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Combat Examples Thread

Combat Examples Thread

Postby Icefield » Wed Aug 31, 2016 10:15 am

As a resource, could anyone help give some examples of Combat Resolution here for people who are learning the Rules, or who are looking for clarification as to how something works? When I first started playing Mythras (as RuneQuest 6) I was looking on these, and any, forums for actual combat resolution examples to see if I was getting it right. There are different interpretations of course, but I think it would be helpful for the growing community to see the rules in action.

So if you feel like doing a write up, please give the type of example (Theism in Combat, Sorcery Enchantment, Unarmed Combat Encounter, Beating Down a Door with a Spoon, etc.), and go for it. Loz gave the go-ahead on this so feel free to be detailed and provide a useful guide. Would like to see RAW examples (as I think most new users would need this primarily), so please note any deviations from Rules As Written so that readers know that you are not using the RAW as you interpret it.

Thank you for any help with this project :)
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Re: Combat Examples Thread

Postby Atlatl Jones » Wed Aug 31, 2016 2:51 pm

As an example of how quickly combat can go, here's the first ever combat I ever ran in RQ6, from the session detailed here http://designmechanism.freeforums.org/vikings-t375.html.

At a Danish Yule celebration, the PC Hrafn, traded insults with Bragi Sigarrson, whose father killed Hrafn's father and claimed his land:

They circled each other with blades drawn. Hrafn won the initiative (barely), and struck, rolling a 06 - a critical! Bragi stumbled back to defend - rolling 00! With a critical hit and a fumble defense, Hrafn had three combat effects. He chose disarm, force failure, and compel surrender. With a flourish he batted the seax out of Bragi's hand, and plunged his sax toward’s Bragi’s throat, drawing a bead of blood. “Do you yield?” he snarled, and Bragi, his eyes wide, hesitated. On his willpower roll to resist the compel surrender, Bragi also rolled a critical success, a 03, but not good enough to beat Hrafn’s original critical of 06. Bragi gritted his teeth and said “I yield.” Hrafn picked up the sax from the ground, handed it back to Bragi, then turned his back and walked away. Bragi was raging, and was clearly tempted to follow Hrafn and stab him in the back, but the presence of witnesses and the need to save face stayed his hand.
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