serathu", that says
  • also has a small device that looks like a paw or a claw. you think maybe it's a key
  • The Moon Garden is in Abbaddrah
  • Arrive in Abbaddrah to find that the ship will take two weeks to get in ship-shape condition.

we had a bit of PC changeover, so the current cast is
  • Stygian Necromancer
  • Kushite Warrior
  • Hyperborean Gaunt
  • Nemedian Justicar worshipper of Mitra (replacing the Zingaran Pirate)
  • Zamoran Assassin (replacing a Bossonian Longbowman)

The arrive in Abbadrah and immediately start looking for ways to unload the drugs, 100 doses of silver lotus all individually wrapped in parchment packets with a black monkey head with red eyes printed on them. They ask around and manage to hook up with the local thieves guild to offload, and successfully exchange the lotus for 5000 silver (half of it's value). They don't even get into a fight with the thieves guild, which is odd, but likely do to the Gaunt being late to the game.

After, they are approached by a leper who offers information, but they mostly turn it down. Later they are approached by a buxom lass who pleads with her big eyes to please help her rescue her one true love, Serathu, from the clutches of the Daughters of Rahma. She even has a fool proof plan for them to fake that they have taking the sleep inducing moon-juice.

The get in, but are stripped of weapons and armor, save for the assassin (a hidden blade is on him), and the kushite, who snuck into the compound while the ceremony was going, and has full gear. They fake their unconsciousness (save for the Gaunt, who took an antidote, and is half drugged) and are taken to the dungeon, while the Kushite finds another way in.

Dumped in a cell, they find Serathu and bust him out (2 crits on brawn), and the Gaunt take the manacle and chain as a make-shift ball and chain. Around the corner and through the door, they rush and gut a pair of cultists, one of whom managed to sink a poisoned dagger into the Gaunt. He resists the poison and smashes him in the abdomen, bringing him to incapacitation in one blow.

and we ended there. Frankly, the system works so well for Conan, I hardly know which path to run down, they are all so tempting.
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Re: Hyborian Age game

Postby raleel » Mon Jan 02, 2017 12:39 am

Continuation of the dungeon escape. We were up one player, as the brother of a player was in town. I gave him the prisoner as a character, who was a competent thief.

The Kushite starts the night by rounding a corner to a couple of doors. He listens at both, opens one, then the GM pleads for him to go open the other so he can get back with the party. He does, and crits his stealth check. GM says that gives him total surprise on the two thugs that are chatting about which of the priestess of the fertility temple is their favorite.

He rushes in with surprise and completely rips through one thug's abdomen with his spear (note, he was the only fully arms and armored individual in the group, and was separated). The other guy runs, but the Kushite catches up to him and puts him down quickly. The rest of the party hears the commotion outside their door and everyone is reunited.

After some discussion they move off, almost directly towards the priestess' quarters, and make it into the junior priestess rooms. Tiger rugs and diaphanous silken undergarments abound, but they are quiet and quick. The do not alert the high priestess and her two juniors, one of whom is the buxom lass mentioned above, who are in the next room, leisurely enjoying some conversation and some of a stash of Puntish wine.

They manage to surprise them (crit again, wtf) and gang rush them. Bitterness and betrayal mean that Elipa, the buxom lass, goes down very quickly, followed by a lucky shot on Trizia, the other, puts her down. Our Nemedian holds his holy fire of Mitra while the Stygian prisoner compels surrender on her. They interrogate her and force her at sword point to take them to the secret door. Little do they know there are at least 3!

She, of course, being a vexing vixen, leads them to the chamber of her diety, the obese rat-god Rahma, who does indeed guard a secret door (no lying, I swear). He, being in contact with his high priestess telepathically, waits in ambush. They move up to the door, open it, and the Kushite moves in to inspect the area. Then they strike!

The rat-god assaults the Kushites who holds back the diseased claws with his shield, while the high priestess wins initiative and dumps all her mojo into a Damage Resistance. Predictably, the Nemedian channels holy fire down his sword at her throat, but she reacts with neutralize magic. Chaos ensues as a fight is being had on two fronts.

The Hyperborean Gaunt runs up to help the Kushite as does the Zamorian. The gaunt manages to get his manacle and chain wrapped around the rat-demon's arm - breaking and disabling it in the same shot, but the demon rips up his leg with a viscous strike, planting the seeds of disease in his blood. Then he moves on the Zamorian and fumbles! the zamoran succeeds on his parry and gets an accidental injury and chooses location chest. fifteen points of damage, the rat demon nearly rips out his own heart, but survives the blow. The kushite jabs and jabs again, wounding locations, while the Gaunt yanks hard on his arm and brings him down. A fierce stab from the Kushite's spear ends his corpulent bulk with a fierce stab to the abdomen.

While this is going on, the Stygian Necromancer moves back and starts preparations to drain the high priestess' moisture (Smother, reflavored as Dessicate) as the Nemedian and the high priestess struggle, rolling around on the floor, his shortsword stolen from a guard unable to penetrate her glistening magic armor. The Zamorian comes over in the middle of this and trips her, faking with his stolen shortsword and taking her down. He then pounces on her, but she tries to dominate him. He resists and holds her down! The Nemedian then takes advantage and slips his sword in between her magic plates and ends her, calling his god's name out.

I have a house rule that lets someone defend for someone else if they are next to them and the attacker, so this got some use on the rat god, thanks to the Kushite. He saves the Gaunt's life (head shot, 19 points), and teamwork on the priestess brought her down. The Stygian's Dessicate kept her from completing a dominate attempt. It was a good night - everyone contributed and got to shine.

At the end of the night, they all worked hard to make sure the Gaunt did not succumb to the disease, which would have made him a slave to the rat-demon. Lots of augments and working together.

In the end, they left Abbadrah on their newly repaired ship, having picked up a merchant on the run, his bodyguard, and a slave girl of mysterious origin...
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Re: Hyborian Age game

Postby Bilharzia » Mon Jan 02, 2017 4:35 am

Great stuff Raleel, it's funny, I'm running a similar game but located in Xoth with Xoth based PCs transplanting Conan adventures, for the most part. I had a question, what is the Hyberborean Gaunt? does this mean *Giant* or something else? If it is a giant I'm curious how gigantic is he? And if a Gaunt...whut is that? some kind of undead? Draugr?
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Re: Hyborian Age game

Postby raleel » Mon Jan 02, 2017 9:26 am

The name is based on his weapon style, which is taken from RangerDan's (I think) Hyborian Age combat styles document. I have no idea of its canonical accuracy, though I suspect probably none since I can't google it and get any concrete results. For my game, it represents a warrior/knight role in the society. It's an elite combat style, and only the elite get to take it. All the characters in my game are elite.

The character himself is size 16, so quite tall and pale skinned. He's not undead, though he almost became so with the rat demon disease.
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Re: Hyborian Age game

Postby Bilharzia » Mon Jan 02, 2017 9:47 am

Ah found it thanks
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwGb01 ... VDSkE/view

I wish I had seen this earlier although I vaguely remember it now.
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